1. M

    Training/New skills

    Good Afternoon I am looking to extend my skillset as I find I am lacking in certain areas as we go into winter maintenance season. E.G welding,fabrication,general tips. I am looking to do this on weekends as I wont get the time off during the week. Is there anyone on here willing to pass down...
  2. Richard Devon


    What's everyone using for workshop/general farm overalls now? Dickies have stopped doing the ones with the poppers, the zip ones don't last 5 minutes. I bought a pair of kramp overalls, right size in the top, but legs 5" too I reckon they will be hot during the summer time What...
  3. B

    Lets talk about mowers again....New Holland DiscCutter 360 - will it work for me?

    Evening Will my Same Silver 130 with duals handle a 3.6m mower (no conditioner) on very steep land without breaking in half or tipping over? Rear inner tyres full of water, no front weights. Don't mind changing down a gear or two to gain the extra cutting width over my 2.8m. Am I right in...
  4. Farm Business RSS

    New equipment features for CLAAS JAGUAR 900 forage harvesters

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The JAGUAR 900 series now benefits from a raft of new features associated with the feeder unit, the corncracker, and the silage additive dosing system. Further new developments are also available for the ORBIS and PICK UP front attachments. Consistent...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    New 4.20m wide DISCO 4400 CONTOUR

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business A new 4.20m wide rear-mounted mower, the DISCO 4400 CONTOUR, has been added to the CLAAS DISCO range. It features central pivoting and ACTIVE FLOAT, plus an innovative vector folding system. Rear-mounted mowers with large working widths used in...
  6. Somerset Farmer

    TX63 width

    Have looked at buying a TX63 on 650 tyres. This makes the combine 11ft wide and I need to get it down to 10ft 6" if possible for road access Has anyone done this and how TIA
  7. Yorkshire lad

    Main dealers fitters

    We had a fitter out from a main dealer last week He has been in the job for twenty years and told me he is leaving the industry after harvest . He had many reasons , pay being one but also the fact he did not feel valued or respected . He sited on example , on the dealers web site there is...
  8. Barleycorn

    Which new SPFH, JD 8100 or Claas 840

    With the 130% tax initiative, we are considering buying a new SPFH. The choice at the moment is a JD 8100 or Claas 840. Just for our own use, about 800 to 1000 acres a year grass and wholecrop. What's the panel's opinion?
  9. Timbo

    JD HG part number

    Can someone tell me the part number of the current mls ( claas style ) head gasket for the 4v 6 cyl ?? Thanks 😊
  10. dgjeynes

    What used self propelled forager

    We’re looking into getting our own spfh as our contractor bill is through the roof and not getting what we want from them. Want an old machine 4wd with a metal detector. We’re John Deere people but been told to go down the claas route. Wanting something for around £20-£25k to make a start with a...
  11. JCfarmer

    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    I know a few of you already do this, do you have much trouble with green grains come harvest? Do you use egnos or a more accurate signal? I will have an autopilot steering system which will be available off a tractor which is being sold and a new 5m drill but on 24m tramlines so rather than...
  12. Flat 10

    John deere 6600 or similar model

    Non farming mate wants a tractor for a few odd jobs, some static pto work and pulling a decent sized trailer. He wants a John Deere. I think 6600 would be suitable if 40k. He would pay decent money for a clean machine so if anyone has something similar please let me know eg 6800, 6510 or...
  13. holwellcourtfarm

    Upcoming auction following sad death

    On October 2nd Thame Farmers will be holding the auction of the assets of a local lad who sadly died recently. Adrian ran a contracting business and his sale includes a number of classic tractors and equipment that may be of interest to regulars on this thread. The catalogue is here...
  14. Cowabunga

    MF online parts books

    Anyone actually gained access to the phantom parts system? My dealer doesn't have a clue and has failed to get customers on the system. According to the MF website all that is needed the customer's end is to download the app and get a login name and password from the dealer who should register...
  15. Hassall Brothers


    📢 BIDDING LIVE | MEMORABILIA ONLINE AUCTION 📢 AN AUCTION OF YESTERYEAR & VINTAGE FARMING TOYS, LITERATURE & MORE ⏰ 17th - 19th Sept | Bidding closes from 5PM, Sunday 19th September ⏰ With 400+ entries of tractor and machinery literature, models, farming collectibles and more, our Memorabilia...
  16. J

    class forager

    does anyone have any experience of the class tractor pulled forager with the engine on the forager.
  17. Courier

    Regular Oil Analysis

    Anyone using something similar to this and have you ever acted on the results
  18. G

    Claas 780 rake parts

    Anyone know where i can get arms for above rake
  19. K


    Sulky 3 meter drill with disc couter bar
  20. Agriland RSS

    Claas launches new line of Liner rakes

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Claas has just unveiled three completely new four-rotor rakes with working widths of 15m, 13.6m and 12.7m. These maximum spans widths can be adjusted by 3.40 to 4.90m depending on the model, The new range has been designed to offer low transport...