1. W

    East england dairy farming

    From the south west myself with a genuine interest, quite happy to be told asking silly questions. Is there any talk/interest in the sector developing across mid-east england (more dairies more cows)? Lot's of table talk here, just wondered!
  2. Yale

    Farming in a goldfish bowl!

    For those like us who farm around a village. One thing I’ve noticed is the huge amount of people exercising around our area in the daytime,dog walking,running,cycling,twitching........dogging.......put that one in for @Baldrick .:bag: I‘m getting a bit fatigued of all these people invading my...
  3. Ducati899

    Deceiving the consumer

    Bought what we presumed was 100% British (Somerset) Gammon steaks today from a local shop..... but it would seem not once we spotted a label underneath the top one,which although blurry says “midland meat company made using EU&British pork”
  4. Agriland RSS

    Making a start on scanning autumn-calvers

    Written by Agriland Team As we enter the first week of spring, it is time for farmers that are operating an autumn-calving system to be reviewing the success of their breeding season during the winter. Cows should only be scanned once farmers are confident that 35 days has passed since she was...
  5. waterbuffalofarmer

    Buffalo bull calves.

    Hi I am selling five buffalo bull calves, 6-7 months old, will need to be premovement tested, and one 3 week old bull calf, on powder. All good temperaments and easy to handle. Cheers