1. George from SJM Planning

    Land Price West Wales

    Hi all, Looking to make an offer on some grazing land in West Wales and I have been asked to make the initial offer but don't know where to start. The land is 4ac and has only been used for cattle grazing, it has never been cropped, it is wet throughout the winter and needs new boundary...
  2. JPercy

    What do you actually enjoy seeing on Facebook? (& of course, what ticks you off?)

    What would make you follow, or unfollow, a farming company on Facebook? Feel free to name and shame in the comments 👀 I'm trying to figure out what works best for the company I work for and I'd like to get insight from actual farmers! (I'm a farmers daughter but I've been disconnected from ag...
  3. AgriiMark

    Freelander 2, opinion's please

    Looking at changing my vehicle soon. Had pick up's, dont need or want another. So been looking at the usual family/work options about and like the freelander 2. Any fellow members had one? Anything to look out for and are they basically worth bothering with. Wont be towing much if any at all and...
  4. R

    Staffing levels

    Hello I'm just after some info on the staffing level any of you block calves run, if you would be willing to share. How many staff and cows? Do you rear heifers and do you do any other field work? etc. Do you aim for any kpi such as a ppl for all labour? Any info much appreciated.
  5. J

    Cropping rules and rotation - England

    Hi all A bit of help needed please - struggling with a crop rotation. Previously grown grass for 2 years then 4 years of cereals, but due to a change not doing the grass any more. Cropping area is 200ha, medium to heavy soils, BG under control... What is the cropping law? Has the three...
  6. E

    Do I need PP to site caravan next to shed whilst it's built?

    Back at the start of the year I have been given the go ahead to put up a 60x40 general purpose shed on a green field site on my farm. I used the prior notification procedure for this. I have been given 5 years to finish the project. Am I able to live in a caravan on site whilst the work is...
  7. Cmoran

    John Deere direct drive gearbox?

    I’m looking at a 2013 R series in my local garage but it a direct drive gearbox what are they like?ive only ever had power quad and they are bullet proof
  8. bobk

    Recommend me a mig welder please

    Gas/ no gas , 3 phase or single ? not professional but farm use , thin stuff and biggish stuff . good all rounder , thanks
  9. W

    Mentoring an addict

    Could you would you? We often live a life that we feel Is wholesome, but have we actually been up against it that we fall foul of an addiction. Lots of different addictions out there, but for some reason heroin has a stigmatism like no other. Well I ask you as a human and a father, mother...
  10. C

    Campsite charging... Per pitch? Per person?

    Doing a pop up campsite on farm for the first time... Wondering how people charge, per tent? Per person? Extra for multiple vehicles? What do you think works best? Also interested on people's thoughts on dogs, risk of Neospora? Thanks, CB
  11. M

    New Defender Commercial

    Am I missing something? I’ve specced a Defender commercial S with the stuff you really want in a car, and to match the spec of a Wildtrack Ranger. Tow bar, metallic paint, mudflaps, 3 seats in the front, alloy wheels. And that’s about it, not gone too mad with it. It’s come out at £62,000+VAT...
  12. L

    Does size matter ?

    We have some away ground which is bordered by some houses. Through the yrs each house has bought a garden plot off the previous land owner. We bought the land seven yrs ago. 3 yrs ago we sold the next house in the line a plot. For a certain amount plus legal fees plus they had to fence it...
  13. oldoaktree

    What’s this ❓

    Sound or odour Measuring device? Its set up on a footpath near by
  14. D

    Just remember when your paper's Tory,

    there are two sides to every story.
  15. Lofty1984

    Sewerage dumped in rivers so according to this bbc article 400,000 instances in 2020 of raw sewage into rivers why isn’t there a public outcry about it as there is if a farm does it
  16. paul&mandy

    Are campsites open?

    I was spreading next to a caravan club site yesterday and it was fairly full of motorhomes and caravans. They looked to be having a lovely time all sat outside sunning themselves. Surely this isn't right?
  17. J

    4xtrahands / farm employee

    It is proving to be incredibly difficult finding a decent person to come and work here. There seems to be a serious shortage of people wanting a job in farming around here which is compounded by the fact that there are other farms in a similar position as me with regards to labour. Has anyone...
  18. Chae1

    Paying for selling items privately

    When buying or selling things privately what's the best method of payment for both parties? A bank transfer as I'm aware isn't instant. I want to transfer the money to other party when I view/pick item up. Them to be 100% sure its paid. Same with selling I want money to be in my account...
  19. Rossymons

    Shed Rental

    I've been approached by 2 local interested in renting our sheds as a lock up for their equipment. One would like to site a container there. Both respectable people who i'm confident won't be an issue. Water but no electric but that can be sorted out if necessary. I want to charge them a fair...
  20. H

    Log burner advice 4KW

    I’ve recently being given a 4KW log burner to put in my lounge which is 6.6 long 4 meters wide and 2.2 high. Just worried it isint going to be big enough for the room and get it hot enough? It’s in good condition and high quality. Please lend me your opinions