1. Chae1

    Drilling advice needed

    Drilling with autosteer RTk on new Holland tractor. Up until now on 24 m tramlines I have had to overlap a half run with our 4m drill. This has been enough to take out any small kinks in the field. Gone to 28m now so won't have to do half width overlap. Will drill the first tramline in...
  2. Fragonard

    MF 8s

    Any new models at work yet?
  3. Farm Classifieds

    CNH 372 rtk unlocked and Nav 3

    CNH 372 rtk unlocked and Nav 3 Advert added by: Paul Turner @Almost There Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £7250 Condition: Excellent Description CNH 372 receiver and NAV3. Geniune reason for sale, happy...
  4. F

    NH T6080 Viscous fan bearing

    Hello. The bearing in the viscous fan of our my brothers T6080 needed replacing. You can see where the fins on the housing were starting to rub. The silver (maybe stainless) "stud" in the middle has an allen key hex in the center. It seemed to be opening ok anticlockwise, but then just came...
  5. T

    T7. ECU Programming comms issue in E.A.S.Y

    Hi Anyone out there having issues communicating to a T7 ECU. When Programming is selected if fails at Identification Code Reading. I notice the kLine led flicks green once or twice and then 2-3 minutes later it returns the below msg. ECU shows green 'online' on the left hand menu ? Is there...
  6. casemx 270

    Dickies workwear

    What's happening with Dickies workwear I ve heard they are shutting up shop .Is this totally or trading in another way or what ??? Shame as I have had several of their products over the years.
  7. Johnnyboxer

    Which manufacturer to launch the first electric tractor

    John Deere or Agco badge? Which one will be first to market for retail sale ? Would you buy an electric tractor? JLR going all electric
  8. E

    Squeaky steering column

    Hi, my case Puma 230 has a squeaky grinding noise coming from the steering wheel when you turn. It sometimes binds and becomes stiff momentarily. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a bearing in there causing this maybe? Thanks!
  9. AgriLinc

    CS94 Front Weights

    Looking for a full set of wafer weights to fit our own Case CS94 - anything about?
  10. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 936 gen 6

    Recently got a new gen 6 936. Just wanting users opinion on adblu usage as it seems to like a drink. currently it’s using 10.5 % of fuel use. This seems a lot to me on relatively light work at the moment. I’ll have it on a deep ripper next week but slightly concerned how much it will use on...
  11. T

    New Holland t7 jolts backward and forward when in neutral .

    I have a new Holland t7 165s which jolts or rocks backwards and forward when in neutral and makes a loud knocking noise from back end. Not done 300 hours yet. It’s been back and had a new hydraulic pump on it but no cure !!! Any ideas?? Or any one had any problems like this before ?
  12. Chris F

    Where was my tractor built?

    Apologies if this is a repost - I saw it on LinkedIn. Not sure it is complete - but passed away 10 minutes for me. Click on map to go interactive.
  13. ColinV6

    New Holland T7 unusual rattle/chatter

    Hoping someone on here could shed some light before I have to do some more in-depth digging.. Last couple of days my tractor has been making a chatter while driving, only in the 1500 to 1800rpm area, and only under load or slowing down in that rev range... Doesn’t seem to be engine related as no...
  14. vinnie123

    Case optum toolbox

    Has anyone got any suggestions for a toolbox carrier/holder on the optum range or nh equivalent? And carting a two ton weight around on the front links for sh*ts and giggles is not an option 🙈
  15. Sid

    UK tractor sales 2019

    YOY sales. Claas did really well!
  16. T

    Second Hand Tractor Value

    Today I got a feed update on Facebook from a well know Tractor dealer here in Ireland about a great deal on a Clean Second Hand Tractor for sale, maybe I’m wrong but I think this is madness. It was for a 2019 John Deere 6155R with1500 hrs, the tractor is full spec, front links, front PTO...
  17. Doe Show

    Case IH & Ernest Doe

    We are the largest UK distributor of Case IH products with a sales area in the South East of England extending from Norfolk to Sussex. Case IH traces its history back to 1842 and as part of CNH Industrial is now part of one of the worlds biggest agricultural machinery manufacturers. The...
  18. L

    Does porous fords require special coolant

    As above to prevent corrosion on 10 series fords, does it require special coolant or antifreeze and at what strength. Should it be mixed with rain water rather than tap water.
  19. C

    Tractor breakers

    Any where in the UK breaking a CNH tractor like a NH t7 260 Or a Case 215 After some cab parts doesn't matter if its burnt Cheers
  20. Adamwag93

    Looking For Work Experienced Arable operator looking for employment

    Hello all, I'm an experienced hard working arable operator 27 years of age, experienced in all forms of cultivation's, seeding, and combine harvest operating. I've worked in USA and Australia. Experience with agco, jd , claas and cnh equipment. I also have my pa1 and pa2, and would like more...