1. Repeat

    Brewing your own silage Inoculant

    If I was going to multiply our inoculant , what would i use as the starter medium ?
  2. Guiggs

    Calf rearing costs..

    I'm looking at rearing calves again, not done it for a few years now so a bit out of touch with the expenses.. Would anybody be able to give me an idea of the costs, I have a outlet for weaned animals but it has to be viable, looking at local mart prices there's got to be a couple of quid in it...
  3. J

    Calves only sucking 2 quaters

    I have 2 calves coming up to 2 weeks old that have both only sucked from one half of their mothers, the other side looks pretty big on both mothers. Should I get them in the crush & milk the other 2 quarters? I thought after a couple of weeks the calves would have found them. If left could it...
  4. L

    OPA in Sheep

    I bought some gimmer lambs in the sales last year to run on and keep some grass down with the intention of selling them this Autumn, that was the plan. Last week one looked a bit off so got in the pens gave it a jab and if it didn’t perk up by the next day vet job might be cheaper than paying...
  5. B

    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Im old enough to remember the 3 day week in the early 1970s ( i was at school then), when the country had days without any electricity? miners were on strike, brought the heath govt. down? and other hard recessions up to now? It just seems to me the population has got so soft over the years, and...
  6. B

    Lamb holding front leg up

    Hi Any advice Would be great. I have a lamb that’s 10days old, noticed 5 days ago she was lame holding her front leg up. She won’t put any weight and refuses to use it. Iv Penstrep & loxicom her and still no improvement. I have had the vet out and she can’t put her finger on anything, just...
  7. P

    Problems with feed blocks

    Have used Tithebarn's lifestart feed blocks for last 3 years with great success, but this year they haven't done the job poor quality colostrum, weakly lambs and small lambs as well. Very pale in colour and crumble and intakes were low. Contacted Tithebarn and they immediately offered £500...
  8. 2YardOfLard

    Lamb vaccines and adverse reactions?

    Advice please. Are there more likely to be side-effects in young lambs from Heptavac than from Ovivac? The situation is I've got a small batch of late lambs to vaccinate & I need something with pneumonia in it. If I use Ovivac I'll be throwing quite a few doses away because of the bottle...
  9. Benn

    What do you cull for?

    In an Outdoor lambing flock , What do you cull for? Thinking getting bit tighter on reason to cull the following so far, Bad feet ,anything other then scald. Fly strike Small pelvis Anything doesnt rear a lamb Anything that doesn’t get in lamb Prolapse🙄 unsure if following to cull for below...
  10. abitdaft

    You know you are lambing /calving when?

    Thought I would start this rather continue to hijack the " feck up " thread ( that just took me 3 or 4 minutes to recall the title!) You are eating breakfast when you should be eating dinner and are eating dinner when you should be in your bed. Your child comes home from school and walks in...
  11. Electricfencer

    Ewes not milking well

    I’m outside lambing and seem to have a far few 1 and 2 crop ewes lacking milk, they are very fit and plenty of grass, they where run on beet for 4 months and I’m thinking maybe they are lacking something. It’s not a major problem but am having to lift some of the twins off and would like to sort...
  12. Headless chicken

    What are you vaccinating for?

    Things slipped on the vaccination front with us over the past couple years and has made me question a bit if we mess with cows too much. What do others vaccinate for? we had a flare up of pneumonia in calves this autumn and we’re started to wonder if some of it is underlying bvd or ibr. We’re...
  13. A

    Ewes milk

    I have a suffolk ewe who lambed twins last night inside.They are now in a pen .I checked her milk not much came out this evening so i tipped her up and put her lambs on the teats but they didnt get much milk.i am giving her some meal and oats to help her out.Will she produce more milk?thanks
  14. T

    Scour in lambs

    Anyone had this issue ? Best treatments ?
  15. J

    Joint ill lambs

    Any thoughts on how this is affecting lambs .Always seems to start 7-10days old see lambs trailing a leg / limping .We lamb indoors wonder is there a connection between footrot and lambs getting infected ,the vets reckon could be more likely mastitis link. Tried Draxxin for a longer cover and...
  16. J

    Pet lamb with scour

    Have a week old pet with scour and cold mouth, possibly been overfed. Under heat lamp and has been given antibiotics. Belongs to my 3yo son so any advice much appreciated!
  17. will6910

    Sheep issues

    Ok, I know I have asked many times before about milk issues and general issues. But this year is affecting me badly. Maybe a brief startinf post but I shall add to it all as time comes. Issues this year so far are, ewes milking really badly, which resulted in low colostrum. Thst in turn...
  18. F

    Week old lamb, high temp?

    Strong single lamb, not happy this morning, reluctant to stand. Have had plenty of cold lambs in the past but this was is hot :scratchhead: Given antibiotics. Any ideas?
  19. Jerry

    That smell…

    You know that smell….the one from rotten lambs! 🤢🤢 How come even with long gloves on your hands still stink???
  20. twizzel

    Improving suckler cow colostrum quality

    We’ve been having a few rumbling issues this winter with calves and rotavirus (which we vaccinate the cows for), navel ill, pneumonia. The cows calve all year round but generally from nov - April. I try to get them scour vaccinated within the 3-12 week pre calving window. Anyhow, the vet was on...