1. 1

    Heifer not taking calf

    Have a heifer that lost her calf.Skinned the calf and tried adopting a calf on to her but she doesnt want to know.First one in years that hasnt been successful.Has been with the calf for 10days but no luck. Just wondered if anyone had any different ideas i could try before turning her out and...
  2. tr250

    What would you do with this calf’s leg

    Born by itself 2 weeks old we thought it would come normal in a few days but it’s not. Nothing is broken and it can walk ok but will it get worse
  3. Happy

    Lazy Calf

    Got a three week old calf that just spends all his time lying down in the same corner of the shed. Nothing else appears amiss with him. No temperature, scour, swollen navel etc. Get him up and he goes and suckles the cow ok but then spends the rest of the day lying in his same corner. Today...
  4. N

    What's the best treatment for warts on cattle?

    Have a 480kg bullock with bad warts on his neck,what's the best thing to give him to get rid of them before I turn him out? Tia.
  5. S

    Extra cattle

    So we use a cattle management app and it’s great, great way to have information to hand such as checking calf ages in the morning as feeding. Yesterday morning found an extra 20 cattle on my herd list, with an “estimated on movement” for 16th April, which is a little weird as I think I’d notice...
  6. jd6110

    16month in calf heifer

    As title getting ready to let cattle out an noticed limo heifer springin and heavy🤔😩 of course she’s not the biggest and def not the quietest. What would ye recommend to feed her wit till she calves were guessin month plus or minus away? Hav some hay left an could leave her on bare paddock but...
  7. glow worm

    Only rearing calves on dams or foster cows?

    Apparently joe public is complaining that it is not welfare friendly to manually off the dam.. rear calves off the dam and that they should be reared either on the dam or if that doesn't work, on a foster cow. Whats the groups opinion? I can only comment from a dairy farmer's point of...
  8. J

    Ewe Prolapsing

    Hi folks, have a ewe who was pushing out last night and then it went back in for 24 hours, it’s back out again tonight. Should I be worried or any advice?
  9. Chasingmytail

    Cow not taking to second twin.

    Got an experienced cow. I found a lone calf in field with bandy legs and a cow with a single both small. We spent an hour finding out if bandy leg calf came from any other cow and there was no evidence of any other cow so have assumed she abandoned the calf because its weaker. Brought them...
  10. JohnGalway

    In field camera - reasonably secure mobile pole mount

    Hi folks, I'm considering buying a Reolink Go PT camera to place on land that's well away from houses/buildings. The reasons being checking on stock remotely (not replacing walking through them), and checking on electric fence energiser. Give the land is fragmented and hilly I would like to be...
  11. Cultura Recruitment

    Looking For Work Calf Rearing - Cheshire/Derbyshire

    Enthusiastic and experienced calf rearer looking for work (weekdays only). Contact Kate for further details 07815 808981
  12. Cowabunga

    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    From today. Radical new climate change commitments will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, Boris Johnson will announce this week. Hitting the targets would require more electric cars, low-carbon heating, renewable...
  13. Chickenfarmer

    Help!! Maschio DMR Power Harrow tine holder and bearing seal replacement.

    We have a 2008 Maschio DMR 3m power Harrow and our centre tine holder has broken (the one directly under the gearbox). does anyone knowhow to remove this as there doesn’t seem to be any fittings underneath and on the diagram it doesn’t show any nut or retaining clip in the gearbox either. We...
  14. Winklepicker

    Temporary dairy cow housing

    I am currently going though planning to increase capacity, however, the planners are dragging their heels and dont think ill get the shed up for winter. Thing is i have 50 heifers in calf ready for the expansion and no where to house them if the new shed doesnt go up in time. Are there any...
  15. cattlemadpembs

    Suckler cow enterprise question

    Hi We are quite new to the suckler cow businesses after being in stores for 8 years. We have now had 26 cows calves with strong calves at foot. What do you find the most profitable...?? Sell the calves off the cows?/sell the cows off alone?/ sell cows with calves at foot? They are all hereford...