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    Sheepdog trainer recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for a sheepdog dog trainer, North Scotland based ideally (I'm in the Strathspey area). On the job training isn't really working for her and I don't have the opportunity to start her on a few sheep. She's 1 and very keen. Thanks.
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    Wanted - Huntaway/Collie/Sprocker Pup

    Hello, I am after a Huntaway/Collie/Sprocker pup. My family have always had Collie and Sprocker's and I'm keen to follow the tradition and looking for one for my own family. This will be a family dog, however we lead a very active lifestyle so it will get plenty of exercise and stimulation...
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    NZ Huntaway X or Collie X Pup Wanted

    Hello, My family and I are looking for a Huntaway (preferably) or a Collie, or potentially a cross between the two, to purchase as a home dog. Preference is a male but open to anything. We have extensive experience with Collie's as home dogs and I'm interested in looking at a Huntaway. We live...
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    What do you feed your Collie sheep dogs?

    We've got 2 collie sheep dogs, one is just over a year old and the other is about 9. They are currently fed ad lib, supermarket own brand premium working dog biscuits, every time we try to introduce tinned meat it upsets their stomachs, the older dog more so than the pup. Vets couldn't find...