1. JohnGalway


    Interesting when experiences from different countries come together, the paragraph below is as I would have expected. Not the best optics for Mr Wolf massacring Valais Blacknose sheep. "Peter Aschaber says that nature conservationists and politicians always reply to urgent emergency calls from...
  2. Hassall Brothers

    Situation Vacant Livestock Procurement Specialist (Beef & Sheep)

    Salary: Competitive salary plus car allowance and additional benefits depending on experience. Job Type: 40 hours, Monday – Friday (with the requirement for flexibility). Location: Home-based, with extensive travel across the UK and occasional requirement to visit the Chester office. A highly...
  3. caveman

    Hancock doing injections.

    Rumour has it...he's been practicing on his aide.
  4. Jerry

    What new feed wheat?

    I need to replace Skyfall for this autumn drilling. It’s breaking then to rust and has had its day now. Will carry Graham for another year, hopefully more. So what varieties are worth looking at? Note I’m in the SW so good septoria scores are a must!
  5. caveman

    Take that Boris

    The Blue Wall begins to crumble..
  6. Sid

    Job going at the BBC

    Only open to black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates! WTF!
  7. Cultura Recruitment

    Situation Vacant Senior Machinery Operator - Cornwall

    We are on the look out for an experienced & enthusiastic machinery operator who would relish the opportunity of a move to the beautiful Cornish coast. The role offers a good deal of variety, working for a large farming company who have invested heavily in new machinery and infrastructure to...
  8. Formatted

    Skilled operator advert, £20,000 a year?

    Saw this job advert on Exmoor Farmers Network, want the applicant to drive a hundred thousand pound machine have extensive experience but only paying £20,000 and you can work Monday to Sunday too! No wonder agriculture has an issue attracting talent, this job would easily be £32-35,000 in an...
  9. CPM RSS

    Insiders View – A new matrix…

    Written by cpm Though yield has often been a downfall of Clearfield varieties, a breakthrough in breeding means a new candidate from DSV looks like it could change the game for growers. CPM reviews DSV Matrix CL. Growers will no longer have to choose between taking advantage of Clearfield...
  10. Henery

    This is outrageous!

    Words fail me....grow up and get on with it....
  11. W

    Wetherspoons EU work visa

    Poor old Tim, apparently finding it difficult to recruit bar staff, wants a visa system as for some reason EU labour not wanting to work in the UK any more. Tad ironic, any idea why?
  12. OPICOLtd

    Situation Vacant OPICO is hiring an Assistant Marketing Manager (Bourne, United Kingdom)

    OPICO is looking for an organised, confident and capable marketing professional to work in our marketing team across all our brands. The applicant must have a strong practical understanding of the farming year and types of agriculture in the UK. The applicant will put this agricultural knowledge...
  13. Rossymons

    Heifer destroyed with Court Order

    Surprised this hadn't been mentioned already but here it is Heifer shot after police enter Welsh dairy farm with TB order - Farmers Weekly 3 minutes The heifer at the centre of a row between a dairy farmer and the Welsh government over bovine TB has been...
  14. Agriland RSS

    Writtle University College appoints Sabrina Brando as a BSAS Visiting Industry Fellow

    Written by William Kellett Writtle University College (WUC) in Essex and The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS), has announced that Sabrina Brando will be joining the team at WUC, in the role of BSAS Visiting Industry Fellow. Brando is the director of AnimalConcepts, including the...
  15. Cowabunga

    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    Worth the effort to listen to this sensible commentary to the end.
  16. C

    Situation Vacant Tractor Driver Wanted in East Norfolk

    A position has become available for a Tractor Driver on a modern, forward thinking 2000 acre arable farm in East Norfolk with a focus on potatoes. The role will be predominantly tractor based, consisting of varied tasks including relief spray operations, cultivations and compost spreading...
  17. Agriland RSS

    Make rural crime a top priority ahead of local elections – CLA

    Written by William Kellett The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is urging Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates to do more to protect rural communities from crime, ahead of the local elections. The group, which represents 28,000 farmers and land managers across England and...
  18. Danllan

    Swindon & Wilts PCC vote rerun

    Jonathon Seed has won the vote to be PCC in Swindon & Wilts, but he has a drink-driving conviction from 1993, current legislation means that he may not take up the role with this conviction, so there must be a new election. Mr Seed has not at any time hidden his past conviction, but the...
  19. KUHN Farm Machinery (UK)

    Situation Vacant KUHN Group is hiring a Marketing & Communications Assistant: Data specialist for its Telford site (United Kingdom).

    KUHN Group is hiring a Marketing & Communications Assistant: Data specialist for its Telford site (United Kingdom). This role will allow the ideal candidate the opportunity, under the guidance of the Marketing Manager, to develop a career with KUHN. The successful candidate will review...
  20. le bon paysan

    The working class

    Read... Discuss. ( Another thread would be... Is there a working class anymore? And who are they?)