1. topground

    Round bale hay and silage use by dates.

    How long will well made round bale silage retain its feed value? How long will well made round bale hay retain its feed value? I have sourced some made last year at fair money to both parties as a strategic reserve and I am wondering what it’s reasonable shelf life might be. How old was the...
  2. Wolds Beef

    4 Pedigree Lincoln Red Bulling Heifers For Sale

    From the High Health WINCEBY herd of Lincoln Red Cattle. BVD free Johnes Monitored Neospora free IBR Vaccinated. PM me if Interested. In there working clothes!! Easy calving Easy feeding herd.
  3. F

    Heifer Calves Getting In Calf Earlier

    Found a 13 month old heifer that was showing signs of calving yesterday. It hadn't bagged up or showed any signs of being in calf. Ended up doing a Caesarean on it last night as the calf was a huge Limousin calf which was dead of course. This was a bought in Heifer and the breeder was also...
  4. DairyGrazing

    Switching from Cepravin to UBRORED

    Has anyone got any experience of switching cepravin to ubrored. Have spoken to the vet but i'd be interested to hear from others. Want to do it so we don't have to keen the milk out for 54 days plus 96 hours like we do with be compliant.
  5. F

    I'm not sure as dairy farmers we work as hard as we think

    Today we finished putting up a concrete slurry store. For the last month I have had a glimpse of the life of a construction worker. So after bank holiday Monday they got into the car at 3 am Tuesday morning and arrived on site at 9. They then worked from 7.30 till 5 every day until following...
  6. topground

    SFI Pilot payments

    885 signed up for the SFI pilot apparently. Of that number how many are reading this thread and how many have actually received any payment? I have had lots of demands on my time for surveys and requests to take part zoom calls at inconvenient times plus reading the blizzard of bumf all...
  7. davidroberts30


    If say had 40 suckler cows and usually run a bull but bull no longer a option. Could house cows for few days,estrumate them and tail paint them and have AI on speed dial for 2 to 4 days later🤷‍♂️ How successful would that be?
  8. J

    Using Synthetic Zeolite to reduce metabolic problems?

    Does anyone have any experience in using Synthetic Zeolite to reduce metabolic problems such as milk fever? Studies suggest using it 3-4 weeks pre calving. In reading some articles it is used in Europe often. How is it fed? My understanding is that it’s a mineral, so would be a powder/ granule...
  9. jerseycowsman

    Sole ulcers?

    Am I right in thinking sole ulcers are caused by injury to the foot? DD and foul are infectious and white line is grit. As most of you are aware we have recently moved and the winter accommodation is far superior to what we used to have, cubicles with mattresses and slats that are mostly covered...
  10. C

    Polled Simmental Bull for sale

    Polled Pedigree Simmental Bull for sale Abbey Chase Lincoln PP Homozygous polled so all his calves will be polled. Closed Hi health herd 24mths old Mid Cornwall from easy calving bloodlines ideal heifer bull. Semen tested and...
  11. J


    I'm in the process of redoing budgets and cashflows taking into account the price rises. Ive been warned by my dad that after this year he doesn't want to be doing farm work on a day to day basis (deteriorating health from years of abuse when he milked). The suckler cows will be going in the...
  12. C

    Autumn calving cow milk yields

    I would be interested in hearing opinions on target milk yields of autumn calving cow calving September/October and going to grass last week of March early April depending on weather After turnout in the spring Would you go for a higher yield where the cow gets grass and cake or lower yield and...
  13. J

    Calves only sucking 2 quaters

    I have 2 calves coming up to 2 weeks old that have both only sucked from one half of their mothers, the other side looks pretty big on both mothers. Should I get them in the crush & milk the other 2 quarters? I thought after a couple of weeks the calves would have found them. If left could it...
  14. S

    Looking For Work Vet students looking for a calving placement

    Hello, I am currently a first year vet student at the Royal Veterinary College and I am looking to gain calving experience at a farm (with 90+ cows) over the summer break. I do not currently have any experience with cattle but I am extremely eager to learn and I am very happy to get stuck into...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Entries for 2022 RABDF Gold Cup competition now open

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Entries for the 2022 Royal Association Of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) Gold Cup competition are now being accepted, and will continued to be until the deadline of July 29. The annual competition, sponsored by National Milk Record (NMR), is one of the...
  16. JPB

    Slimming down heifer

    Hi, I have a heifer which is 3 months in calf and is in to good condition. Really needs to slim down. Is there a good way of doing this rather than just letting her go into a field with not much grass and giving her straw? Think I remember hearing a high protein ration can cause weight loss...
  17. J

    Situation Vacant Full time farm worker required near Kingsbridge South Devon. Accommodation available.

    Full time farm worker required for a 600 acre family run mixed farm near Kingsbridge South Devon with a minimum of 3 years experience. Tasks include: Feeding and bedding cattle Harvest grain carting and grainstore management Bale carting and stacking Cultivations mostly using simba dtx...
  18. cowcrazy

    Hoilstein Friesian bull for sale PLI £697 +0.32%BF

    Holstein Friesian bull for sale ideal for Spring calving herd sired by AltaCabot Genomic PLI £697 +0.32% BF 0.13% Protein +7.1 Fertility -23 cell count +1.32 udders +1.01 Legs and feet + Body Condition 20 mths old BVD tag and tested free. Will breed non extreme cows narrowly missewd out on going...
  19. gavd

    Calving disaster

    Just come in from the latest stillborn calf, so far 3 stillborn out of 6 calved. Only have 20 sucklers and this year making me question having them. Seems a lot of work and hassle for very little reward. Managed to get the second stillborn and placenta to the lab for a PM the other day. Still...
  20. B

    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Im old enough to remember the 3 day week in the early 1970s ( i was at school then), when the country had days without any electricity? miners were on strike, brought the heath govt. down? and other hard recessions up to now? It just seems to me the population has got so soft over the years, and...