1. DairyGrazing

    Mag Chloride in a blend bin

    I want to have the Mag Chloride put in the blend with use for the close to calving cows. We will buy a small blend bin to put it in will there be a corrosion issue?
  2. H

    Opinions on this farm scenario?

    So I've been thinking of returning home to farm with my 70 yr old father who's struggling to find good full time labour and is naturally slowing down. I'm working off farm full time but really have an urge to leave the office job and come home (option of career break). If I'm going to do this...
  3. Devon lad

    Staff salary vs hourly

    Just wondered what peoples opinions are on the subject. I’ve got a pretty good young lad who works for me who has always been on hourly but a good consultant has advised I put him on salary. I’m struggling to see any benefits to either of us other than even wage profile every month as we are...