1. The Ruminant


    When did bullocks become steers? I grew up calling them bullocks. Not sure when or what happened but everyone round here now calls them by the American name, “steers”. How did that happen?
  2. C

    Calf milk replacer

    What’s the best calf milk replacer out there? Calves fed warm twice a day on teat feeders..don’t want the cheapest I want the best! I’m feeding Britmilk super xl at the minute as this is what I was recommended but not sure it’s what I want.calves seem to be growing but don’t have a shine on...
  3. N

    Vet charges for castrations of cattle

    What’s everyone paying.I need a strong drink before looking at the bill again
  4. J

    Buying a dairy farm

    Good evening all, Im currently looking at buying a 100 acre dairy farm, big statement I know, I worked on farms in my youth years and have a reasonable understanding but are all ears. I’m currently working as a contractor in construction and are totally fed up and need to change, I totally...
  5. l'ordinary bonville

    Autumn manure banned

    I,ve heard down the grapevine that the EA are banning autumn slurry and solid muck applications as AHDB have told them there is no crop justification for applications of N or manur containing N apart from on osr This effectively means all and any livestock manures or digestate cannot be...
  6. S

    10/12 teat non compartment feeders

    Just looking for cheapest online site to buy from. Google doesnt always gather the best results. Cheers in advance of any help.
  7. FarmerDanny1989

    Fattening bulls

    Is there a demand for young fattening bulls? Iv always cut mine a few days old but fancy trying to leave a few whole. I sell 50% of mine 10/11 months and the rest I finish at home. Usually get U/R grades. What grades would you get with bulls? Most are lim/blue/AA few shorthorn cows, all sired by...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Live exports: Over 80% rise in cattle exported to Northern Ireland in 2021

    Written by Agriland Team Irish live exports have seen a boost in the number of cattle moving across the border to Northern Ireland this year. So much so that the exports have risen by 80.3% so far in 2021, up to the week ending March 6, in comparison to the same period in 2020. According to...
  9. Wolds Beef


    How do we get the General Population to Boycott everything made in the EU. We must leave everything on the shelf. We have the whole world to choose from except EU countries. That should include Vehicles chlothes Food Drink the lot. WB
  10. msheep66

    Malformed Lamb

    In 40 plus years of lambing sheep we have never had one like we had today. The ewe had the first lamb herself which was a good size and full of life. She was struggling to push the second out so we had a feel. 4 legs and a head coming together. So we presumed the ewe was pushing 2 lambs together...
  11. L

    Which Limousin bull?

    Currently run 2 Limousin bulls one gets well off any type of cow the other gets well off better end cows. Both go back to Willodge Vantastic one is a Claragh Franco bull. Just wondering where to start looking breed wise for another bull. Fancy the Plumbtree Fantastic breeding next but not...
  12. Green oak

    Selling farm cottages

    Thinking about selling to finance. New grain store. 2000t. The cottage needs around 50k spent on it. And none of the family are ever going to live in it. Capital gains is 28% so would be paying around 150k. Is this a good idea?
  13. kfpben

    Lamb skinning success rate

    I reckon my lamb skinning adoption success rate is about 20%. I spend a bit of time and effort making a nice wee jacket for a young orphan lamb only for the ewe to start battering it after a few minutes. Wet fostering is more like 90% success rate. Any tips to improve?
  14. C

    Mixing calf milk easier, quicker, better

    Any tips on how you mix and feed calf milk replacer consistently? We mix in a Wyedale mixer, 4 scoops per bucket, feed to batches of five on 5-teat milk bars. Dusty job. Looking for any ideas on how to speed the job up. TIA CB
  15. Dan Powell

    Pedigree recording with multiple sires

    How do other people record pedigree information when running more than one bull with a group of cows? Do you guess the sire or DNA test or what? I'm not selling breeding stock at the moment, but want to maintain pedigree status so I can do in the future.
  16. S

    It's a generational thing.

    Lad working here with slurry contractors jumped on our 135 to put it out of the way and couldn't work out how to start it! And there was I assuming everybody had learnt on one.
  17. Tarw Coch

    Per movement TB testing a calf

    Is there any restrictions on what age Can i pre movement Tb test a calf. I have a calf where there’s been some problems with the passport which Is now likely to arrive after the calf has passed 42 days, is it ok to pre movement Tb test a calf under 42 days so that he can be sold as soon as the...
  18. czechmate

    Calves getting swollen navel’s and bedding with hay

    Does anyone think there is any link between the two?
  19. D

    Haltering Bull calves

    My first Baby Bull Calf . My Red Angus/Brahma Cross heifer gave me my first Bull Calf. My intentions are to keep him a bull . He will be a pet and nothing more. My calf is a Red Angus Brahma Cross and Brahma. He has all the characteristics of his full breed Brahma only minus the droopy ears. He...
  20. H

    Phone photo

    I used to be able to put photos on TFF with my phone . I now can't do it , as soon as I press to upload them it says 'the upload image is too big' What can I do to sort this out . It never used to happen .