1. G

    5,000 burgers a day: World’s first cultured meat-production plant opens in Israel

  2. Wolds Beef

    Bugs and Beasties in Soil and Crops

    This probably is a daft question. I am looking for some freebie books or pamphlets on the above. I have a teenage lad (nieghbours son) who keeps bugs and beasties as pets! and I want to encourage him into science and maybe even agronomy (parents are also supportive). Any ideas? There are getting...
  3. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Domestic premium for rapeseed in 2021/22?

    Oilseed rape (OSR) production in the UK in 2020 reached just 1.04Mt. This was the lowest production this century. As a result, we have imported 564.8Kt of OSR so far this season (July 20 – April 21). Over 75% of these imports have been from outside the EU, due to the tightness in the...
  4. D

    In Field, Straw Chopping, Using a Silage harvesters.

    Hi all, I'm looking to chop Straw after a Combine with a Percision Chop Silage Harvester. I'm looking for the best option. Spec: Reliable good at chopping dry Straw. Parts Availability, good price. Tractor Size 120-150 Hp. Why: There is a grant available to chop straw to improve Soils...
  5. Defra Farming

    Future farming: what's changing

    Future farming: what's changing Written by The Team This page gives an overview of the changes to farming in England. Environmental land management schemes We're introducing 3 new schemes that will pay farmers to carry out environmental land management. They are: Sustainable Farming...
  6. KW Alternative Feeds

    KW Feedcast Episode 11 - 22 June 2021

    In today’s episode Chris Davidson and James Barker discuss the last few weeks in the mid-proteins raw materials markets, before a brief look at soya and cereals. The lack of demand for mid-proteins over the last few weeks has seen the market drop around £30 a tonne. This has had the effect of...
  7. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Funds continue to trim positions

    Alongside the fundamental drivers in markets over recent months driving prices higher, funds have also played a pivotal role. At their peak, managed money funds in corn and soyabeans reached their largest long position since December 2012 and March 2018, respectively. The net-long position held...
  8. Defra Farming

    Agricultural shows in 2021: come and talk to us

    Agricultural shows in 2021: come and talk to us Written by The Team Credit: Raidel Chao-Batlle Agricultural shows bring people together: to network, to do business, to give the public a glimpse into farming life. Their cancellation due to the pandemic has been a blow. For those of us in...
  9. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Supply outlook mixed as concerns grow for spring wheat

    As we close in on the new season, supply concerns have been easing as global weather improved. With low US stocks, the market is sensitive to any ‘new’ news. Yesterday, two big global grain players had ‘new’ news. EU winter crops and US maize worries have eased, though spring wheat conditions...
  10. L

    Looking for organic cereal feed for poultry DIRECT from FARMER

    I have about 15 hens in my care which I love dearly. I'm looking to improve their nutrient intake because they've started dying recently with no symptoms and I believe they have some deficiency problems. Would like to get my hands on some good quality cereals and seeds for them, preferably...
  11. I

    Cereals 2021

    What’s the latest info on this, have heard quite a few exhibitors not going, will it be worth the trip????
  12. W

    Inter Row Hoe

    How many people are using a hoe ? Has it worked for you? Is it the future for all crops , I know the vegetable growers have been through the pain of losing chemicals ?
  13. Farm Business RSS

    How will your business react to changing land use?

    Written by John Swire Climate change, new policies and other pressures will change how land is used around the UK in the coming years, says the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV). In its latest paper; Future Rural Land Uses in the UK, the CAAV reviews the pressures and...
  14. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Technical selling leaves markets reeling

    Over the course of the past week, we have seen UK feed wheat futures track lower. Thursday to Thursday Nov-21 UK feed wheat futures were down £5.45/t, at £170.00/t. As has been the case for much of this season, with the UK being a large net importer of wheat, moves in the domestic market have...
  15. D

    OSR and Urea

    Has anyone mixed OSR seed with urea prills and drilled down the the same coulter ? Will it burn/scorch the seedling ? ( drill has two hoppers )
  16. C

    Wholecrop hybrid rye fed too cattle.

    I wholecrop a lot of spring cereals for our beef herd. Mostly oats to form the base of a tmr. I'm looking at the yield from hybrid rye and thinking it maybe a good option. Has anyone done it, what is the feed value if cut late? Is it palatable enough for them? Thanks in advance.