1. Clive

    The UK Farmers Union - is it time ?

    First off lets get this clear - TFF is a independent knowledge exchange platform for farmers, it has no remit or ambition to lobby or represent UK farmers is any way. Topics discussed by members on TFF are led by those members, of which I am just one. The below post is my opinion solely as...
  2. Farm Business RSS

    Capturing the cream – more milk fat at turnout

    Written by John Swire Cargill has introduced a new specialist rumen buffer, Equaliser® Cream, to help improve milk fat production and reduce milk fat depression in dairy cows, particularly at turnout and into early summer. It has a two-pronged approach. The tried-and-tested rumen buffer...
  3. W

    Cancel your NFU membership now

    There’s loads of threads about Red Tractor and within them loads of moans about various quangos within all the Ag sectors. Guys and Gals for christ sake just cancel your NFU memberships tonight. Send emails to you local secretary informing them you are cancelling because of the likes of Red...
  4. Macsky

    How secure is farm management data?

    Reading a bit on another thread about how the share trading platform robinhood was selling data harvested from its users for millions, I wonder how farm management data stored remotely might be used as very detailed market research for others? Should it be a concern?
  5. G

    Who's the biggest rape crusher in UK?

    Anyone know which company is the biggest rape crusher in the UK? And what proportion of the crush they have vs the other big crusher? I'll tag @Brisel , just because he's usually good on this type of stuff :)
  6. principal skinner

    Red Tractor

    Has anybody else received the following email, asking for how it should be run in the future Dear Red Tractor Member, As we move towards a new era in British farming, it feels like the right time to reflect on just how far we have come as an industry. Many of you have been producing great...
  7. bobk

    EU to release no deal planning

    They own it now .......... No doubt there will be exemptions that suit them , time to move on , bye
  8. bobk

    No deal , no sell

    If tariffs come in to force we'd be fools to sell now , wouldn't we ?
  9. D

    Erucic acid

    Had two loads of rape go today to Liverpool. Got dreaded phone call at 12 saying they had tested high for erucic acid 7%. So fair play to United oilseeds they asked for a lab test which takes 2 hours. After an anxious wait it passed the test. A big thanks to the haulier and United oilseeds for...
  10. H

    River Lugg, Herefordshire
  11. Jackov Altraids

    The Conservative Party

    I broadly support most of what the current government have done since the last election and I don't support any political party as I'd rather they'd make the best decision rather than the one they are pre-disposed to. The point of this thread is to ask, is the myth that the Conservative party is...
  12. ridger


    Why is there no nice butter anymore? So many brands and all so disappointing. For example. I can't believe its not butter, have they ever tried butter? Brilliantly buttery, made with 50% vegetable oil and 5% reconstituted buttermilk. Tastes nothing like butter. Utterly butterly, rapeseed oil...
  13. Farm Business RSS

    UK dairy trial shows energy-booster promotes lasting yield increases

    Written by John Swire Improvements in early and mid-lactation milk production can be achieved by boosting cows’ energy supply and improving liver function efficiency with the feed supplement Turbopro. This has been borne out in the latest field trial by Cargill UK, carried out in a high...
  14. PSQ

    Times: 'Beef report was biased, admits BBC' - sanctions for BBC and Bonnin?

    Beef report was biased, admits BBC The Times 16 Oct 2020 Matthew Moore Media Correspondent The BBC has admitted that a documentary about the environmental impact of eating meat broke impartiality rules by failing to reflect the ecofriendly methods of British farmers. Meat: A Threat to our...
  15. A

    Death Throws of No Deal

    As the clock winds inexorably down to deal or no deal, and the EU showing ZERO signs of “bricking it”, as the loyal TFF Brexiteers expect, the U turn preparations have begun in earnest. Barnier of course recognises the shift from dogma, to bravado, to realisation, and latterly to panic! As an...
  16. Feldspar

    Allied Mills screwing farmers over with dodgy claims?

    This video appeared on Twitter today: . If this account is accurate, this is so damaging to the trust that farmers place in the end user to act as an honest judge of the delivered produce. The problem is that they are not an impartial judge insofar as they stand to lose or benefit depending on...
  17. MX7

    Is the Covid19 hype now media driven???

    As above Jeremy Clarkson wrote a very good article in the Sunday Times about Covid 19,and another guy also wrote an article about Covid19. All in all both were saying that science, the media are all fuelling the Covid19 hype and that society needs to man up and get back to normal.
  18. D

    Arable farmers: For your eyes only

    100% of (area based) ELMS money should go to permanent pasture, on the grounds that: 1) In the eyes of the taxpayer, this land provides the greatest public good as it is where they spend their high days and holidays. The National Parks, the uplands, the Stiffkey marshes. That is where the...
  19. G

    Thoughts on 3D printed or Lab grown meats?

    Read this article today 3D printed foods were inevitable but as they used Plant...
  20. Agriland RSS

    Winds topple US corn crops

    Written by Agriland Team 100mph winds have devastated some corn crops and farmland in the US. Corn crops were flattened and grain bins destroyed when a storm known as a ‘derecho’ swept through some of the main corn producing states in the US on Monday, August 10. States across the US mid-west...