1. Mr.Jones

    Calves not suckling after birth.

    Not had any hassle over previous years but have had 4 cases this year of problems with calves not suckling after birth. Our system is a hill cow. Galloway x saler crossed back to the saler bull. Calving starts in May and normally finished by mid June. All calves are born without assistance for...
  2. Grass And Grain

    Post hole size for cattle shed gate posts?

    Evening everyone, Concreting out a cattle shed, and wanting internal gate posts for 17ft yard gates. What size hole, and how deep from finished floor level do folks suggest? Using 100mm galvanized box for the gate posts. I'll just set a concrete base, then next day set the post using the...
  3. hendrebc

    More cows?

    Am I the only one considering keeping more suckler cows?
  4. An Gof

    Royal Cornwall Show photo report

    Hope you have your camera batteries charged up @Great In Grass 👍 Hoping you will produce your normal excellent photo montage from Royal Cornwall Show after two years of missing out.
  5. B

    Situation Vacant 🚜 BEDFORDSHIRE JOB VACANCY 🚜: Skilled farm worker for livestock farm

    We are looking to fill vacancies on our family farm. Ideal candidates will be enthusiastic, reliable, able to tackle physically demanding tasks, self-motivated and can use their own initiative as well as work as part of a team. Working with a suckler herd and flock of sheep. Jobs ranging from...
  6. Guiggs

    Suckler cows.. is it worth it?

    what's people's thoughts on starting a small suckler herd.. Grazing is owned or very cheap rent, we can make our own hay/ silage and swap surplus for straw, can winter in owned buildings and can buy the right calves at the right money to bring on as the herd females. Currently have a simm and...
  7. carbonfibre farmer

    Hay making 2022

    As mentioned by @FG. in another thread, time to start this one. Anyone started yet? @Pan mixer has some on the go?
  8. tr250

    Limousin bull for sale

    Just thought I’d put a quick ad up but unfortunately he’s not available until mid July. Grange Laurier born 27/03/2015 Proven stock getter Perfect feet Never had any trouble calving but probably not a bull for heifers Plenty of calves, stores/fat cattle can be seen by him. Closed herd just...
  9. box

    What are you working on today, TFF?

    Got a job on the go that's not really thread worthy? Not a QFB&C? Not quite a NQFEorAQB? Whatever it is, show us what you're working on today, TFF. I'm desperately trying to revive the aircon system on my newly purchased Same but it's snowballing a bit (I probably shouldn't have bothered with...
  10. unlacedgecko

    Farm Vendor Finance

    Thoughts of the collective?
  11. mossop

    Situation Vacant G

  12. M-J-G

    The most efficient stage for baled silage

    Mostly for spring calving sucklers We normally cut late June when Timothy is at full seed head (central Scotland) All ground is grazed pretty hard with sheep into April, and PRG is currently just starting to show some heads. We ted and dry down to almost hay to get max DM per bale. With the...
  13. W

    Is Now The Time To Exspand

    As in the title really. What are people thoughts on exspantion in the current climate ? Have we reached a new normal base price wise? Feed ? Fert ? Milk ? some local farmers holding off buying sheds and equipment ect in the last 2 yearsbecause of price rises, waiting for them to come back...
  14. ADHDan

    looking for a British Blue x bull from a Saler or Hereford cow, anyone got one :D

    looking for a BB X bull to cover salersX heifers, want to add a bit more shape but keep easy calving, if the dam was Saler would be ideal, Hereford or maybe even BSH would be second fiddle.
  15. hendrebc

    Synchronising cow for ai

    Last year I bought a well bred pedigree Angus cow and bull calf so I could use bull calf to serve cows when he was big enough. Well I still have this cow and she calved again last week. She is due to go the the bull early July but I don't really want to put her to either of my bulls I'd rather...
  16. J


    Any Jersey breeders ever try crossing with a norwegian red? If so what kind of cow did you end up with and what system are you running, ( seasonal calving/all year calving, housed/grazed?)
  17. H

    Bulls failing MOT test

    Just looking to see how others seem to get on We MOT and Semen tested ohr bulls this year. 9 of them in total 2 failed on the day due to poor semen samples with not enough swimmers, oneis a 2year old virgin bull the otherjs a 4 year old bull who was used last 2 years with no issues 2 others...
  18. mobileweld

    Running cctv off a 4g router

    Hi has anybody got a system like this? I’d like 3 cameras that record and am able to view from an app. The internet already slow at the farm so would be running from a 4g router if that is possible. The router would be solely for the cameras. just wondering if that’s possible and if anyone else...
  19. Scholsey

    Which beef breed bull to use going forward

    I know its been discussed before but are people moving away from using blue semen on cows to a more grazing/forage type breed bull? Tempted to move to hereford/angus but BBs seem to be far easier to sell when down with TB etc. Been burnt multiple times with herefords but will there be a big...
  20. B

    Sucklers on hay

    Usually feed cows ad lib baleage. Salt licks right through then lifeline crumb on feed about 2 weeks pre and right through calving. Looking at making more hay this time due to cost of wrap. Thinking hay until new year then switch to baleage. What would people feed with it? Would be medium to...