1. C

    Campsite charging... Per pitch? Per person?

    Doing a pop up campsite on farm for the first time... Wondering how people charge, per tent? Per person? Extra for multiple vehicles? What do you think works best? Also interested on people's thoughts on dogs, risk of Neospora? Thanks, CB
  2. paul&mandy

    Are campsites open?

    I was spreading next to a caravan club site yesterday and it was fairly full of motorhomes and caravans. They looked to be having a lovely time all sat outside sunning themselves. Surely this isn't right?
  3. G

    Lynx and wolves could return to England as rewilding task force set up by PM Honestly I think long term this would be a good thing, apex predators are vital for the ecosystem, Yellowstone national park was made vastly more healthy when they...
  4. FarmerDanny1989

    What’s the oldest breeding cow you have on your farm?

    I have a 16 year old blue X blue/Fresian cow, which doesn’t look her age and always throws a good calf but I’m in 2 minds to bull her again or not? She owes me nothing tbh. What’s the oldest cow you’ve had calf?
  5. steveR

    Fake RSPCA people - Be careful....

    I won't call them "Officers" as it gives an unjustifed aura of importance to RSPCA employees... Had an incident over the weekend in which we had a report that 3 men were seen wandering around my land and that of a neigbours, with no permission, after parking a pickup on my land off a private...
  6. C

    Showers and toilets for temporary campsites

    Just wondering what people use for this? Want to do a campsite this year for the first time (28 day job), any tips appreciated! CB
  7. C

    Cattle and camping

    Hi TFF, Like a lot of us, looking at camping diversification this year. We can't grow much grass in summer so could take a field out of the dairy grazing platform. Here's the question... How long between taking the cattle off the field, and letting the campers in? Cheers, CB
  8. A

    Single Market / Customs Union - A Tragic Loss

    As humans, we have an innate tendency to take what we have for granted. Very often, we don’t appreciate the true meaning or value of something, until it’s gone. Then sadly it can all too often be too late. Barely two weeks into the final Brexit trade deal, I dare say there are many, many...
  9. ollie989898

    Tarquin and Tamsin- job offer for you? No previous experience needed. I can see this going well. FFS. Just reintroduce a random species, assume it will be AOK and throw in two rangers who don't have a clue? Sounds...
  10. Henarar

    How has farming been for you in 2020 ?

    Many reasons to forget 2020 but from a farming point of view its not been bad for us, Store cattle price has been good especially in the autumn and lamb price has been good the weather has been ok made plenty of silage and hay though it did get a bit dry for a while had a good back end its wet...
  11. stablegirl

    Providing electricity to a caravan site

    We are in the very early stages of considering a small caravan site on the farm. Our preferred site is 500m from the main farm, what size armoured cable would be required to provide 5 16amp electrical hook up points at this distance?
  12. Hooby Farmer

    Jersey calves

    Looking for a few Jersey heifer calves. They dont have to be pedigree, as they will be for a focal point on our pets 🤣🤣.
  13. F

    Chainsaws, trimmers and pressure washer found.... Shropshire

    A collection of 4 saws, hedge trimmer and pressure washer have been recovered thanks to an accidental discovered of a cache left in a Mid Shropshire wood today. I would be delighted if I can assist with their return to the rightful owner/s. Most likely taken and stashed in the last 48hours.
  14. Tim G

    FBT Advice

    Last year we agreed a new 5 year FBT on the farm (landlord doesn't like long term it seems). We have now been told he wants to take back an area of one field to start a campsite. I don't want to fall out over this however the point of us pushing to renew the tenancy was to give us a bit of...
  15. Glass half full

    What to invest in considering Covid and Brexit looming?

    nobody likes to see other business is distress, or people suffering. but with Covid and Brexit just over the horizon there is going to be some distress sales come up and similar opportunities. what do people think would be good investments or acquisitions to look out for be they agricultural or...
  16. M

    New Shutdown?

    Would it not have been obvious for all the Uk to have had a regional lockdown over the Summer. People could travel and work, attend school etc within that region. Goods could be exported and imported without hindrance. Airports within regions could be used ( if you must) so that infections...
  17. Tomjoad

    Footpath problem

    During Covid we’ve had many more people using the footpaths. It doesn’t bother me but as usual there’s always one...... A person from the village continually walks where she pleases around the farm. I’ve explained politely where the footpaths go and the importance of sticking to them and she...
  18. D

    what to do with 4 acres

    I've got about 4 acres or so that I used to have 5 horses on it but now I'm down to just 2 horses, I don't want anymore horses but need the grass keeping under control would 5 or so sheep be any good and what sort of maintenance and price should I be paying to buy them and would they need...
  19. Barleycorn

    British Holiday & Home Park Association

    We're looking at starting a farm campsite. Googling I found the British Holiday & Home Park Association. Not much on their public website, but a lot of promises if you join, but at £350, not an easy decision. Has anyone joined this, is it worthwhile or just a rip-off?
  20. G

    Waste treatment for tented camping

    Looking into viability of certificated site for tented camping. Large, high quality insulated yurt or safari type tents. I'm thinking the structures will be much more desirable and better occupancy if they have their own toilet, shower etc. How have people managed drainage and effluent...