1. David.

    Spring linseed advice please.

    May end up with some this year, what variety stands/combines easily, etc? Imagine yield percentage is secondary to other factors perhaps, has linseed moved on any in 10yrs since I last had a fairly unsatisfying attempt at it?
  2. JD-Kid

    whats wrong with ewe

    ok racking my brain and can't work it out. got sheep away on grazing so have not seen it first hand young sheep rising 2 tooth not had lamb can't get up head back just falls over if tried to stand up seems bright not stiff can open mouth easy legs bendable no foam around...
  3. Chris F

    New Crop Protection products

    As part of Farm Compare, it has a basic lookup for crop protection products to allow you to lookup products and find equivalents. We get this data from the HSE. What I didn't realise is how fast this data changes. over the past 17 months we have been monitoring the list, there have been 346...
  4. Colliedog

    Lucerne varieties?

    Would anyone know pros and cons between different Lucerne varieties? I have been successfully growing lucerne for a forage for a few years and am going to continue doing so for the foreseeable. The last variety I grew was Asmara which did me well. I have been offered Salsa or Marshall this time...
  5. Corteva Updates

    Follow the label when using Forefront T

    Follow the label when using Forefront T Farmers using Forefront T to control perennial weeds such as docks, thistles, ragwort and nettles to turn infested pasture back into productive grassland, must remember treatment comes with certain obligations. “Forefront T must only be used in fields...
  6. Chasingmytail

    Is commercially made compost tested for chemical residue?

    Im on a veg growing forum and many swear the failure in their crops is due to chemical residue in their compost. But is this the case now in 2020? I just need to find the facts on this. If fields grasslands are sprayed for say thistle control then will the residue be left in the grass and how...
  7. hilux

    Reseed, what to do ?

    Last year, we reseeded a field of permanent pasture with a clover and Italian mix. This year it was full of thistle and sprayed it off 2 weeks ago with glyphosate. Should I sow a clover mix long term or 4 year ley without clover just in case more thistles reappear ?
  8. O

    Glyphosate alternative?

    I would like some suggestions based on general knowledge and experience please. Last year, when I was unable to do any work for most of it, I had an influx of a weed that had first noticeably appeared the year before. Unfortunately most of it seeded last year. The commonest weeds have changed...
  9. B

    Ragwort control

    Hi everyone I work on a stud farm in Norfolk. We have areas of grassland for grazing for horses. As it't on Breckland the soil is very light, not ideal for grass but ideal for ragwort. Does anybody know what spray we can use to control the ragwort. Leaving the horses out of the field for a few...
  10. Corteva Updates

    Dow Shield® 400 an essential herbicide for speciality crops

    Dow Shield® 400 an essential herbicide for speciality crops Specialist crop growers have been unfortunate in the last few years as they are denied active ingredients, either as products are revoked or as they go through re-registration and lose crops and uses. But the classic post-emergence...
  11. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    Farm Marketplace

    Farm Marketplace will be listing products and offers during the day. Links Farm Marketplace Website -
  12. Brisel

    How do you kill chicory in spring barley?

    As per the title really. One for the agronomy geeks! @Ugo79 @richard hammond @Bogweevil @BenB - I've has a discussion with Nick. I have a couple of ex AB9 winter seed plots now in spring barley. Despite a good dose of glyphosate pre drilling, the chicory is coming back and will soon be...
  13. Derrick Hughes

    Nettles and Brambles

    Grazon Pro ??
  14. Laggard

    Sugar Beet 2020

    Something is having a nibble
  15. Flat 10

    BLW in winter barley

    Which BLW spray (preferably a hormone) will take out groundsel, chickweed and speedwell in WB. Don't say leave it, land is generally weedy but majority of the weeds are the above, a few thistles. WB really struggling. PDM and Liberator didn't take out well established examples as weather...
  16. mixed breed

    New ley herbicide

    Sowed a new ley back in September. Sheep grazed it off tidy, moved them off and gave it 180kg/ha of n and it's tillering out nicely. But.. So what's best to kill young docks and thistles? Looking to get the cows grazing it in the next two weeks..
  17. C

    Spring crops following AstroKerb treated failed rape

    AstroKerb applied in mid November. Was considering spring barley Fss as a lower risk option. Would Linseed fall foul of the "Astro" element of the chemical, I think this is more persistent than the propzyamide part that is more soluble.Would like to avoid ploughing if possible as on heavy...
  18. Grassman

    Glyphosate free roundup

    Saw this in costco. Didnt know roundup could be had in different active ingredients.
  19. Laggard

    Potatoes splitting

    What is the cause of these potatoes “splitting” please?
  20. Corteva Updates

    Remove the burden of spring weed control - treat grassland weeds now!

    Remove the burden of spring weed control - treat grassland weeds now! Rapid grass growth and multiple silage cuts taken to make up last winters forage shortfall, meant many weedy fields missed out on a herbicide spray in spring, says weed biology specialist, Dr Nicola Perry from Corteva...