1. B

    LED work lamp suit some models of Valtra, N/H, Case, MF

    40 watt known brand led work light, 3500 lumen, BRAND NEW but no carton. One only. Reputable and Premium make not ebay low grade. Side mounted bracket and deutsch connector on the fly lead. Postage included to UK mainland £25 no vat
  2. J

    Case RBX 452 baler

    Hi I need a baler to bale silage, haylege and hay. Would a case 452 baler suit me or does anybody know of any issues with them. thank you in advance for any information.👍
  3. M

    Case jxu 105 issues

    Hello all, New to the forum.. Recently bought a 2010 case jxu 105... 3800hrs on the clock. I've noticed when carrying weight on the Back lift, it drops afew inches and jumps back up... Repeatedly keeps at this... Not sure what could be causing this or is it something to worry about?? Also...
  4. D

    New (to me) Tractor Decision Time: which option? Package with a Loader or buy better Tractor Now and Loader later?

    I have finally got all my ducks in a row for purchasing a tractor in March 2021 for £11,500 - £14,500. A few years ago I asked which one I should look at and got an avalanche of advice. I am going to use the tractor for moving heavy pallets about the yard as well as for the 15 acre farm. I am...
  5. Shane s

    case mxm / new holland tm losing break fluid

    hello, i have a mxm 140 here and over the last few weeks the break pedal has been getting a bit softer however on saturday i had next to no breaks (no brake fluid in the tank, so i have topped up the fluid and used the tractor for about 2 hours and when i was home the breaks were very soft and i...
  6. ColoradoWolf

    Mx135 gearstick

    So does anybody know what this button on the case mx135 gearstick is for... I press it, hold it etc... nothing
  7. ColoradoWolf

    Case MX135 - Dashboard clock

    Hi all, Driving my MX135a round, the clock is stuck on 12:00 and its quite annoying as its easier to have a look at that rather than pull out a phone with muddy and dirty hands. Anybody got any ideas on how to sort this? Thanks, Dan
  8. B

    Case international 5140

    im currently refurbishing a case international 5140 maxxum powershift and it was eunning no problems and then today when i jumped in it after changing the belts and adding a new creeper gear lever in the tractor wouldnt start the lights come on as they should on the dash however never had the...
  9. Shane s

    Case Mxm 140

    I have recently bought a case mxm 140 2003 and looking help to get a few annoying things sorted out. First of all when you let the handbrake down she beeps for a few minutes, its very annoying does anybody know what this may be and how to sort it? Also the fuel guage on the dash isnt working...
  10. ProHorizon

    Video Drilling Beans - 12 metre Amazone Citan 12001-C Drill & Case 240 Puma CVX

    I have recently started working with Pollybell Organic Farms and this is a vid I made with their drill man Jonny 1388. In this video he is drilling beans with his CASE IH 240 Puma CVX & AMAZONE Citan 12001-C 12 metre drill. Jonnys has a great farming vlog channel on YouTube that is worth...
  11. J

    Summer livestock feeding

    Hello, I've come across a rare type of summer livestock feeding. I found a video on youtube, of a dairy farmer, and he mows the grass, and directly loads it with a forage wagon. Not so rare so far. But then he uses a corn chopping machine, and also loads corn directly into the forage wagon...
  12. G

    Wanted Farm Digger West Sussex

    Looking to purchase an old 10 -14 ton tracked 360 or Back hoe Digger (JCB,Case etc) to do some levelling and tidying work on our small farm in West Sussex. Preferably someone that could arrange delivery although we do have a couple of contacts that might be able to collect. Appreciate any...
  13. F

    Mouse smell in air conditioning

    Hi Everyone, Over the winter we have had mice in our Case 2388 combine. we have had it serviced before harvest and thankfully everything is okay electricalwise. However when the aircon fan is on there is a very strong smell of mouse coming through the vents. Does anyone have...
  14. S

    Case mx110 hitch fault

    Hi I was wondering would anyone be able to help, we have mx110 and lately it has a mind of its own. While agitating the lift has gone up twice putting slurry everywhere, also after the 2nd time the tractor would not move forward or back after it been knocked of for awhile it Moved.... has anyone...
  15. Rob5150

    Are claas and Renault loader brackets interchangeable

    Hi all, sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find any info. Looking to fit a loader to my claas arion 520, had a quote for a new claas/mx and I don't think I can justify the cost as it will only be a backup to the main loader tractor. So after hunting for a set of second hand...
  16. F

    Case IH MXM 155 Turns over but won't start

    Hello! My husband has been having troubles with our mxm 155. It will turn over but won't start. He's tried changing the fuel filter, he's cracked the injectors, checked all the wiring.. He did manage to get it running a few times and it worked fine for a day or 2 and then it just wouldn't start...
  17. Joe S

    Maxxum vs MF 3120 vs NH 40 series

    Maxxum is favourite just now! followed my a 3120 with a 40 series coming last what one would you get and why? bet your getting fed up with me!:LOL:
  18. Joe S

    Case 1056xl vs MF 3120

    which would you buy and why?
  19. Joe S

    which would you buy?

    Which would you buy as a project and why? The tractor will be used for match ploughing one way 3f and possible reversible 4f,transporting other toys and a hand full of days of work!
  20. M

    Case 5130 Reversing Troubles

    hello all, I have a Case 5130 with the semi powershift gear box and it won't reverse when I have the lights on. It will drive forwards though. When I flick the shuttle into reverse, it flashes a red light on the dashboard (looks like a charging light) and it flicks on a green light that looks...