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    AICC conference – Making sense of sustainability

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF There’s a lot of talk about carbon farming but what’s it really all about? CPM attended the AICC conference earlier this year to try and find out. Work with someone in the same county rather than someone the other side of the world. By Rob Jones...
  2. Chris F

    Gene editing is now approved

    Has been lots of talk about this over the past few years. But I saw the Lords approved if finally on Monday. Being on a level playing field with USA, Japan, Austrailia etc seems a good idea on the face of it, is we are to compete. But the luddite in me still doesn't like something about it...
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    Technology to address environmental constraints on NZ dairy farms

    Written by Rubina Freiberg from Agriland Dairy farming has been the backbone of New Zealand (NZ) for years. Recently however, the number of dairy farms has declined, according to executive chairman of Waikato Milking Systems, Jamie Mikkelson. The main difference in farming systems between New...
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    ADAS – Accelerating innovation

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Innovation geared to the rapidly changing needs of farmers is the industry’s lifeblood, but now it has to be more dynamic than ever, according to a company whose heritage is firmly rooted in applied research and its practical application. CPM...
  5. A

    One man's mission to turn East Anglia Green

    The Zocon Greenseeder has helped Jon Myhill turn East Anglia “green” during the winter months of farming. Jon, a Director at MB Farming Ltd, Suffolk and the agronomist for the Maize Growers Association, has been involved in maize under sowing trials on farms throughout Norfolk and the Waveney...
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    Climate Change Champions – The bottom-line benefits of going green

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine Download PDF A move to regenerative agriculture for a West Midlands grower has already improved soil and plant health and reduced reliance on synthetic inputs. CPM visits to find out how these values can now be traded on emerging markets. We’re...
  7. andybk

    Darling George has all the answers , put the plough away !

    To be fair he has a point regard growing crops for bio fuel , but would take issue regard vast uplands un cropable , thats why there are sheep there ...
  8. mixed breed

    Lambs off to school

    Do I need to tag/fill a licence or some other paper trail to take newborns to daughters primary school (town) she took her two cades last year and I never gave the official side a second thought. :X3: it was a grand couple of hours with lots of interest and questions. Thought I might take a...
  9. Barleymow

    Obviously no food shortage imminent

  10. V

    Begging bowls again…

    Reading a thread about high fert prices and some farmers are asking for the government to step in and subsidies the price. Then another thread suggesting the government should help subsidies fuel prices. Farmers must get more government hand outs then a black single mother in a council flat with...
  11. News


    A recent York Auction Centre online sale of second-hand farm machinery attracted unprecedented interest with more than 1800 bidders from across the UK, Europe and other countries around the world including Egypt. York Auction Centre reported a record 122,000 views of the online catalogue which...
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    LMC: International beef sector responding to climate change

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) chief executive, Ian Stevenson has said that the international beef sector is responding to the threat of climate change. He points to the conclusions of a recent report, prepared by the economics research team at...
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    International Fertiliser Society – An unequal playing field?

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Nitrogen and carbon were hot topics at the International Fertiliser Society conference last December. CPM reports the highlights. Not all soils are equal when it comes to carbon sequestration. By Lucy de la Pasture Nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) is...
  14. T

    Any chance the government will subsidise fertiliser?

    As above really. Can't see much appetite at current price so reduction in output follows. Very simple logic. Surely they will try something????
  15. Benn

    Sole living from sheep ,Flock size

    Just been pondering, Anyone on here who's sole income is from sheep? what are youre flock size? going that the national average houshold income is around £30,000, Are you up around that level of income ? locally ,i know of only one family that solely live of the income from sheep.
  16. H

    Disaster, agriculture,soil going to finish by 2050-interview

    Please spread the awareness,act as you can, I am not a farmer but shocked from what I heard in this interview and research results
  17. Kevtherev

    Will UK Ag up it’s production

  18. Chris F

    Will Food Rationing happen in U.K.?

    Already happening in other countries in the Workd. Egypt can’t fulfill its requested wheat contracts. Without energy food production will have to decline. But I’m not sure less food will be a problem for us in the U.K.
  19. G

    Property collspse

    Could the Russian exit from property crash it like lloyds did 30 yrs ago?
  20. snarling bee

    How much N is actually available for a following winter crop after a clover/legume fallow?

    There is and has been increasing talk about using N fixing crops/cover crops to reduce our reliance on bagged N. Forgetting other benefits, how much N is actually available to the following crop? and does this cover the cost of the CC seed and establishment? which with machinery and fuel costs...