1. Boomerang

    When will everything stop going up ?.

    Are we heading for recession? House price crash? Where is the ceiling? or does everyone have a bottom less pocket ? Or just keep borrowing. Is financial armageddon around the corner ?
  2. U

    Current fencing costs

    Just ordered some creosoted timber to do more CSS grant fencing. Working on a reasonabley straight 400 m length needing 6 strainers 6 strainers £232.80 200 posts £980 8 props £58 4 rolls net £384 2 Rolls barb £70 Staples etc estimate £25 Total materials £1750 £4.40 / m + labour Then post &...
  3. C

    Silage Clamp Drains

    We have built a new cattle building and want to put the silage clamp adjacent, using the mass concrete wall of the new building as one of the walls for the pit. However, doing this we would not be able to have a drain on the outside of this wall, as this would be in the cattle building. Has...
  4. G

    Enlarging an existing hole

    How do I keep a mag drill central to enlarge an existing hole? Is it possible? Need to go from 30mm to 32mm
  5. S


    What is the up to date law on shooting crows/jackdaw?Law keeps changing, general licence GL42 last I read.Do you have to apply for this licence and have in your name?They are eating more maize than the cows!!!!!
  6. Kevtherev

    DD swedes & Fodder crops

    DD some triumph swedes today
  7. Jerseyjames

    Jcb 526-56

    Moving away from bales next into open clamps , with a smallish wagon , Will a 526-56 be man enough to work the clamp or will it be a disaster ??
  8. Farmer_1994

    What makes you efficient?

    Every dairy farm is different, we all manage differently. With the current economic climate I’ve just been wondering what others are all doing to get even more efficient? Rightly or wrongly we’ve decided to go from 3 times a day milking down to twice daily. Looking forward to the simpler...
  9. HasthorpeGrange

    Running digester on chicken litter and FYM

    Is anyone running a digester on broiler litter and cattle muck from straw yards? The ad plant would be around 250 kw so not massive. Could have a daily supply of 3 ton cattle muck and 17 ton chicken muck. What would I need to balance out to creat a ‘ration’ for it? What are the complications of...
  10. C

    Green hay - what to do?

    Baled 40 acres of bay a bit green, to avoid impending rain... which never came. Bales now 5 days old and reading 24% on moisture meter. How bad will it be? Wads clogged together like carpet? Plan to leave it stacked in 2 wide x 1 deep x 6 high stacks outside to let the air get round it...
  11. D

    new slurry store best design

    we are looking for a complete setup for a farm milking around 300 + 150 followers. not ideally suited to a lagoon. metal tower, these are showing signs of rotting at 25 years which is long but could ideally last longer concrete circular type tower? or a silage clamp type design with steel...
  12. A

    Evolution saw for cutting metal

    I'm attempting to repair an approx 3mette square barn door which was made out of 2" tube with plain metal galvanised sheeting bolted to it. The bottom length of tubing is half rotten away and I'd like to replace it. My planned repair technique is shown on the attached sketch for the bottom left...
  13. Bossfarmer

    Which straw bedder

    I currently run an old trailed kv straw bedder its never been the best of machines and straw often builds up and gets caught in the spout which i have to stop and pull out every so often, ive had it 8yrs now and looking to buy a new bedder what should i go for? Any suggestions?
  14. R

    Curious to know the main reason?

    I'm not a farmer, but I'm very often on a farm because of work and pastimes, and to be honest I've not had a problem getting permission for either shooting (night shooting foxes mainly) or metal detecting (occasionally). But, it would appear many others do have problems getting "permissions"...
  15. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Dairy and beef producers encouraged to consider crimping cereals

    With rising feed costs set to heavily erode production margins this winter, dairy and beef producers with cereals in the ground are being urged to consider crimping crops to maximise nutritional value and dry matter yield. “Making the most of home-grown feed, whether that be grass, maize or...
  16. Matt

    Overlaying concrete

    Got a area of concrete, which is structurally sound. But poor surface with areas that hold some water. We were wanting to tip grain on it which would mean we would leave some behind in the low areas. (Too many to patch up with anything by hand) Has anyone ever laid more concrete on top and...
  17. C

    Feeding silage

    Mornin all, Haven't really had to feed much silage whilst grazing before, but it looks very much like we will have to. What are people's preferred methods? Bales through the wagon in lines on the paddocks? Just bales at the barrier when they come in? Clamp silage through spreader on paddock...
  18. Cmoran

    Best bale shear?

    Looking to buy a bale shear and wondering which is best there’s loads around here but all claim to be best Tanco and keltic the main ones I like the look of the prodig but haven’t seen them in action
  19. Run to the hills

    Cb swr

    Having trouble getting the swr set in the fresh tractor. Think the likely cause is that ive got the antenna mounted low down for going in low sheds, but it sets up fine with a 5ft firestick antenna. Wondered if fitting a shorter firestick could work just as well or would it lead to the same...
  20. Laureninnes16

    Sheeps feet

    I’m starting up a mobile foot trimming service for sheep. This will involve taking a tipping crate in the back of my van. Is there a price per head for this already?