1. dgjeynes

    What used self propelled forager

    We’re looking into getting our own spfh as our contractor bill is through the roof and not getting what we want from them. Want an old machine 4wd with a metal detector. We’re John Deere people but been told to go down the claas route. Wanting something for around £20-£25k to make a start with a...
  2. JCfarmer

    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    I know a few of you already do this, do you have much trouble with green grains come harvest? Do you use egnos or a more accurate signal? I will have an autopilot steering system which will be available off a tractor which is being sold and a new 5m drill but on 24m tramlines so rather than...
  3. Flat 10

    John deere 6600 or similar model

    Non farming mate wants a tractor for a few odd jobs, some static pto work and pulling a decent sized trailer. He wants a John Deere. I think 6600 would be suitable if 40k. He would pay decent money for a clean machine so if anyone has something similar please let me know eg 6800, 6510 or...
  4. Cowabunga

    MF online parts books

    Anyone actually gained access to the phantom parts system? My dealer doesn't have a clue and has failed to get customers on the system. According to the MF website all that is needed the customer's end is to download the app and get a login name and password from the dealer who should register...
  5. Hassall Brothers


    📢 BIDDING LIVE | MEMORABILIA ONLINE AUCTION 📢 AN AUCTION OF YESTERYEAR & VINTAGE FARMING TOYS, LITERATURE & MORE ⏰ 17th - 19th Sept | Bidding closes from 5PM, Sunday 19th September ⏰ With 400+ entries of tractor and machinery literature, models, farming collectibles and more, our Memorabilia...
  6. J

    class forager

    does anyone have any experience of the class tractor pulled forager with the engine on the forager.
  7. Courier

    Regular Oil Analysis

    Anyone using something similar to this and have you ever acted on the results
  8. G

    Claas 780 rake parts

    Anyone know where i can get arms for above rake
  9. K


    Sulky 3 meter drill with disc couter bar
  10. Agriland RSS

    Claas launches new line of Liner rakes

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Claas has just unveiled three completely new four-rotor rakes with working widths of 15m, 13.6m and 12.7m. These maximum spans widths can be adjusted by 3.40 to 4.90m depending on the model, The new range has been designed to offer low transport...
  11. Massey mad

    Krone 1290 hpd high speed

    Hi there anyone on here run these balers? Looking at one to replace an mf. We want a baler that will bale 450-500kg bales fast.
  12. Greythundercloudys

    Waldersey farms.

    Grass men's new video, what a massive outfit, where in England is that, amazing machinery x9 combine the lot.
  13. R

    Is John Deere Plus-50 oil worth it

    About to service my JD 6300...just wondering what peoples thoughts are on using JD plus-50 oil or just go with a good grade 15w-40? Cheers.
  14. S

    What belts for combine ? OEM, Optibelt, Gates ?

    With what belts you have best experiences for combines ? OEM are of course most expensive but what is good alternative and gives most for the price. Optibelt has AgriPower line and all other producers have something.
  15. spin cycle

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT....this is brilliant and should get loadsa likeys

    onething...being VERY's 'tirpitz' :bag:
  16. S

    Class Arion screw in hyd couplers

    Been told the leaking screw in spools are an exclusive for Class. Anyone know if you can buy them aftermarket anywhere as £180 a spool is a bit of a pee take
  17. Chasingmytail

    You tube portraying too glossy side of farming to youngsters?

    My eldest spends a lot of time staring at the screen - I mean a lot. Nice farming vids all nice kit - JD heaven. So far he thinks that all farmers wear Ralph Lauren Polos (we are obv scruffy) and everyone in employment is having fun. Little sly comments about what we do here. Going to be a...
  18. J

    Combine reliability

    Now most are wrapping up cutting for this year many are looking on how their combines have performed over the season. Many will be happy, a few will have niggles or just nightmares and I just thought a quick word or two on their own experiences. I was using a late 90's TX34, only a 15' header...
  19. Farm Business RSS

    Claas apprentices look to the future

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Despite the difficulties of the past 18 months and the impact this has had on education, Claas has received an exceptionally high level of interest for its Agricultural Apprenticeship scheme as students look to their future and the opportunities a career...
  20. Turnip

    Dungarees for my wife, recommendations please.

    So as the topic title says my wife is looking for a pair of dungarees to work on our micro farm. Unfortunately she can't see the forest for the trees and any recommendations would be really appreciated. She is planning on using them for yard work, mucking out stables, and feed prep. Thanks in...