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    AGCO ransomware attack casts shadow over cybersecurity

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Last week AGCO released a rather short statement noting that it had suffered a ransomware attack on May 5, 2022 which had adversely affected its business operations. In the statement it suggested that the damage was done to some of the company's...
  2. M

    Ford New Holland 5030 plumbing

    A cool morning, here in Galloway. Lambs not trying to climb over dykes, today, so thoughts turn to machinery. I have to replace the coolant diverter valve that serves the heater matrix in the cab roof. The valve is corroded and leaking. It is a simple 3-port diverter. 5/8" (15mm) connections...
  3. Chris F

    Lamma Pictures Thread

  4. Durry cows

    Hp required for jd 381 butterfly mowers

    As per title looking in to possibility of these mowers, would a mapped puma 150 (200 at the shaft same as puma 165/ new Holland 210) power them? Flat fields dairy multicut grass but they are heavy (2.5t) and been told they take some powering! Thanks
  5. Andrew

    New Fastrac Cab Fair play it looks like they've listened to most of the feedback.They've put an air gauge back on the dash!
  6. bobk

    Isn't this an 8240

  7. severeoversteer

    Haulage tractor

    Hello all ! I am in the market for a haulage tractor to do all my trailer work. Its main job will be hauling a dump trailer both on and off road. I am considering .. John deere 6215r T7.260 Puma 220 Fastrac Valtra t214 or 234 Fendt 930 Tractor has to have over 220 horses and front brakes. Any...
  8. A

    Deutz Fahr TTV 430 Problem Help Please

    Hello I Have a Deutz Fahr TTV 430 brought it new 2012 and it done 1900 hours been serviced regularly and it now doesn't like to go forwards up a slope if I am driving forwards in either High or low range and start to go up or down a hill or slope tractor sort of sounds like clutch is slipping...
  9. S

    Fendt transmission rebuild cost 25k

    Just been talking to local farmer he said local contractor recently had Fendt transmission rebuilt at a cost of £25,000 He also said full artic load of chicken feed is £10,000 I believe chicken feed cost as someone was talking on radio a few days ago not so sure about fendt transmission
  10. grangenolvinfarm

    T6.145 Autocommand purchase?

    Hi guys. looking to upgrade from a 2004 TM130 to a 2018 T6.145 AutoCommand. has anyone any experience with a T6.145 AC? My main job for the tractor will be ploughing with a four furrow plough. something the tm130 has little problem with, should the 145 pull away no problem or will it have its...
  11. O

    high houred fendt

    Am i mad looking at buying a fendt 936 with just over 10k hours on the clock as opposed to say a newholland t8 with same hours?
  12. paul&mandy

    New tractor delivery dates

    Hi, I ordered a new JD 6 weeks ago with an estimated delivery of November/December. I've still not had a build date that I was told would be released soon as the order was put in. I have chased this and dealer not go it yet. Anyone else having troubles with extended build/delivery dates? I'm...
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    CNH parts to be available to order online

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Driving down to the local dealer to lean over the counter, peering at a screen to identify machine parts has long been a ritual of machinery repair. CNH though, might soon be changing all that. The company has launched a new online parts e-commerce...
  14. cosmagedon

    New Holland T7 autosteer

    Were looking to get our 2014 T7270 setup for autosteer, it's not currently steer ready but we've got a nav controller and antenna ready. The last T7 I made autosteer (2012 T7.250) I fitted a New Holland DIA kit, it worked well in the field but was horrible to drive on the road. I've driven the...
  15. H

    Best tractor engine ever made? 3.. 2.. 1.. go !

    Best tractor engine ever made ? give me your opinions !
  16. J

    Spool valve not working.

    I have a NH T5060 with 2 spools on the back, one is pumping oil ok and the other is not. Any ideas what could be the problem and how to fix it please?
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    Steyr to celebrate 75 years in 2022

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The story of Steyr goes all the way back to 1865 with the establishment of a gun factory near Steyr in Austria, a town famed for metallurgy and gunsmiths, which had grown prosperous suppling arms to the Hapsburg empire. By the outbreak of World War I, it...
  18. S

    Massey 8s owners/drivers

    Has anyone else noticed a plastic burning/melting smell from the plastic covers just below the exhaust, I’m guessing all the ad blue re gen is under there. the plastic on the outside is getting very very hot🤦‍♂️🔥🔥
  19. MX7

    Diesel Particles burn off systems causing the odd tractor fire?

    I have recently heard of two tractors catching fire, and the cause is thought to be to doing with some thing happening when the particulates are being burnt off.The makes of tractor were a Case and a New Holland ( yes I know they are basically the same tractors). Has the above been known to...
  20. J

    Ad Blue deletes on New Hollands

    I see many are deleting the Ad blue tech on their tractors - and more so now for obvious reasons. Therefore, I ask, anyone care to recommend a company in the Surrey/Sussex Hants areas that has done a delete for them?