1. MDPI

    Influence of Various Forms of Foliar Application on Root Yield of Sugar Beet 2021

    by Arkadiusz Artyszak and Dariusz Gozdowski Institute of Agriculture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences—SGGW, Nowoursynowska 159, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Academic Editors: William A. Payne and Lorenzo Barbanti Agriculture 2021, 11(8), 693...
  2. C

    Best break crop for busting compaction

    Thoughts on whether compaction can be resolved with root crops? E.g. fodder radish. Got some ground that was dug for gravel and topsoil dozed back on (v. thin in some places), decades ago but drainage has been horrendous ever since. TIA
  3. Cab-over Pete

    Ewe Off Her Legs.

    Aye up, We have a four year old ewe, fit not fat, not in lamb, bright and alert but struggles to stand and is wobbly on her legs for a few yards then flops down. She nibbles on a bit of ivy and takes a bit of grass occasionally, will drink from a bucket. She’s had AB, multivit, metacam...
  4. zsnotdead

    Milk fever,Ca bolus

    A calcium bolus contains 10 times more calcium than a bottle contains but is it sufficient to get a cow up which is down with milk fever. I always put a bottle in the vein to get them up quick just incase the bolus is not enough, thoughts please, seems to be milk fever season here with cows...
  5. bobk

    So much for the green revolution Supply and demand
  6. B


    Has anyone used Kersia's boluses? Are they any good? Any recommendations for a good calcium bolus?
  7. Bald Rick

    When is a vegetarian not a vegetarian?

    When it's a giant tortoise of Fregate Island in the Seychelles ..... Long thought to be exclusively a herbivore, video proof has now appeared on one actively stalking, catching and eating a Noddy Tern chick...
  8. Macsky

    Spreading gypsum on pasture

    Does anyone do this on grazing ground? We’ve got low to very low calcium levels here, think it would help. What kind of rates do you put it down at?
  9. Farm Business RSS

    Improve hindgut health for healthier cows

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business A new dietary supplement from Trouw Nutrition GB can help reduce the under-estimated problems caused by carbohydrate fermentation in the hindgut, reducing inflammation and increasing energy utilisation and milk production. “Farmers know that feeding...
  10. L

    Water in tractor tires

    I am now thinking of putting water in my MF 5450 because we recently bought a mower and it's way to heavy. But I have 2 questions, can I put water in only 1 tire so I can keep the cost down and also If I can just mix salt and water together so I don't have to buy antifreeze or calcium chloride 😀...
  11. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Improving eggshell quality and bone strength

    As seen in Poultry Business Health Supplement August 2021 Extending laying cycles has been a focus for the UK free-range layer industry over the past few years, with some producers now keeping hens well beyond the UK’s 72-week average, achieving new targets of 90-100 weeks. However this doesn’t...
  12. Fat hen

    Making meat production illegal - yikes You've heard about the lab-grown meat future that the Davos/WEF lot want for us. It seems a distant prospect to most of us. But maybe not. Like a co-ordinated pincer movement they are...
  13. glensman

    Soil test

    Just got soil tests back on a field I'm reseeding. We are a hill farm so land is average quality, the field has been cut once a year for silage and had a coat of manure (sheep bedding) afterwards for the last 5 or 6 years. The results are as follows. Ph 5.8 guideline 6.0 slightly low Phosphorus...
  14. markpq86

    Min till forage rape/stubble turnips

    Looking to put some rape/stubble turnips in on spring barley stubble. Usually plough and drill conventionally for sheep. But looking to keep the soil structure firmer and try and out winter some suckler cows. What’s everyone doing to drill theirs? To tight to get DD in so was thinking a one pass...
  15. Farfrae

    Pigouvian tax

    Get ready for the Pigouvian tax, I've warned before about how fast the artificial meat business is developing. Most peole don't seem to have a clue as to how things are going to change (I'm just the messenger - don't shout at me.)
  16. Rossymons

    What came first....

    ...the egg or the no-egg egg?
  17. Clive

    Are you all depressed ?

    I've been lucky enough to have a bit of a family holiday recently with lockdown restrictions ending and I've also spent a lot more time with none farming friends and reduced my time talking farming online a fair bit. After a period where that has been hard to do it's easy to forget just how...
  18. jackrussell101

    Wholecrop to dry cows?

    Does anyone on here do it? Grown it for the first time in years. Usually feed 18kg grass, 2-3kg straw and then just some standard dry cow mineral at 0.1kg a head. Would I simply replace the straw and some of the silage with the wholecrop to make the ration work?
  19. Bojangles

    Shepherds pay?

    I may have to employ a full time shepherd soonish and was wondering what’s the going rate atm. house with job, needs own good dogs, 6 day week. I think they are usually underpaid?
  20. Andyt880

    Sheep poisoned by bracken?

    I’ve lost 3 ewes in the last 10 days. All with identical symptoms. They go blind all of a sudden and walk into the hedges and get stuck. Few hours later go off the legs and go into fits and constantly shacking, they just gradually deteriorate after this. The first one I just put it down to a...