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    NFU Scotland launches campaign to highlight issues around wild camping

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Scotland have partnered with Scotland’s leading outdoor equipment and clothing retailer Tiso and Scottish Chef, BBC presenter and Tiso Ambassador Nick Nairn, to highlight the ever-growing issue of abuse of Scottish scenic...
  2. Glampitect

    How Much Money do Glamping Businesses Make? Glamping Site Feasibility

    How Much Money do Glamping Businesses Make? Glamping Site Feasibility Glamping Site Feasibility Glamping is a concept that is spreading at a very high rate throughout the UK. With more people than ever before considering starting a glamping business, we thought we would take some time to...
  3. Glampitect

    Do I Need Planning Permission for Glamping Pods?

    Do I Need Planning Permission for Glamping Pods? We have established that glamping – the new level of camping – is not a phase, and it is in fact here to stay (and grow year on year). Great. We have a lovely piece of land that could turn in to an amazing glamping pod site. Excellent. Now the...
  4. steveR

    Groundswell Weather

    Looking OK according to the BBC forecast this morning, not too hot and more importantly, dry for us campers! :-) Don't need the 4 season bag either! Did you get any of the rain that was bumbling around the South before the weekend, down there? Wellies or Trainers I wonder...;)
  5. Robt

    How to contact advertising standard agency

    So, just watched an advert for botanica. It said uk has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows. It then in small print references a survey from 1987. Or have I watched it wrong? How can they quote a survey from 34 years ago? Or are they saying that since 1987 we have lost 97% of our wild flower...
  6. F

    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    I buy store cattle off some small local farms and always try to help them out with bull hire or dehorning and TB testing. Yesterday when I went to see some yearlings on one of these farms that is only around 50 acres of old established permanent grass and a reasonable shed, the owners said that...
  7. Bald Rick

    "Waddling inside ... to be squeezed dry"

    "... the milking cows in the field next door must waddle inside each night to be squeezed dry." So runs a sentence in an opinion piece by Alice Thomson in yesterday's Times, buried in an article that was challenging the governments agenda by prioritising bills to protect pets (The Animal...
  8. Grassman

    What can we do if blocked in or out?

    Following on from the thread about the farmer who "moved" a car out of his drive with a telehandler just what can we do if blocked in or out of our land or on a road blocked by poor parking? In an ideal world police would come out and sort the situation very quickly but in the real world they...
  9. P

    Access to home via farm track

    Hello all, new to the site. Hoping someone must have experienced this issue before and offer some advice. Access to our home is through a farm and along the farm's track. We are at the very end of the track. The track is only used by us, the farm (occasionally) and the shepherds who rent the...
  10. Sid

    Shortages of summer "essentials"

    Chicken? Beef? Milk? Lamb? Vegetables? Nope Garden furniture Picnic baskets Outside toys Basically cheap imported stuff from China.
  11. Wilksy

    Wanted holiday let August

    Hello, we are looking for a week away In August, a cottage/cabin/static preferably in either lakes, Yorkshire dales,Northumberland or derby dales, ideally with a hot tub. To sleep two adults and two teenage girls and a border terrier, wife has been looking on the internet but nowt doing it...
  12. L

    Small caravan site dilemma

    Thinking of putting a small 5 pitch caravan site in, water no problem but the only thing I can't seem to find any straight forward info about is what do people do regarding toilet waste ? Any help would be great
  13. Rodgerdodger

    Covid and trailers?

    I took a "past its best" fridge freezer to our local recycling centre yesterday in a small car trailer and queued to get in only to be told, " you can't come in here with that trailer". After I explained previous visits were never a problem he told me that, "due to Covid, trailers were no longer...
  14. Bury the Trash

    Speaking out for Small farmers. Good for him i reckon.
  15. K

    Buying land with AHA 1986 tenancy in place

    Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice regarding buying land by informal tender, the land in question is approx 4 acres of arable land laid to pasture currently , but it is subject to AHA 1986 tenancy. Am I correct in thinking this means the land has a tenant farmer who uses the land and pays rent...
  16. Cowabunga

    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    Worth the effort to listen to this sensible commentary to the end.
  17. Sid

    Paying farmers a lump sum to retire Average farmer could get 50k with the largest landowners getting 100k Average farmer gets 21k per year "Older farmers are often most resistant to new "green" methods, and Environment Secretary George Eustice wants them to move on" "The...
  18. unlacedgecko

    Other industries and footpaths

    I often see it written here that other industries don't have to tolerate public access/you wouldn't have a foot path through a factory. So I thought this was interesting. A multimillion pound cold store and distribution center with a public footpath right through the middle. Since the...
  19. 7610 super q

    Old folks should chuff off.......

    ........and let the young guns have a go with their " new " ideas, Joel Salatin books , Nissan Navare pickups full of leccy fencing gear, lavender soap niche markets, PYO quinola , and carbon sequestering dung beetles. Or...... Let the doddering old fools potter about till they want to retire...
  20. Electricfencer

    I hate weekends!

    Anyone else fed up with weekends. People leaving gates open, dogs running wild (more than normal) and the phone never stops with wannabe shepherds telling me how to do my job!