1. M

    Mag on flag leaf

    Over the past decade I’ve always used magsulphate on the flagleaf for greening.(High locked up Mg soils here) Agronomist wanting to change to Magnite (Mg with a bit of N) this year What’s everyone’s thoughts ? Do you use Mg on flag leaf? Cheers
  2. Kidds

    Badger killing lamb.

  3. Bruce Almighty

    Road planings in concrete mix

    What would happen if you mixed sand cement with planings for concrete instead of gravel? Years ago it was said you shouldn't mix planings in concrete but we've done odd bits & I can't think of any problems. Also what mix ratio / weight of sand cement & stone would you need per cube for average...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Winter barley – it’s time to get moving on plant nutrition

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland April is the month when winter barley crops develop the fastest and the demand for plant nutrition is at its highest. Depending on the total amount of nitrogen (N) to be used, growers should make sure that they apply the last split before Growth Stage...
  5. Renaultman

    Utrisha N Nutrient efficiency optimiser

    Does anyone know anything about it? Snake oil? A replacement for poor soil and plant health management? Or a new tool to help improve efficiency? I did a search and there are articles from Corteva and CPM but can't find out much more :(...
  6. Steevo

    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    Looks like the NFU have done a right number on arable farmers. Use of solid urea is now due to be regulated by Red Tractor...
  7. DairyGrazing

    Mag Chloride in a blend bin

    I want to have the Mag Chloride put in the blend with use for the close to calving cows. We will buy a small blend bin to put it in will there be a corrosion issue?
  8. Agriland RSS

    Ram management after breeding

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland With the breeding season at an end for the majority of mid-season lambing flocks, it’s important to not neglect rams, even though the main focus on sheep farms will be on the ewes over the coming months. Over a six-week breeding season, rams can lose up...
  9. Farmdeals

    Albatross Biostimulant available

    Albatross® - Biostimulant Nurture and protect your crops with Albatross® The root to higher yields, you’ll sea! Albatross® is a highly concentrated liquid extract of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum that promotes healthier, higher yielding crops by increasing resource use efficiency...
  10. Interagro News

    Albatross - A NEW biostimulant to nurture and protect

    A NEW seaweed biostimulant to nurture and protect Albatross is a NEW and highly concentrated cold pressed extract of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum that promotes healthier, higher yielding crops by increasing resource use efficiency and protection against stressful growing conditions...
  11. S

    How is agriculture going to get net zero by 2040?

    It's what being advocates by farming leaders. Tell me how to do it.
  12. B

    Sudden Death of Sucklers in This Weather.

    Anyone else had a rough time of time of it? We had a dead cow on Wednesday morning and then two more side by side this morning, all in the same field. Its very mild to bring them in ,which brings its own problems. They look content enough and have plenty straw , molasses and mag buckets...
  13. E

    Farming family's anguish as 220 lambs taken by sea eagles
  14. W

    Ram with urethral obstruction

    Bought a breeding ram at a sale last Saturday, looks like he’s got a urethral obstruction (calculi) not seen any hard feed since coming here just been on a little grass paddock, in my limited experience of this in fat lambs it’s never a good outcome. Question is should he be covered by the...
  15. L

    Water in tractor tires

    I am now thinking of putting water in my MF 5450 because we recently bought a mower and it's way to heavy. But I have 2 questions, can I put water in only 1 tire so I can keep the cost down and also If I can just mix salt and water together so I don't have to buy antifreeze or calcium chloride 😀...
  16. B

    Water Softener tablets.

    Can anybody advise on whether water softener tablets used in the Dairy industry would be suitable to soften the water to suit Ag Chemicals for spraying.
  17. M

    Yet another student research project - are you planning on shifting towards producing less meat or dairy?

    Hello! To perpetuate the cliché of students coming to ask for your views on various aspects of your work, I would love to hear your views if the question in my title resonates with you. I've been advised by the moderation team to post about my project in this section. I'm a student at the...
  18. Farfrae

    Pigouvian tax

    Get ready for the Pigouvian tax, I've warned before about how fast the artificial meat business is developing. Most peole don't seem to have a clue as to how things are going to change (I'm just the messenger - don't shout at me.)
  19. Farmdeals

    Farmdeals is the buying group for all farmers

    We have started a buying group for TFF members and readers so we can group together and get deals. It does not matter if you are in another buying group already - this one is free to join and has zero commitments. If the traditional buying groups were too expensive or restrictive for the way...
  20. S

    Moss on big 6 roof

    Is there any chemical i could use to remove moss of a big 6 roof. I'm gently scraping off atm. Got trees near but not overhanging. Was gonna try find some spray to kill whats left and try stop moss etc returning. Any ideas and suggestions. Tia.