1. F

    What Will Be The Turning Point?

    I live in the affluent South East and farm in what is considered to be a very picturesque area and has a designation of an AONB. There are two River valleys that have changed very little in terms of development but agriculturally the upper parts of the valleys are dying. I went for a walk...
  2. W

    Good luck root crop farmers …….

    See attached
  3. R

    Maximise the income from my small holding

    I have recently bought a small holding. I have grazed a few cattle on it too keep the grass down. However I feel I can do a bit better than a few hundred quid profit. I had thought to get 12 sows and harvest the piglets as weaners. (Putting the husbandry element of the piglets and the current...
  4. Chalmers

    New land owner indeed of advice and guidance

    Evening all, my name is Alex and I'm from Suffolk. Last year my father in law passed away and left my wife and brother in law 5.5 acres of land in North devon. We have been down there afew times when the land was officially passed on to my wife and her brother. And have since spend £5000 getting...
  5. F

    Cash is King or Not?

    I don't often go shopping but today I wanted a new pair of sun glasses now that summer has arrived. The last basic ones I bought from Boots so I thought I would go back and find another £30 pair. Got to the till and handed over £30.00 cash and was told they only accepted card payments! Now I...
  6. grainboy

    France get £62.7 million

    France gets £62.7 million But we had 1000 migrants cross the channel today,
  7. D

    Warham Camp, Norfolk

    Warham Camp is an excellent example of an Iron Age fort. Free entry, great place for an educational wander and a picnic. On top of being a scheduled monument, it is also a SSSI specifically due to the tightly grazed chalk grassland and the rare flowers and butterflies that thus thrive. In...
  8. James691

    Tenant farming costs, complete newbie basic questions

    Apologies for asking VERY basic questions and I am reading at the same time but could I get an idea of what it may cost for farmland in Lancashire for grazing. I've seen some figures bouncing about £100/per acre... but no one states what time frame this is, per week, month or year?? I'd be very...
  9. P

    Fallow after grass leys

    Does anyone know where I can find the rules regarding grass leys (temporary grass) being left fallow after the four year period of temporary grass? As I do not wish them to become permanent grass, but as yet do not know what best to plant next year.
  10. Juggler

    Shepherd huts & alternatives

    Looking at the potential for buying a Shepherds hut or similar, what are the alternatives? Can't really get my head around pods, they look small, not keen on the Geo-domes, what else is there out there? Tried bell tents and don't want to go back there...:oops: How many nights do people want to...
  11. Farm Business RSS

    Agricultural expert urges farmers with pop-up campsites to ‘tread carefully’ as they face a ‘risk minefield’

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business An agricultural expert is warning farmers keen to cash-in on the temporary campsite trend that they may be putting their businesses in jeopardy as they face a ‘risk minefield’. The number of farms offering pop-up campsites has soared this summer...
  12. M

    You won’t believe this

    My mate runs a beef and sheep farm. One of his neighbours has glamping pods which border my friends farm. Yesterday morning he gets a very irate couple in his yard going mad that his cows have been having s*x in front of their children. Apparently they’d gone mad at the glamping pod site owner...
  13. Chae1

    Our family farm rescue Ch5

    Maybe a thread already running on this but couldn't find it. Just wondered what other people's thoughts on it were? Personally I found it a difficult watch. Well done to the farmer for putting himself out there on national television. Good luck to him and his family.
  14. J

    Farm living

    Hi I wonder if anyone could help me or lead me in the right direction please? My husband and Son are really interested in wild living and my husband would really like to teach our son and his friend the value of the countryside, respecting it and living from it. I was wondering if it would be...
  15. S

    Why should I stay..............

    Help me out please. Particularly those native Scots. I have spent half my life north of the border, but was born in the south. 20 plus years here. I am now after that time able to consider buying a small chunk for ourselves. However........ When I came north my lineage was not of much...
  16. J 1177

    Mini loadall

    Does anybody on here run a mini telescopic such as a whacker newson, merlo etc. Just woundering how they are performing on farm compared to maybes an older 2.5 ton machine.
  17. Rossymons

    Solar EV charging

    Following on from the "charging at home" thread... Family went out for the afternoon yesterday and I was stunned by how many Tesla I saw at charging points plus a queue of them waiting to use them! As we're running a wild camping enterprise now I'm wondering if it's possible to solar charge...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    Farmers rush to diversify into new businesses to survive after EU subsidies

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business UK farmers are rushing to diversify into new income streams such as renewable energy and tourism as they face the biggest shake-up in agricultural finances for 50 years, research from NFU Mutual has revealed. The leading rural insurer’s annual...
  19. OaksBarnFarm

    Diversification is a Journey Not a Destination

    Read our Story Here:
  20. Agriland RSS

    NFU Scotland launches campaign to highlight issues around wild camping

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Scotland have partnered with Scotland’s leading outdoor equipment and clothing retailer Tiso and Scottish Chef, BBC presenter and Tiso Ambassador Nick Nairn, to highlight the ever-growing issue of abuse of Scottish scenic...