1. D

    3m trailered mower conditioner

    Looking for a new 3m trailered mower conditioner. It would be replacing a 20 year old krone, cutting around 200 acres a year. Currently considering either a Claas, krone or Kuhn but would be interested on people’s thoughts on other makes too?
  2. rexbrute

    Claas Celtis 446 RX

    Hello. I recently bought a Celtis 446 with a supposed transmission problem. While in any gear, it's power is significantly lower and it makes a constant friction sound depending on the rotation speed. I barely got home with it, because it's quite hard climbing a hill. What could be the problem...
  3. Dman2

    Which tool for min till

    Ok so possibly looking at going down min till route for some of our land Have @ 150hp to play with What are my options Not looking new
  4. J

    Any comments

  5. Massey mad

    Kramer kt407 or Bobcat 38.70.

    Got it narrowed down to the 2 above both good machines, about the same price wise. What's peoples thoughts on both of these machines?
  6. A J Rimmer

    Claas Scorpion 6030

    We've got a 2016 Claas Scorpion 6030. It's a great machine and I prefer it to anything we've had in the past. It's started having a few problems though and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced similar. I'm not a mechanic at all, I drive the thing but am hopeless at repairs, we have a...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Surplus and vintage equipment to be auctioned by Cheffins

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Cheffins will make a welcome return to holding live auctions with two sales, one of surplus equipment and the other of vintage machinery. Stepside Agricultural Contractors of Cardigan, Wales, will be disposing of items that are no longer required due...
  8. ARW

    Who’s going to YAMS 2022? Wasn’t it rumoured to be possibly become a 2 day event before the pandemic?
  9. H

    9m telehandler for £30,000

    I need a 4t 9m telehandler to do about 300hrs a year. 90% of the work is handling straw. Any suggestions taking into account it’ll be well used so needs to be reliable and solidly built. JCB yes but scarce and over priced used in my view having been looking for a while.
  10. Steevo

    Machine Warranty

    Anybody know the score on servicing a machine to keep the warranty based on manufacturer terms and conditions? A new implement I've been quoted on is supplied with "2 years warranty (subject to service at end of year 1)". I've asked the rep what's involved to satisfy this condition but just...
  11. T

    New Holland tf series harvesters

    Hi. Anyone Here familiar with nh tf series of harvesters? I have na offer for some very tidy tf 42,but to ne honest never came accros with that model. We are Deutz fahr nation when it comes to harvesters. Tf-s,any good? Bad sides,good sides? Quality od them? Spare parts prices? Etc,etc. Thanks
  12. stablegirl

    Which 5 furrow plough?

    Large mixed dairy farm, using the plough to prep seedbed for wheat, maize and grass. Have had 2 kverneland, a 4 then a 5, with a 200 headstock, kind of looking for another kv, but both have had a bit of bother with the valve block, and don't like the fact the variwidth had no grease points...
  13. roscoe erf

    so who was it

    bit of a mountain out of a mole hill story really
  14. warpmyster

    registering a forager for the road first time.

  15. warpmyster

    how to register a forager for the first time.

    I have bought a claas forager that has never had a number plate. originaly an irish mahine but i bought it off a bloke in England, cant seem to find what i need on dvla website and not a hope in hell of speaking to someone there, just stuck now but could really do with a plate as it will make...
  16. H

    Claas Commander 228

    Did or does anyone on here use and set up a Claas Commander 228?
  17. T

    Massey 6495/6499 Question

    Does anyone have experience of these or very similar Masseys? I’m more of a New Holland man but can’t find anything suitable, the 6495 etc are after catching my eye. They seem to have a good spec. Full suspension is a must for me, I’ve heard fellas saying the Massey are a reliable and...
  18. M

    Thin grease

    Good morning chaps, my neighbor asked me if I knew what oils go into his tedder's gearboxes. He doesn't want to buy a drum of it, he just wants a small top up, but when he showed this to the local oil/grease guy, he wasn't sure either. TIA
  19. B

    Do not underestimate people John Deere 215r

  20. Cows 'n grass

    Replacement glass door

    Is there anyone that makes/sells non genuine glass doors for tractors? I opened the door on our Claas this morning and it's just exploded.