1. H

    Cow catcher crate

    Got a quote for one 😅. Those of you using a catcher on a loader, how much do you catch them with the front opening gates, or are you lowering the crate over them more often? If the front gate isn't needed, 4 large gates and a head yolk it'll be..... Thanks
  2. Agriland RSS

    Lakeland CEO ‘reasonably confident’ dairy markets will cover farm costs

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Lakeland Dairies is "reasonably confident" that the dairy markets will help cover the significant rise in input costs for its milk suppliers this year. Speaking to Agriland, Lakeland chief executive, Michael Hanley acknowledged that costs have increased...
  3. Flat 10

    ADHB consultation- those that registered can now vote

    Put this in the Agricultural Matters section as applies to other sectors other than just the cereals which I voted on and my comments follow. Good in lots of ways but far less specific than I hoped, no room for criticism of Rec list (I don't want it abolished but I have several improvements), no mention...
  4. Headless chicken

    What are you vaccinating for?

    Things slipped on the vaccination front with us over the past couple years and has made me question a bit if we mess with cows too much. What do others vaccinate for? we had a flare up of pneumonia in calves this autumn and we’re started to wonder if some of it is underlying bvd or ibr. We’re...
  5. Headless chicken

    Batch feeders

    What make are others running? Currently got Dairymaster in and for some reason we go through motors and control boards for fun. We’ve bypassed a pile of it but the motors are a problem we can’t get around. having a quick google I can replace the whole system with choretime feeders before...
  6. C

    Heifer with a C section , Breed again ?

    Hi , How have people got on breeding in the future from a cow or heifer following a C section ? Have a heifer here , approx 32 mth old , she had a big bull calf , and needed a c sec to get him out...
  7. D

    Missed a calf on bcms

    As title suggests a birth was missed on bcms last week, and we have had five more born since then - all been tagged. Is there a way to register the calf born last week rather than today, essentially giving it the correct ear tag number and moving the other 5 calves down one?
  8. R

    Are Hereford x Cattle unpopular

    Hi, I recently sold my 12month old Hereford x Heifers at market after having them indoors for 6 months over the winter with the associated costs of cattle nuts, hayledge and straw. Other breeds of cattle at the sale of the same age and same condition/build were fetching 50% more than my...
  9. gone up the hill

    Dairy farmers quitting the industry in high numbers.

    Where will the Milk come from going forwards? In my own very local area 3 dairy farms have gone or are about to sell the herd in the last 12 months, all three have been driven out by the low returns for the amount of work and/or the investment needed to carry on milking not being worthwhile...
  10. O

    Some cracking cattle in Darlington today

    Look at the length of that….
  11. C

    South devon cattle

    Just trying to do my bit for the breed. The South Devon cattle sale is in Exeter livestock Market tomorrow show at 9am sale at 12noon. Sale is available on marteye and live bidding. We use the cows for sucklers, dome kept pedigree and others are crossed with saler and limousin below are some...
  12. browny823

    Aberdeen angus

    Looking to buy a starter heard of pedigree Angus, something that can show etc,around 10no so start off,if anyone can point in right direction, Kind regards j
  13. will6910

    Sheep issues

    Ok, I know I have asked many times before about milk issues and general issues. But this year is affecting me badly. Maybe a brief startinf post but I shall add to it all as time comes. Issues this year so far are, ewes milking really badly, which resulted in low colostrum. Thst in turn...
  14. T

    Hikvision cameras

    Evening all anybody got a hikvision cctv setup? Are they any good?
  15. bravheart

    Can you tell what this is yet?

    Glued some bits together over the last few months, almost ran out of time and was still warm when pressed into service but can anyone tell what it is? Cut some box, made some frames, had a few to do so made the first into a template.
  16. Agriland RSS

    Welsh man to study calf production in South America

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Welsh man Charlie Cooper is planning on travelling South America to investigate the importance of rearing an efficient, sustainable and profitable beef animal from the dairy industry. He will be doing so as the latest recipient of Hybu Cig Cymru –...
  17. D

    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    With input price inflation high, is anybody considering suspending production for a year?
  18. fermerboy

    Do you enjoy farming?

    Simple enough question. Do you enjoy farming? Its maybe just the springtime madness and the last couple of days in particular but I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed doing farming. I just feel torn out with it all and the never ending shite that seems to head my way. Fuel...
  19. Chris F

    New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report coming monday...

    Apart from reducing your nitrogen usage in 2022 ;) I be interested to know how many have actually made change to reduce your carbon footprint over the past 3 years? Feel free to add what and why below. I always await these reports with a sense of dread for what it holds for farming. Generally...
  20. Fergieman

    Wifi signal from 1 farm to another

    We have fttp in one farm and only copper at another 2 miles away. We can't see each other from the farmhouses but can see the same spot on the hillside across the valley. So can we bounce the signal from one house across the valley and back again. No power on the hillside so would need to be...