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    New Holland supports energy independence with Italian partnership

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The idea of farms being independent of the established energy distribution infrastructure is hardly new. It was only with the coming of the combustion engine and the electricity grid that farmers become reliant upon external inputs to any great degree...
  2. Precision AG RSS

    CNH Industrial Completes the Acquisition of Raven Industries

    Written by Matt Hopkins from Precision Ag The acquisition builds upon a long partnership and is an important milestone in CNH Industrial's digital transformation. The post CNH Industrial Completes the Acquisition of Raven Industries appeared first on PrecisionAg. Continue reading on the...
  3. slim shiny

    New jd 6r
  4. Mccormick 94

    New Mccormick Tractors

    Hi all Noticed quite a few people have questions about the newer McCormick Tractors as they're gaining market share. If you'd like to know anything about them then please just ask and I'll do my best to answer. Please don't ask for prices as that's a job for your local dealer! Also please...
  5. R

    New Holland Trimble FM 750 lite unlock code

    I bought this system from the UK and when I wanted to connect an EZ Steer I realised that it was not possible and needed an unlock. I never knew that a 750 would be unable to connect to an EZ Steer until I received this one. Do you guys maybe know what the cost of this unlock will be and where...
  6. J

    Class arion 640

    Goin to look a 640 at the beginning of the week what is there to look out for she is a 2012 with 4500hours are they a good all round tractor
  7. FendtRunner86

    Tractor looks

    What brand takes the lead in design?
  8. J

    New holland or claas combine

    Looking at combines at the moment. Not enormous ones, more like cx 7 or 8 new holland or claas tucano 450 or lexion 650 depending on what's available. What are peoples thoughts between the two makes? Have also enquired about mf and case but everyone we've spoken too said go new holland or claas...
  9. Lazy Sod

    Hook Ends

    Can anyone remember when lower linkage hook ends first came in and which manufacturer first fitted them?
  10. Landpower TV

    JCB Leccy Loadall (525-60E) on-test

    Now then everybody. This week (Oct 2021), we are trying out JCB's new electric-powered Loadall, the 525-60E. But before we get stuck into the machine, have you got any questions, or would like to know anything about the machine? As you can imagine, we've got a shed load of questions with this...
  11. B

    MF 7719 experiences

    Hey everyone, having a look at some new tractors. The Massey 7719 S has caught my eye. What are peoples experiences off them?
  12. GAM

    Aircon or Not

    Peoples thought on Aircon? There‘s probably fors and against,
  13. C

    British Tractors

    Hi, probably been covered before but; we all want the consumer to buy British so........ If I was to buy a new tractor 120-150hp which make would support most British jobs? Thanks.
  14. Farm Business RSS

    Senior management changes at CNH

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Case IH has announced that Scott Harris, current vice president of North America, will lead the brand as Case IH global president. Mr Harris replaces Brad Crews, who will serve as president of North America for CNH Industrial. Also Mirco Romagnoli will...
  15. T

    New Holland TM155

    Hi folks, looking for opinions on the TM155, to me they seem like they could be a future classic, and they will hold or increase in value? I’m thinking of buying one ( I’m in Ireland ), for my own light work, it would have a very easy life with me and would be very well looked after, I think...
  16. J

    Puma spotlights

    Got a puma 210 that i have just changed rear top spots to led. Since doing this i have realised i have 6v going to them as soon as sidelights come on as the leds come on half brightness. Im guessing this was a fault before that i didnt notice with the old spots. Not touched any wires other...
  17. Woolless

    Loader headstock ID

    Hello all, can anyone tell me what loader headstock this is? Was sold to me as Euro quick release or similar. Been trying to order pallet forks with little success. Pic of brackets on the bale spike which do fit also below. TIA.
  18. Fragonard

    JD 6630 AQ vs Case 125 A8

    2011 6630 AQ Premium 4500hrs £51k 2018 Case 125 A8 1000hrs £62k Both have loaders. Origional tyres. Both good dealers. Any opinions please. Much appreciated.
  19. M

    Ford 5030 temperature switch

    I'm trying to get hold of the correct temperature switch for my Ford 5030. This is the switch/ sender that is screwed onto the front of the block, by the thermostat. I believe that the correct collar colour is white. The old one (defective) is white. Only red or black seem to be available...
  20. W

    Usable classic

    Looking for something with a left hand forward/backward reverser with a front end loader. 100hp ish. Wants to be something that won’t loose much money and will only do 100hrs a year basically just bale carting. In a perfect world it would also have 3 spools, front linkage and front pto but...