1. Mark C

    Steel door personnel combination lock

    Finished our spray store just before harvest and it has a steel personel door with Hooply lock and door handle. I wish to swap the lock for one with a combination so that the chem suppliers can gain access without a key. anyone else done this and where can you get the parts? Cheers Mark
  2. Chalmers

    New land owner indeed of advice and guidance

    Evening all, my name is Alex and I'm from Suffolk. Last year my father in law passed away and left my wife and brother in law 5.5 acres of land in North devon. We have been down there afew times when the land was officially passed on to my wife and her brother. And have since spend £5000 getting...
  3. Juggler

    Shepherd huts & alternatives

    Looking at the potential for buying a Shepherds hut or similar, what are the alternatives? Can't really get my head around pods, they look small, not keen on the Geo-domes, what else is there out there? Tried bell tents and don't want to go back there...:oops: How many nights do people want to...
  4. Farm Business RSS

    Agricultural expert urges farmers with pop-up campsites to ‘tread carefully’ as they face a ‘risk minefield’

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business An agricultural expert is warning farmers keen to cash-in on the temporary campsite trend that they may be putting their businesses in jeopardy as they face a ‘risk minefield’. The number of farms offering pop-up campsites has soared this summer...
  5. A

    Could cows be reaching over a garden hedge?

    We’ve lived in our cottage for 17 years and farmer with field next door has had cows in field and we’ve never had issues! A few years ago, some even got into our garden and I helped him move them out and repair fence. However farmer has retired and is now renting field out to someone with cows...
  6. T

    Guests taking a lend ?

    Ok so we have holiday cottages rented out with sleeping for 6 people , since lockdown has ended we are finding people are booking a cottage say 3 bedroom then arriving with motor homes we just had guests leave today who arrived with 2 motor homes a d parked them on the drive we suspect there was...
  7. Rossymons

    Stag/Hen Camping

    So recently I hosted my brothers stag do - basically a dozen blokes in their 30s drinking beer and tenting. There were other activites organised but they were off farm. This year we're already running a campsite and plan for next year as well. Was just wondering if anyone has any experience of...
  8. steveR

    Groundswell Weather

    Looking OK according to the BBC forecast this morning, not too hot and more importantly, dry for us campers! :-) Don't need the 4 season bag either! Did you get any of the rain that was bumbling around the South before the weekend, down there? Wellies or Trainers I wonder...;)
  9. I

    Farmer moves parked car

    Well this went badly.
  10. L

    Small caravan site dilemma

    Thinking of putting a small 5 pitch caravan site in, water no problem but the only thing I can't seem to find any straight forward info about is what do people do regarding toilet waste ? Any help would be great
  11. jerseycowsman

    Electric use

    Ok guys, on our new farm we have a smart meter and I am struggling to believe it. It reckons we are using 120 to 140 kWh a day to milk 250 cows and cool 6000 litres a day of milk. We have a variable speed vacuum pump and heat exchangers. Seems a lot to me. how does that compare to you guys?
  12. George from SJM Planning

    Land Price West Wales

    Hi all, Looking to make an offer on some grazing land in West Wales and I have been asked to make the initial offer but don't know where to start. The land is 4ac and has only been used for cattle grazing, it has never been cropped, it is wet throughout the winter and needs new boundary...
  13. S

    Anyone got cover with RAC?

    I have just received an unbelievable quote from an RAC guy outside Tesco in Welshpool . for £11.? I can't remember how much pence per month I am fully covered for any breakdown in any vehicle i am in I asked does that include when I am helping my cousin move sheep in his pickup the reply was...
  14. Robert

    Cost of Tree Safety Survey & Report

    Trying to value a quote for the above. Whole day of an expert on site assessing tree health in areas of public liability concern (near footpaths etc) and a fully documented report stating condition and management priorities. Any price guidelines appreciated. Thanks
  15. C

    Campsite charging... Per pitch? Per person?

    Doing a pop up campsite on farm for the first time... Wondering how people charge, per tent? Per person? Extra for multiple vehicles? What do you think works best? Also interested on people's thoughts on dogs, risk of Neospora? Thanks, CB
  16. paul&mandy

    Are campsites open?

    I was spreading next to a caravan club site yesterday and it was fairly full of motorhomes and caravans. They looked to be having a lovely time all sat outside sunning themselves. Surely this isn't right?
  17. G

    Lynx and wolves could return to England as rewilding task force set up by PM Honestly I think long term this would be a good thing, apex predators are vital for the ecosystem, Yellowstone national park was made vastly more healthy when they...
  18. FarmerDanny1989

    What’s the oldest breeding cow you have on your farm?

    I have a 16 year old blue X blue/Fresian cow, which doesn’t look her age and always throws a good calf but I’m in 2 minds to bull her again or not? She owes me nothing tbh. What’s the oldest cow you’ve had calf?
  19. steveR

    Fake RSPCA people - Be careful....

    I won't call them "Officers" as it gives an unjustifed aura of importance to RSPCA employees... Had an incident over the weekend in which we had a report that 3 men were seen wandering around my land and that of a neigbours, with no permission, after parking a pickup on my land off a private...
  20. C

    Showers and toilets for temporary campsites

    Just wondering what people use for this? Want to do a campsite this year for the first time (28 day job), any tips appreciated! CB