1. yellowbelly

    Get ready to defend yourself

    So the circus moves to Glasgow (by burning God knows how much fossil fuel). The 'great and the good' from all corners of the planet from Carrie's puppet to Greta Whatserface are all going to be telling us the planet is fecked and it's all our fault. Instead of defending ourselves, we should be...
  2. B

    Sudden Death of Sucklers in This Weather.

    Anyone else had a rough time of time of it? We had a dead cow on Wednesday morning and then two more side by side this morning, all in the same field. Its very mild to bring them in ,which brings its own problems. They look content enough and have plenty straw , molasses and mag buckets...
  3. S

    Late Weaning in Uk Recently read this article which I thought was interesting… does anyone do this in the UK? Outwintering cow and calf pairs, weaning at 10 months in March and calving in May/June. The late weaning would make the out-wintering and weaning...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Autumn-calving: Clinical signs of pneumonia in calves

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland Pneumonia and scour are the main illnesses that are experienced by young calves, with pneumonia being the most common cause of death in calves between one and six months of age. Pneumonia multi-factorial disease is caused by a range of bacteria...
  5. W

    Is there a living in suckler cows

    Sitting here wondering if there would be a living to be made with suckler cows, on rented ground and rented sheds, with bought in fodder With calves sold store.
  6. W


    If a cow is scanned carrying twins what do you do differently? Longer dry period? Feed more cake during dry period? Boluses/minerals? More than usual here scanned with twins. Hate them. Always have trouble with the second cleansing. Every time the wife gave birth, the mid wife gave her a jag of...
  7. C

    Getting bulling heifers to weight

    Hi TFF, Aiming to hit first calving about 24 months. Wondering what supplements, if any, people feed, to get growth rates. Here they graze in summer set stocked permanent pasture, housed in winter and fed maize/round bale silage. Plus 2kg 16% cake per day from 3 months til in calf. Keen...
  8. H

    Pedigree Simmental Bull For Sale

    Pedigree Simmental bull for sale, well grown, good temperament, 19 months old. Has 2 heifers scanned in calf. Elite health status, Johnes Level 1, TB4. Located in Lanark. Dam is classified as EX90, pictured. Sire Blackford Findhorn - classified as EX92, also pictured, sold for 18,000gns at...
  9. Chae1

    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    Has the media been told to stop reporting food shortages? Has anyone else noticed a shortage of food items in restaurants and shops recently? Maybe its just me being stupid. Not essential by any means! But shortages I have noticed and on my mind are walkers ready salted crisps and diet...
  10. G

    35 in calf Autumn cows for sale

    35 NR X HF in calf cows, calving from now until 15th December. Genus sired stock bull. TB tested and ready to go BVD Free accredited Johnes monitored, no red cows ever in herd 6 month TB testing area No history of TB on farm Salmonella vaccinated IBR vaccinated Lepto vaccinated Clostridia...
  11. steveR

    Tube Gate clamp on Hinge (female)?

    Anyone know where I can find these in the UK please? I have been searching around and asking. The alternative is to cut off the old gatepost hanger hinges, and weld new ones on. A right ball ache where they are located...
  12. Bald Rick

    Shall we play a game?

    How many more hours can we get on these tyres? Bear in mind that they are approaching 4000hrs and a new set is now well over £6k ... even for Wunhunglo never mind BKT or better Place your bets ...
  13. C

    Clarkson's Cows.

    Jeremy Clarkson has been granted 'urgent' planning permission to build cattle shed - in time for his herd to calve in the New Year. Clarkson, 61, has been given prior approval to build a cattle shed at Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire.
  14. W

    Leaving job without notice

    Hi. If an employee just leaves and doesn't come back can the employer do anything about it?
  15. FarmerDanny1989

    Stock bull age.

    What does everyone think is a cut off age for a stock bull? Like when is it time for the knacker yard? what’s the oldest bull everyone has used? Iv a 13 year old Hereford bull currently in with 35 cows but he doesn’t look his age and very sound on his legs and feet.
  16. L

    Leyland tractor prices

    I often wonder why Leyland tractors dont command proper money like Massey and Ford tractors of the same era. There were thousands of them sold so you'd think that there would be more love and appreciation of the brand. What is it about Leylands that dont get people excited?
  17. Agriland RSS

    Maximising calf performance pre-weaning

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland On a recent Volac ‘Feeding For Future’ webinar, Dr. Jessica Cooke spoke about maximising calf performance by increasing milk intakes at an early age. During the webinar the importance of the calves’ environment was highlighted, along with the benefit...
  18. B

    58 day old calve with TB!

    Hello all How many on here have had issues with baby calves coming down with TB? Have a 58 day old bought in calve react. Been on farm only 3weeks I think? And was within age for our yearly test.. So young! The vet has said it’s the largest lumps that she has ever seen, talking to the...
  19. Agriland RSS

    How well do you really clean your calf-rearing units?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland According to Scotland-based research scientist, Jamie Robertson, much more can be done to improve the cleanliness and hygiene standards of calf-rearing units in the UK. He approaches this issue from the point of view that a wide range of pathogens...
  20. J

    Straw use at calving

    Quick question, roughly how much straw does a cow use around calving time? Would be in cubicles for the first 50ish days and then I would be pulling out onto loose housing until calving, just ordered a load of gold bricks straw and wondering if I need another, but I'm hoping not 😬 and similarly...