1. benny6910

    Buying a high hr self propelled sprayer?

    What are people’s thoughts on buying a 6-7000 hr self propelled sprayer? Budget won’t allow me to buy something 3000hr area so am I asking for trouble. I currently run a 3000l trailed sprayer but it can be a heavy setup on my strong land and the tramlines can get quite deep. Road speed will have...
  2. spikeislander

    Osr seeder rig, cousins v-form based,liquid fert etc

    7 leg osr seeder with liquid fert. Made by ourselves approx 5-6 years ago, very well done , can be split down to use as a subsoiler in 2 hours max. Cousins 7 leg v-form 3.25m Metcalfe low disturbance legs Chafer QuickStart liquid fert system variable rate with speed via gps, rds box, to rear...
  3. CropTec

    CropTec 2019 - November 27th and 28th

    Welcome to the CropTec Show thread on The Farming Forum. Here we will announce what you can expect at the show and what seminars and hubs will be available. CropTec is the leading technical event in the arable calendar showcasing new technology, innovation and knowledge exchange within farming...
  4. K

    Chafer Mirage 418...opinions please!

    Looking at a 2007 one, would be good to hear the thoughts of anyone who does/ has owned one please! Anything in particular to look out for? They look well built but possibly on the heavy side? Thanks
  5. B

    Should he buy a sprayer?

    My cousin in Scotland has put a question to me. He’s inheriting a 350ac farm from his parents. The farm was in a cfa which is ending this September due to the cf retiring himself. My cousin whilst growing up on the farm is a private sports physio doing very well at it but going to take the farm...
  6. Steevo

    Chafer trailed air suspension

    Anybody else have trouble with the air system going flat when parked up? On board 12v compressor system here feeding air tank which the has the up/down valve leading to air bags. Frustrating having to wait while it pumps up before moving the sprayer to prevent wheels rubbing on mudguards.
  7. UTV Products

    New Holland Combine offer

    We are seeking more Ambassadors to benefit from evaluating a full set of front top cab led work lights on a New Holland Combine. Prefer latest cab shape for evaluation but prior one considered. Already have a few evaluation sets successfully fitted to N/H forage harvesters but seek more on...
  8. A

    Spray pressure problem

    Hi, been out spraying tonight and on the last couple of tramlines the pressure won't adjust either automatically or on manual. Sprayer is a chafer e series with teejet rate controller. Where should I start looking? Tia
  9. CPM RSS

    Cereals Preview – Latest innovations at Cereals

    Written by cpm Arable farming is not only at the cutting edge of technology, it’s driving the development and innovation of new machinery, practices and science. Arable shows are a vital window for growers to get the latest info to stay in-the-know. CPM reports. The products will fully...
  10. T

    EPSO-TOP bitter salts

    Am looking at options for soya . I know a lot use it on cereals do you rate it as our agronomist is not a fan of most likely wants to sell more expensive stuff . It is cheap source of folia sulphur and mag. Opinions on it would be appreciated .
  11. N

    Situation Vacant Sprayer Operator / Skilled Farm Worker Full or Part Time

    We're a diversified family farming business operating in South Lincs growing combinables, sugar beet, peas and potatoes alongside a pig enterprise. As the business continues to evolve, we're looking for someone to become our lead sprayer operator on a full or part-time basis, either seasonally...
  12. UTV Products

    Latest New Holland cab lights

    We are looking to evaluate two full set of eleven front top cab led work lights on either a Combine or Forage Harvester with latest New Holland cab - maybe Chafer sprayer or similar machine using this same cab and some machines we possibly not yet aware. The benefit for the machine owner is a...
  13. principal skinner

    Chafer Trailed Sprayer

    Can anyone tell me about the Guardian sprayers please, looking at/for a 4000lt 24m up to 30m boom. What does the boom ride like? How well do they track on headland turns? Centrifugal pump, easy to prime? Anything else to look for please? Finally made the decision to go trailed (been...
  14. cliffy 87

    Any thoughts on these patches?

    Had some randomised patches form on several fields,patch on this picture has been noticeable for last three seasons, currently a crop of Graham WW. Poor germination and soil almost seems to be lacking in structure and moisture compared with the rest of the field. Soil sampling is carried out...
  15. Cab-over Pete

    Project Xerion.

    At long last I’ve made a tentative start on the Xerion. It’s been a long story of hassle and hold ups since I bought it in September and that shows no sign of letting up. Parts are desperately slow to arrive and to date, after ordering everything in early February the only things I’ve received...
  16. Superted820

    Multidrive Sprayers

    I am looking into one of these as I like the mechanical drive idea over the wheel motors on the self propelled sprayer I run at the moment. And also the faster road speed. Not that I have had an issue yet but there will be one at some point inevitably! I’m looking for user experiences, any...
  17. H

    Inter Row Sprayer

    hi there. I am looking for an inter row sprayer or someone with for use on our herb crops that are planted in 24inch rows. Any suggestions? Or any other suggestions on weed control? We have an inter row steerage hoe and willl hopefully use that too but keen to get some glyphosate on when...
  18. Chris F

    Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year - FSOOTY 2016

    FSOOTY 2016 FSOOTY is back again for 2016, with a slightly different format, but with the same ethos. To find the best Farm Sprayer Operator in the the UK. As always the Award will be presented at the Cereals show in June and there will be an Awards dinner the night before. This year TFF are...