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  1. F

    Livestock Mkts - past and present.

    As above, share some photos and stories of memories gd and bad. The Carmarthen mart thread shows how integral they are/were to rural and city society. I missed nearly every Wednesday at primary as “I had to help Dad take a barren cow to Frome Mkt”. This video is of the old Frome Mkt from 1990.
  2. Celt83

    Carmarthen Mart

    It's not looking good for the market at the moment is an understatement! It's tough to see what was once arguably one of the best marts to take your stock to, to only having 16 store cattle in for a sale. I hope its not another market for the chop, but unless something drastically changes I...
  3. S

    Contiguous Tb Test

    We’ve been notified of a tb breakdown in the area which means which have to have a contiguous test as we are near neighbours. I have temporarily mislaid the letter, and was just wondering if we can still continue buying cattle in the meantime until the test is carried out in a few weeks time. In...
  4. Greythundercloudys

    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    I guess anyone can apply, how is this going to work, pay back time etc.
  5. J

    Stabiliser bull?

    Got the chance of a stabiliser bull to put on some simx heifers, I’ve not seen any in the flesh, what are people’s thoughts on them? I haven’t got to have him it’s just a thought so what’s your experience of them, good/bad? Heard they aren’t the best sellers? Suppose to be easy calvers
  6. D


    Every Little Hurts
  7. hendrebc

    What's your AFC

    Not aware of any threads on here where grass nerds are talking about grass in kg/DM/ha and rotational grazing so thought I'd start one seeing as I'm having a proper go at it this year. Twin ewes go out to grass today off the forage crops ready for lambing at the end of the month. AFC (average...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Revisited: How a US mart selling up to 110,000 head annually operates

    Written by Agriland Team Following on from the visit to the Wrangler Feedyard in the US, the next stop – for an Irish delegation of farmers and industry representatives, as part of ONE19: The Alltech Ideas Conference – was Tulia Livestock Auction. During the visit – which took place in May of...
  9. J

    Weanling trade at shrewsbury

    Hell of a trade on weanlings at Shrewsbury yesterday, 4m old bucket reared blue £380, Blue hfr calves £100 in the calf ring, gotta be money in rearing a few of those??
  10. G

    BVD policy in Scotland

    Got the latest list of do's and don'ts from scotgov this morning,pretty comprehensive and no hiding. I can see plenty giving up cattle altogether on the back of this. We have always been clear, but should it appear I think carrying on with our sucklers would be totally impractical financially...
  11. harperfarmer

    Suckled calf sales

    Have seen some strong stores sold this autumn which are obviously well back on the year but haven't seen any calves sold yet!? Keep hearing reports that the best are still on par with last year but the also rans are a struggle!? Is this the case!? Got 20 or to of the smarter types to sell in...
  12. Guiggs

    Numbers of ewes going to the tup

    So a lot/ most of us will have to put our tups out before "B day" As such what will you do with your ewe numbers with the uncertainty on the lamb trade next year, Cut numbers back, carry on as you are or take a gamble and increase after all fortune favours the brave!!
  13. Sir loin

    A blueprint for a profitable suckler herd.

    I haven't got one unfortunately but thought we could throw our ideas into this thread and see if we could come up with a plan. I will start with a closed herd or as near as possible breeding own replacements and buying bulls of a known health status. I have run a closed herd totally as cows are...
  14. MX7

    The real "Jersey Royal Potato " Production system?

    As I opened our pack of Jersey Royal potatoes this evening ,I thought where do all these New Potatoes come from such a small Island. One sees Jersey Potatoes being grown on very steep hillsides for publicity shots,BUT when I look at Jersey Royal Potato co ,the fields in the pics look nice...
  15. T


    Looking for a rearing contract. Looking few different options. Would prefer something on a bnb type basis. But also looking at rearing for Buitelaar. Is it worth it. What is the forwards price of the calf’s at 4 months old. I know they’ve to be 120kg and get paid and extra £1 per kg over that...
  16. TFF

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Another thread to help TFF members track prices. The official AHDB prices can be seen here: Please include sale location in all your prices if it differences from the location on your profile.