1. hally

    Kramer telescopic boom

    Just greasing up my Kramer and noticed the boom looks a little dry. What is the best product for lubricating these telescopic booms?
  2. N

    Vicon tedders

    Any one running 9 or 11 meter tedders Priced a 11 meter seems keen compared to Others For own use I'd be tempted or should we be looking elsewhere
  3. daveydiesel1

    Claas wagons

    Why is it that theres hardly no claas forage wagons sold? Is there a problem with them compared to strautmann, poettinger or krone or are they just to expensive? Seems odd that they arent more popular as claases grass equipment always sold well as in harvesters mowers and rakes
  4. C

    New holland tf44 new list price.

    Hi have just seen a very tidy new holland tf44 with 20 ft high capacity header 2600 hours for £7900. Does anyone have any idea what this combine would cost new roughly?
  5. Badshot

    Cat th407

    Any user views? I've given up hope of finding a decent matbro the same as I have now. So I'm considering a used cat to run alongside it. I really don't want to spend 60 grand a on a handler which is full of things to stop it working. I'm hoping something about 2008 to 2010 might not have too...
  6. Elpresidente

    Claas Rollant 540rc

    I currently own and run a Rollant 374 rc which has been almost faultless so far. I‘m looking for views and thoughts off anyone who owns or who has driven the new 540rc. I’m well aware that Mchale is probably the best round baler and I have driven several Mchale balers from the,F550 to the latest...
  7. Rob Holmes

    Yara want to move to 750 kg bags

  8. Farm Classifieds

    Claas 75E

    Claas 75E Advert added by: @Colts-Lux Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £26000 Condition: Good Description 1999 Claas 75E, 7151 hours. 10x2 Powershift. CAT 340HP 6 cylinder. 1000 PTO. 4 x manual spools. Air/con. Currently fitted with...
  9. Farm Classifieds

    BM000149 - Claas Liner 2900 Trailed Rake

    BM000149 - Claas Liner 2900 Trailed Rake Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Rakes Price: £10950 Condition: Good Description Claas Liner 2900 Trailed Rake How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this...
  10. Farm Classifieds

    AM000091 - 2018 Claas Liner 420 Rake

    AM000091 - 2018 Claas Liner 420 Rake Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Rakes Price: £4500 Condition: Good Description 2018 Claas Liner 420 Rear Trailed Rake 16X6.50-8 10PR, 4.20m, Transport Width 2m How...
  11. F

    Help needed with a dale drill gps offset.

    Good evening, recently got gps fitted to our drilling tractor using a claas s10 screen and signal. its on a sacor satellite so not rtk, but better accuracy then engnos. I'm after some help with the offset its a 5m drill we drill without tramline but the drill is 10cm wider on the LHS had a...
  12. Adamwag93

    Looking For Work Experienced Arable operator looking for employment

    Hello all, I'm an experienced hard working arable operator 27 years of age, experienced in all forms of cultivation's, seeding, and combine harvest operating. I've worked in USA and Australia. Experience with agco, jd , claas and cnh equipment. I also have my pa1 and pa2, and would like more...
  13. Farm Classifieds

    Claas Lexion 760TT

    Claas Lexion 760TT Advert added by: Anthony Wiseman @ace Machinery Details Category: Combines Combine Harvester and Accessories Price: £92500 Condition: Used Description Claas Lexion 760TT. 10.5 Vario header and trailer. Rape kit ,2 side knives.Maxi cared...
  14. S

    Sanderson GX525

    Hi everyone, my first post on the farming forum but everyone seems very helpful and knowledgeable! I’m hoping someone would have either a wiring diagram or a picture or two of how the fuse box is wired in a Sanderson gx525, bought one recently and someone has the fuse board in bits, I am going...
  15. D

    What combine would you recommend

    We grow about 100 acre wheat and barley and probably cut an additional 60. Currently running a mf 29 but its forever back in the yard with breakdowns. Budget perhaps around 20k. Open for ideas and/or offers
  16. agricontract

    PO70ATO assigning it to a tractor

    I have that reg on retention I bought it to sell on tbh But ... I’ve spent last few years looking for a nice reg on a classic tractor or something with my initials so I could put log book in my name make some plates up for all the machines/trailers and not have to keep swopping and make in new...
  17. E

    Single Rotor rake any good for drying 35ft swaths of straw

    Looking at buying a single rotor rake to assist with drying straw out at harvest. At present we use a combination of twin rotor rake and tedder. Using a 35ft claas rotary combine can end up with massive swaths in good crops. I'm thinking a single rotor machine would be useful for fields a long...
  18. Northeastfarmer

    Valtra v John Deere

    Have had a quote for a John Deere 6130 M and a valtra N134 Both have loaders, the valtra has come in a few thousand more than the JD, I would say the valtra is a higher is spec than the JD but not a lot on it...tyre sizes are the same on both machines. We have never had any other make but JD and...
  19. Deerefarmer

    Claas vs krone triples

    So we've been running krone B1000/f360 mowers, have been pleased with them for the most part, very well built robust mowers ,wear parts are expensive,imo Have a good deal on equivalent claas triple setup so we're curious what other owners/operators opinions are concerning claas reliability and...
  20. solo

    1989 picture's from Pershore.

    Looking back at my placement year it's a wonder I didn't get locked up for overloading 🤔 Fortunately I spent many happy hours on the Fendts 309LSA and 614.LSA. The turboclutch took a bit of getting used to but they pulled well. The tanker weighed in at 35t on its own full of liquid nitrogen...

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