1. Bald Rick

    Why are rich people stupid?

    Too important to be lost in WTF thread £75 for a bottle of Cornish (actually Devon) air ... Or how about dog sofas “from £11,700”?
  2. Cab-over Pete

    Tiny Houses

    Aye up, Got into a few conversations about these lately. The planning guidelines are quite clear on them regarding curtilage of your house( sp?) etc, but what is less clear is the 28 day rule. You can legally park one for 28 days on land you own with no permission, but are there any rules on...
  3. Jerry

    Nose Ring

    How quickly does a bulls nose ring hole seal over? The bugger caught his today on a trailer as I was feeding them and pulled it out!!
  4. Fragonard

    White House Farm & Jeremy Bamber

    Just wondering anyone know anything about this tragedy? Any locals to it on here? I m wondering is the TV series anyway near to reality?
  5. B R C

    Another dodgy developer begging letter

    What a load of tosh just out to buy development sites on the cheap.
  6. N

    Dog stealing

    How do we reduce the risk from these utter low lifes , can live with the daily risk of workshop being cleared out , quad bike disappearing, Land Rover not there in the morning, the diesel tank emptied on a windy night , but if my dogs disappear !!!! Time is ticking to when there's going to...
  7. E

    Rights of farmers where no tenancy agreement or grazing agreement was in place

    I am in the process of buying land where there has been a long-term grazer, but never a formal agreement. I also believe that no money was transferred but the grazer did odd and I frequent jobs. I would like to shift the chap on, does anyone have experience of dealing with this type of situation?
  8. Hesstondriver

    Alan Bartlett Carrot growers to close

    this ones a bit of a shock 300 jobs at stake being at the mercy of the supermarkets i guess @slim shiny - any word on the street ?
  9. P

    Caravan, residential use.

    If a caravan is in a field and someone lives in it, how long does it take to become a dwelling? Does it have to be the same person? Suppose someone may to November was replaced by someone else over winter?
  10. D

    Setting up a temporary 2 berth caravan (towable type) on land down a private lane, any issues with this?

    Hi all I’m looking at buying a plot of land in the future and I would like to put a small caravan in the trees somewhere. There is a small old cow shed in the corner of the land, so could I use the excuse that it’s temporary accommodation while I do the shed up into a house? Thanks all. Just...
  11. M

    Static caravan planing permission

    As title, does anyone know what is the legal planning requirement with regards to having a static caravan near farmland / private course fishery. I don’t think it’s being used to sleep in, more of a out of the weather space if that makes sense.......TIA
  12. C

    carmarthenshire property to rent wanted

    Hope this ok. My daughter and pretty much sun in-law have a caravan on a farm with his parents but unfortunately the farm is going up for sale so they all have to move. They both work and very responsible and reliable. The snag they have is they are looking for some where to allow pets. As they...
  13. S

    Covid jab - is it compulsory?

    What are the rules concerning covid jab? Is it compulsory? I have fear of needles With the mutation of virus it looks like having vaccine will be regular occurrence , sooner or later I believe things will go wrong
  14. G

    Which fertiliser spreader for 50 hp tractor

    Hi, I'm after some advice please. I have a 52hp Kubota on a caravan park and am looking for a suitable fertiliser spreader. What do you use / recommend please. Thanks in anticipation.
  15. Oscar

    New Law re tyres

    Just had a update from insurance co to say new law has come in banning tyres over 10 years old to be fitted to steering axles of coaches, HGV and mini busses and rear single tyres on mini buses . Apparently , tyres are meant to be date stamped and Vosa [or what they are called now] have started...
  16. Macsky

    Are two sheds better than one?

    Looking to put up a new shed, the initial requirements are to in winter up to 40 head of spring calving cows, and to house 100+ Cheviot ewes in lamb with twins, with the possibility of extending in the future, site space isn’t too restrictive, are you better trying to design a big dual purpose...
  17. R

    Farm drive and delivery drivers

    Just wondering if any body else has a problem with their farm drive being on the sat nav maps. Our farm drive is a dead end, but we get all sorts of delivery drivers driving up it only to realise it’s a dead end and then turning back sometimes driving very fast as they are not happy they have...
  18. C

    Showers and toilets for temporary campsites

    Just wondering what people use for this? Want to do a campsite this year for the first time (28 day job), any tips appreciated! CB
  19. R

    Lambing essentials for first timer!!

    I have 20 Mule Ewe lambs due 2nd week April. I will be lambing outside but live in the field in a caravan which should help. Looking for advice on equipment or anything really.. Things I have so far: Purchased a big garage tent which will have 4 pens inside if required (running power to it...
  20. Fat hen

    Agents’ cheery outlook post-BPS

    Recently attended a zoom meeting with a respected independent land agent. He described the next 5 yrs as the biggest change in Farming in a lifetime. He painted a fairly bleak picture of agric under the Tory government’s funding plans, none of which encourage food production: > £40K BPS will be...