1. Bald Rick

    The Madness of Eco Lunacy

    It really makes me wonder. Consider this .... The Green Power Company has gone bust citing the cost of gas. Yet I have taken this off their website: We are the UK's only supplier of 100% green gas and renewable electricity. Find out more about our ethical, sustainable energy and switch to...
  2. Precision AG RSS

    Cargill Introduces New Revenue Stream for Farmers As Part of 10 Million Acre Regenerative Agriculture Commitment

    Written by Matt Hopkins from Precision Ag Cargill RegenConnect links farmers to the emerging carbon marketplace and helps scale the voluntary adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. The post Cargill Introduces New Revenue Stream for Farmers As Part of 10 Million Acre Regenerative...
  3. TheEarlOfMoray

    Lorry driver shortage

    How bad is it? I asked a rep to get my rape shifted asap this morning as need the space for barley but he said he would try his best but can’t promise anything due to the lorry driver shortage in the country. Personally think he’s at it but could be wrong.
  4. Farfrae

    Pigouvian tax

    Get ready for the Pigouvian tax, I've warned before about how fast the artificial meat business is developing. Most peole don't seem to have a clue as to how things are going to change (I'm just the messenger - don't shout at me.)
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Fine tuning strategies to achieve successful crop desiccation

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Following their first full season of diquat free desiccation, and potentially armed with greater knowledge gleaned from “real” non-trial conditions without a diquat safety net, many potato growers should now have an even better understanding of what it...
  6. Phil P

    Selling carbon credits

    @Clive can you tell us some more about it? How does it work?
  7. Agriland RSS

    Stakeholders in global beef ’roundtable’ launch sustainability goals

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) has today (Tuesday, June 29) announced the launch of its global sustainability goals – commitments to advance and improve the sustainability of the global beef value chain. Covering climate, land use and...
  8. Farm Business RSS

    High early-June temperatures enough to upset conception rates, according to Cargill data

    Written by John Swire A network of temperature and humidity monitors, installed by Cargill in cow sheds across the UK this summer, has recorded heat stress conditions in all regions in the first two weeks of June and highlighted levels that could affect cow fertility and milk production...
  9. G

    5,000 burgers a day: World’s first cultured meat-production plant opens in Israel
  10. Agriland RSS

    Cargill appoints new research coordinator

    Written by William Kellett Clare Gaukroger has joined Cargill’s pig team as research coordinator for the UK. Based in North Yorkshire, she is establishing trials and managing data collection, analysis and interpretation for a wide range of projects on the company’s two UK reference farms...
  11. milkloss

    Darth Vader cows anyone?

    Ya..... they're really going to do it. But rest assured dairy men as you're going to get a better milk price for attaching them to your cows so start trampling each other for them ASAP or you'll miss out! ;)
  12. Agriland RSS

    Tackling emissions through methane-busting masks for cows

    Written by Agriland Team A new strategic partnership aims to tackle methane emissions in the dairy industry – through the use of methane-reducing “masks” for cows. With a claimed emission reduction potential of 53%, this mask device “neutralises methane as cows exhale” – and is expected to...
  13. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  14. Farm Business RSS

    Real-time heat stress monitoring online

    Written by John Swire Cargill UK is launching live temperature and humidity data online through the summer months to help dairy farmers and their advisers recognise and mitigate the signs of heat stress in dairy cattle. The company will install automated, cloud-based data loggers on 30 dairy...
  15. G

    Large grain merchant gone under.

    Anyone else hearing this in scotland?
  16. le bon paysan

    The working class

    Read... Discuss. ( Another thread would be... Is there a working class anymore? And who are they?)
  17. L

    Control of food production and world seed banks

    I'm increasingly worried over the large inroads being made out of the public eye by huge corporations. Therefore, I thought "let's go to the horse's mouth not the...umm...other end." Just how clued up is the wider farming community over long term plans, already laid out by the likes of the World...
  18. neilo

    All Wales NVZ

    The vote was today, and apparently WAG won it. An NVZ covering the whole of Wales, despite not even the river guys thinking it was a good idea. So much for taking back control, and having a bonfire of red tape.😡
  19. MX7

    What happened to the buying land in Eastern Europe idea.?

    A few years ago,a few enterprising individuals invested in farming ventures in Eastern Europe (land that used to be owned by RUSSIA).. What happened to that idea / ideal.?? Did one or two TFF members venture out there? What was the outcome, are they still farming out there?
  20. Clive

    The UK Farmers Union - is it time ?

    First off lets get this clear - TFF is a independent knowledge exchange platform for farmers, it has no remit or ambition to lobby or represent UK farmers is any way. Topics discussed by members on TFF are led by those members, of which I am just one. The below post is my opinion solely as...