can am

  1. C

    Yamaha 700 or Honda 500

    Hi, I have a quad quandary. I have never had a quad before but fancy one for taking small bale hay and water out to a few local paddocks and towing a small sheep trailer whilst moving sheep about, some short road trips of about a mile, we are very hilly. Should I go new or good used ? I do pay...
  2. MX7

    Gator/Rough terrain utility vehicles ???

    Is the strength of build,reliabilty about the same for all makes (Deere,Polaris,Kubota etc etc) of gator /rough terrain vehicles available in the uk? From what I have heard they all seem to be not that reliable and they aren't built strong enough for how they are used on estate and farm...
  3. W

    Tractor hours

    How many hours is reasonable for a second hand tractor? I understand some is more then others but my understanding is limited to distance on cars, not hours on tractors unfortunately. Thanks.
  4. T

    Best quad for slug pelleting

    Hi, just wondering what atvs people are using for slug pelleting? I have a honda 500 but the frame and carrier is weak and keeps breaking. I dont want to go the trailed route and make a boggie and i dont want a utv as they wouldnt suit me. Just wondering what the strongest build atv is out there...
  5. hally

    Honda 520 pioneer

    Has anybody had a go in the new 520 pioneer? Look quite an interesting alternative to a quad bike without moving to the bigger heavier side by sides. Nippier, manoeuvrable, and easy ran into a bike trailer for shipping between blocks of land.
  6. H

    Yamaha kodiak 700 (2019)

    Any good on steep side lying ground?

    Basic Payment Scheme Launch

    Basic Payment Scheme Launch In this blog we’ll provide an overview of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) launch and the changes that are happening in 2021. Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is currently the biggest of the rural payments that provide support to the farming industry. Farmers apply once...
  8. Anymulewilldo

    Can Am vs Honda

    Hey up Right, as some of you may be aware hoggs are making a nice touch this time. Got a bit spare too invest in a fresh quad Always been Honda men, tried Yamaha, too thirsty. Tried Suzuki, broke too easily. Tried Polaris, the less said about that 💩 the better. Salesman is trying too sell me...
  9. GAM

    Quad or Mule?

    Possibly looking to px my Honda TRX420 for a Mule type 4x4, any suggestions or pros and cons?
  10. S

    Niggly problems with newly purchased used UTV

    Hello there, Took delivery a couple of days ago of a 2018 utv, not too many hours and paid towards 10k for it. We saw it at the dealers yard a few weeks ago when it had literally just arrived there from previous owner and was still sh1tty etc which is fair enough. Took it for a spin up the...
  11. Brisel

    Extending a Powerguard warranty

    Can it be done? Of course I will ask my dealer, but I thought I'd seek experiences in here too. JD 6215R Autopower approaching 5 years old with Powerguard for 5 years from new. It does grain hauling during harvest, some ploughing or power harrowing then pulls a sprayer from most of the spring...
  12. Antares 6

    MF 7400 questions and answers

    Hi, my first time here, all the way from Norway, sorry if bad english, will do my best )) 7480 always run at 0,3km on idle backwards regardless of whether it is in forward of reverse, grateful for advice.
  13. paul&mandy

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    We are looking at swapping a gator, I want another but been told a can am could be better with lots of road work.... I really don't care what it is but are the petrol ones really a pain filling up? we have 3 miles to the pump and at lambing time I'm filling the gator every day. Could the bigger...
  14. G

    Can Am brakes

    Whilst a big fan of Can Am quads,not a fan of replacement and service part costs. Seems to be what you need is only available from dealers or is a Can Am branded part and v. expensive. We currently need new brake caliper seals and pots. CanAm want you to buy the whole caliper unit @£300 plus...
  15. 7610 super q

    A new era.....

    The butler's going to be letting Joe Biden in via the back door. (y) No sniggering :stop:
  16. johnspeehs

    Which quad

    Not wanting to start an arguing match so can someone point me to past threads on the pros and cons of different quads. Wanting to change from honda 420to something a bit bigger.
  17. RH15LEW

    Which Can Am Traxter

    I’m pretty much sold on getting a Can Am Traxter, but, i don’t know whether to go for the HD8 or HD10. There will be quite a bit of road work so diesels are out due to speed and i want to have a bit of fun, when on trails etc. How thirsty are they in the real world and are they reliable? Also...
  18. A

    Best 500cc (ish) quad poll

    I did this 2 years ago interested to see if it’s changed.
  19. W

    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    Rather a confronting table from the latest CCC report
  20. Chapelton

    Quad Bike Running Costs

    Just wondered how people were getting on with repair costs for young quads that aren’t being abused? We’ve always kept them young and avoided expensive repairs, but we’ve had a couple of issues now with bikes at under 2yo. Mostly seem to be suspension rather than drive train or electrics.