1. J

    Sprayer swap.....

    I have Chafer RG418 , 2009, 4800 hours, 3000 litre, 300 litre clean water, auto section control, mapping , 2 sets of wheels, 3 speed , current mot and very tidy. I am wanting to swap it for ....... I would like to find a trailed 24 metre (or 24/36) , 4000 + litre machine with gps etc or a...
  2. Farm Classifieds

    Chafer Sentry 2 Trailed Sprayer

    Chafer Sentry 2 Trailed Sprayer Advert added by: Chafer Machinery Ltd Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £ Condition: Used Description Currently 30m F Series boom, can be converted to 24 or 28m. Independent boom tilt 1"...
  3. C

    Typical power/size vs. acreage?

    Hey all, I hope you don't mind indulging this non-farmer but I'm very curious about the typical size and power of tractors - plus the size of implements - you use vs. the size of fields/farm that you're working on? I've been reading through a lot of machinery threads and trying to collate the...
  4. mph04

    Rogator 618

    Good and bad on rogator 618 please looking for views of drivers/owners
  5. Superted820

    Multidrive sprayer

    Ideas or knowledge required please! Looking to put a spray pack on a 3185 multidrive. 12/24 around 3000L tank and as compact as possible when folded. Any recommendations, before I start looking, ideas of prices etc etc. Not got the multidrive yet but just trying to put all the pieces together...
  6. ADbeefboy

    Patchwork Marine

    Anyone using Patchwork’s black box marine for variable rate application on Fert spreader and section control on sprayer?
  7. Broomy

    Chafer E series

    I have a new to me chafer e series sprayer with a centrifugal pump. The previous owner told me he didn’t put antifreeze in it over the winter and just drained all the water out the pump. Would this be correct or am I better to put some antifreeze through it? TIA
  8. Farm Classifieds

    Chafer RG418 sprayer

    Chafer RG418 sprayer Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £39500 Condition: Used Description Good, tidy genuine sprayer, current mot, comprehensive service done , all oils changed, 24 metre, clothing locker...
  9. Rob_AD


    Farming 180 acres cereals, currently in a share farming arrangement which is coming to an end. Going forward have to decide whether to buy a sprayer or use a contractor. In this area most contractors are silage and slurry focused, so spraying is secondary... What would you do? Is a second...
  10. Fragonard

    Which Sprayer Wheels

    Which wheels should we put on the trailed sprayer? 650.65.38, 710.70.38or 800.65.32 Any experiences? Thanks.
  11. ProHorizon

    A vid I put together of the Chafer Interceptor self propelled sprayer

    Here is a video I put together for Chafer. It is their self propelled Interceptor sprayer. #FarmingVideo #BritishFarming #FarmMachinery #ProHorizon #CropSprayer
  12. J

    Chafer 418/418s

    What is the difference between a chafer RG418 and a RG418s. Just wondering if my 418 could be tweaked abit to give it a little more power for hill climbing?.
  13. C

    3 point linkage mudguards

    Trying to find manufacturers of additional rear mudguards that attach to link arms on rear of tractor - anyone got any recommendations As per photo
  14. K

    Chafer Mirage with CAT 3056e engine- intermittent starting issue

  15. SIABOD50

    Big thumbs up to w r Chapman, folkingham area.

    I was walking a headland field path near folkingham the adjacent field was being sprayed by w r Chapman, ( dont know them ). Name was on the rear of sprayer . The driver stopped spraying and waited for us to pass safely by ,and continued to wait for an elderly gentleman who was some 100m...
  16. principal skinner


    Evening all, long shot but had anyone managed to source the drawbar potentiometer for a Chafer Guardian from RS or the like? Need a new one!
  17. S

    PWM on sprayer

    Thinking about a new sprayer, probably SP. PWM (Capstan system) seems like a no brainer to me, individual nozzle control, turn compensation, no need for lots of air pipes along booms. Seems like you cant lose ;) So any negatives? We are running a trailed just now with auto section control (8...
  18. Farm Classifieds

    Chafer trailed sprayer controls including steering

    Chafer trailed sprayer controls including steering Advert added by: Geoff Gibbs @GJG Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Sprayer Parts Price: £550 Condition: Used Description Full sprayer control for a E series chafer It has the later steering control Fully working...
  19. P

    Trailed sprayer pro cons on spuds!!

    Currently run a 24m self propelled on cereals and spuds. Pros are it’s light at about 6.5t dry. It’s good in corners. Cons are liquid fert on road and no proper brakes! Not as comfy as my two tractors. With trailed sprayers really moving on been thinking about going back trailed especially with...
  20. Niteforce

    Liquid Fert Nozzles

    Going on to liquid fert and had more or less decided to go down the hardi quintastream or hypro esi nozzle. I then thought about if the six rear nozzles hit the frame/mudguards with the patteren.? Do they make a circular pattern or flat like a standard nozzle.? Is this a common problem.? Its...