1. F

    News From NZ and the Wider World

    Apologies for probably a not very good copy of the annual Waiere Newsleter from Derek Daniell, but it gives a great insight into trade for sheep and protein in the world as well as the politics in NZ HOME THE FARM BREEDING STRATEGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT RAMS CLIENT SUCCESS NEWS...
  2. Still Farming

    Welsh Assembly Senedd hits Tourism hard

    Not good for ANY Tourism accommodation in Wales.
  3. M

    Share farming/ contract farming sheep

    Anyone involved in a share farming agreement or contract farming agreement. With sheep is it possible to
  4. F

    Local Crime Waves

    In the past couple of weeks the local rural community have suffered from an epidemic of crime of which the Police are powerless to do anything about. Below is an edited version of what I have sent to the police. We are experiencing what can only be described as a massive crime wave on the rural...
  5. J

    Situation Vacant Full time farm worker required near Kingsbridge South Devon. Accommodation available.

    Full time farm worker required for a 600 acre family run mixed farm near Kingsbridge South Devon with a minimum of 3 years experience. Tasks include: Feeding and bedding cattle Harvest grain carting and grainstore management Bale carting and stacking Cultivations mostly using simba dtx...
  6. S

    Major going end to end!

    My uncle is currently driving his major from John o groats to lands end for Devon air ambulance. My sister is riding her bicycle on the same route for shelter box! I'm not sure which of them be daftest?
  7. C

    Wind turbine

    Hi everyone, We are looking at putting up a wind turbine but have no experience or really any idea of how to go about doing it. I’m looking for any ideas of how to go about installing an on farm wind turbine or if anyone can recommend a company they have dealt with that could help I’d really...
  8. K

    Places to rent- mobile home/annex - Windsor area

    Hey , not sure if this is the right section to post but I’m looking for a mobile home or annex type to rent and it seems a impossible task.. does anyone know of anything or anywhere I can look and advertise?. thanks :)
  9. A

    12 month Driving Ban
  10. CopperBeech

    Are references a thing of the past ?

    Just curious really, what got me thinking was a previous employee of mine. People always say good staff in Ag are really hard to find. But rarely do people seem to request references from previous employers when they are looking to take someone on. Why is this? I sacked a lad about 2 years...
  11. D

    Trees - the fantasy and the reality Not really news to many on here, but not everything on the BBC website is nonsense. Not sure it’ll make it to the BBC TV channels though……
  12. M

    Caravan Storage

    Annual Caravan Storage Sought £500 up-front payment available, seeking Annual Storage/Occasional use of small touring caravan in Doncaster or surrounding areas, any sort of Farmland or equestrian land with access considered. Private arrangement only, no contract or commercial terms. Contact...
  13. Bald Rick

    Dirty Tory

    Wonder which Tory MP it was who was watching a mucky video on his phone in the Chamber of the HoC ? What a numpty
  14. J B

    4G Broadband?

    We are currently in our third week of Airband not being able to supply us sensible internet after about 7pm each evening (it works fine during the day!) They are, of course, promising to fix it but ..... :mad: Airband (when working) gives us 30 Mbps for £30, ADSL gives us about 3Mbps, FTTC is...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Pair ordered to pay £240,000 for injecting waste into fields

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Two men have been ordered to pay costs over £24,000 for illegally disposing of liquid waste from chemical toilets, abattoir washings and other sources into fields across Cornwall. Neal Tremayne and Brian Matthews, who worked together, pleaded guilty...
  16. TeaBread

    Battery barn vs Village NIMBYs- help

    Im calling on fellow TFFers to help stand against the village idiots and all the lies they are spreading about our planning application for a battery electric storage system . If any of you have come across the Not In My Back Yard types and wand to push back again their rubbish, then please add...
  17. P

    Access control through rising bollard

    Just thought I would share our experience of installing an hydraulic rising bollard for access control both in and out of our caravan park using ANPR. The bollard was provided by Frontier Pitts and the ANPR plus all software integration with our reservation system was provided by Alph Touch...
  18. V

    Dress to impress

    Quick run around my local supermarket this afternoon. Chap in there wearing red overalls covered in sh1t. Filthy wellington boots and to top it off a dear stalker hat….he was one of our local farmers. Is this reasonable behaviour, walking around in public like a mental patient? I know it’s his...
  19. Chris F

    Rewilding Crowdfunder…

    Words fail me: they have zero clue what the wild would be and it certainly isnt 10 acres with a fence around it.
  20. K

    Looking For Work Goat Farm- vet placement request.

    Hello! I am a second year veterinary student (Bristol) who is very keen to get some experience with goat farming (dairy or meat) on a larger scale as it's something I'd be really interested to learn more about. I am not from a rural background but have done lambing and dairy placements (pig and...