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    Winds of change put onshore turbines back on the agenda for English farmers and landowners

    Written by John Swire Farmers and landowners in England who have previously been advised that wind turbines are not a viable diversification option are now being encouraged to reconsider their potential. It is expected that a policy change could mean onshore wind will soon be able to again...
  2. B

    The future of arable farming

    I've been thinking lately about the debate around food production and how arable farming seems to escape the negativity at the moment. Are large monocultures grown intensively on the best acres the answer to sustainable food production? I don't think so. The reality is that an allotment...
  3. Keenan

    Keenan – Mid-season sale

    KEENAN is holding a 7-day sale of Approved-used and second-hand KEENAN diet feeders from June 9–15. The sale is open to all farmers in Ireland and the UK. With machines starting from €45 per week, there are diet feeders on offer to suit all farm operations and budgets. Finance packages are...
  4. F

    Bps application.

    Last minute.com here!! Now that greening is no longer required do I have to remove all my hedges & buffer strips from my land use sheet or can they stay on there?
  5. E

    a question for the potato experts

    My first lifted rocket have split and cracked . Can anyone explain why
  6. K


    My wee lambed 1 week ago. I live in N. Ireland. When should l shear this wool monster? I don't want her to lose her milk as she's 2 very big lambs
  7. steveR

    Best "crop" for building OM?

    The question has come out from a discussion I have had locally where STW need to "stockpile" water on the land, as they are taking so much out from local boreholes, that the water flow has dropped in a specific water course. The chap organising the scheme seems to be a bit focused on glorified...
  8. Greythundercloudys

    Big young lmb loss in Stirlingshire.

    Any one who doesn't realise how cold the weather around my area has been should see the Scottish farm, guy from Dunblane who breeds alot of tups, lost over 40lmbs one night last week with the cold weather, that a terrible thing to face in the lmbing field, he's a very cheery guy but that must...
  9. Brisel

    Cleaning out a ditch - implications for Cross Compliance

    My neighbour has asked if they could clean out a ditch. Nothing substantial, just desilting and clearing a bit of scrub debris. They want to spread the silt on the ditch banks which is within the 2m from the centre, so could have implications for cross compliance. The land on our side is in low...