1. AgriLinc

    CS94 Front Weights

    Looking for a full set of wafer weights to fit our own Case CS94 - anything about?
  2. N

    Dr Christine Jones

    Watched a webinar hosted gratefully by Oakbank Seeds with Dr Chistine Jones on Biological pathways to Carbon soil enrichent. she indicated that crop residues (stubble, straw and above ground debris) contributed only a tiny amount to soil Carbon, with most lost to the atmosphere as CO2. Root...
  3. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 936 gen 6

    Recently got a new gen 6 936. Just wanting users opinion on adblu usage as it seems to like a drink. currently it’s using 10.5 % of fuel use. This seems a lot to me on relatively light work at the moment. I’ll have it on a deep ripper next week but slightly concerned how much it will use on...
  4. T

    New Holland t7 jolts backward and forward when in neutral .

    I have a new Holland t7 165s which jolts or rocks backwards and forward when in neutral and makes a loud knocking noise from back end. Not done 300 hours yet. It’s been back and had a new hydraulic pump on it but no cure !!! Any ideas?? Or any one had any problems like this before ?