broadleaved weed

  1. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  2. Feldspar

    No till grass

    Have an area of AB8 grass to drill for Mid Tier. It's quite a reasonable area so I want to get it right. Have just drilled spring barley into the ground destined for it. It's pretty heavy land. We will probably be harvesting it and trying to drill grass within quite a short time period. Will...
  3. Banana Bar

    Permanent clover understory

    Is anyone experimenting with white clover for this purpose. It almost looks like the perfect cover crop? BB
  4. W

    Wheat after grass

    Hi all. New to this. I would be very interested in people’s opinion on growing wheat after grass. I currently do a land swap with a local farmer who grows ready grass and horsage. The first 3 year let has just ended on the first block of land. It’s heavy clay which was rank with blackgrass...
  5. martian

    What are the benefits of no-till farming?

    Reading other peoples horror stories about harvest elsewhere on the forum, I'm minded to keep my head down as things don't seem too bad here. It's not been a record breaking harvest (and we've still got a fair bit of spring wheat to cut), but things haven't gone too badly and it's been a cheap...
  6. D

    Wheat not vernalised

    I drilled 15 acres at the end of March obviously went very dry hardly grown looked properly today not vernalised it was a gamble but now I know. Variety Gleam.
  7. Derrick Hughes

    Fat Hen Weed

    I've moved from cropping
  8. Agriland RSS

    Controlling grassland weed on dairy farms – act now or pay next year

    Written by Agriland Team Docks are known to be one of the most troublesome grassland weeds, but did you know that leaving them in your silage this summer could have implications for next year’s weed control? Short-term, the presence of broadleaved weeds in grassland will limit grass yield and...
  9. Johnnyboxer

    Recreational Cultivating?

    Is it fact or fallacy ? On a par with recreational shopping for some ladies ? Does it exist or did I just read it on TFF ?
  10. Agriland RSS

    Weed control: When is the best time to spray for best results?

    Written by Agriland Team In recent weeks, slurry and fertiliser spreaders have been a common site in the fields, and on the roads in rural Ireland, as spring finally kicked into gear with the favourable weather conditions we are now experiencing. As a result, grass growth has started to pick...
  11. Corteva Updates

    Spring cereals switch demands herbicide strategy rethink

    Spring cereals switch demands herbicide strategy rethink Farmers abandoning winter cereals and switching to spring wheat and barley will need to pay close attention to broadleaf weed control if they are to prevent significantly reduced yields. For many arable farms, fieldwork taking place...
  12. Vader

    Not cropping for bps

    I have been topping some arable land for a neighbour for a couple of years now. He done nothing with it since harvest 2016. He claims bps as fallow. I thought this was meant to be after stubbles. The land is now wall to wall grass weed and broadleaved weeds. Can you claim bps fallow on that??
  13. bobk

    Who's going ww in feb ?

    In my opinion sowing now is high risk with uncertain weather and undoubtably going colder , so , I'm thinking how's about mid - end of feb , moves some seed and the only risk is vernalisation , could be a better gamble , Decisions , decisions .
  14. Corteva Updates

    Weed control in autumn sown leys

    Weed control in autumn sown leys Broadleaved weeds emerging in new-sown leys will reduce the amount of grass that can establish. To optimise the investment in reseeding, farmers should get rid of these weeds by spraying herbicide as soon as the grass shows three true leaves, says Dr Nicola...
  15. T

    Soya 2019

    The soya has gone in and pre em is on and rain on the horizon so happy . This year I will try to do weekly updates and keep you informed on how it is going and what most want to know is how it stacks up in the end . This year it is 16.20 HA not true dd as we did try a very light cultivation...
  16. Ukjay

    Ahem, Weeds!!

    Hi, We have now moved down SW, whereby we have a lot of Weeds to deal with, I know the Nettles - but could someone please advise if this sticky weed is Cleavers, as I need to get rid of it as it is overgrown and we would d rather see it cleared.
  17. radar

    Running a weeder through S Beans

    Had a look at my spring beans this morning and there is a lot of backgrass emerged at 1 lf stage. Past experience means I know Fusilade etc unlikely to work. Anyone been brave enough to run an Einbock weeder through them? Enough plants so could afford to loose some. Have done this with spring...