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    275: Grazing a high yielding dairy herd

    275: Grazing a high yielding dairy herd Written by AHDB Grazing dairy cows is nothing new so you might wonder why there is so much focus on it in the dairy sector. The influence of the New Zealand style system over recent years can’t be denied – however, grass can also form a vital part of our...
  2. jerseycowsman

    Electric use

    Ok guys, on our new farm we have a smart meter and I am struggling to believe it. It reckons we are using 120 to 140 kWh a day to milk 250 cows and cool 6000 litres a day of milk. We have a variable speed vacuum pump and heat exchangers. Seems a lot to me. how does that compare to you guys?
  3. Kevtherev

    Chinese battery

  4. nonemouse

    What to do with spare heifers?

    Have a few spare bulling heifers, can’t decide wether to sell now or serve and either sell in calf or fresh calved. Could do without the work, but not sure if you get their value back selling at this age,
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    Using sexed semen to enhance the genetic merit of the suckler herd

    Written by Agriland Team From a maternal aspect, where artificial insemination (AI) is being used on the farm, the opportunity to breed the desired females through AI sires has been aided by the use of sexed or sorted semen. The breeding season brings with it an opportunity to enhance the...
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    Oxbury launches Flexi-Credit Milk Cheque scheme

    Written by William Kellett Dairy farmers can now access flexible finance to ease cashflow at challenging times of the year, following the launch of Oxbury’s Flexi-Credit Milk Cheque. Operating in a similar way to an overdraft, but easier to set up and on more competitive terms, Flexi-Credit...
  7. Chasingmytail

    CTS - register twins?

    I assume you cant enter twins on CTS ? Dont want to enter one calf to find I cant enter another to same dam. Or do I have the joy of phoning?