1. Tony g

    isobus on old tractors

    anyone know if it is possible to run a baler with an isobus terminal from an old tractor?specifically a comprima with direct isobus on a 98 it just a matter of getting power to the terminal or is it far more complicated than that?also the machine i've seen has air brakes how involved is...
  2. Tony g

    Early krone Comprima

    Could anyone help with a bit of info/opinion on earlier Comprimas with chains and slats,2010/2011,please?!i need a baler and we regularly have to do a rubbish third cut late in short very wet grass and I’ve heard Krone are the baler to go for but I can’t afford a newer one with belt and slat.i...
  3. spin cycle

    mf and greenland balers

    is a mf 828 the same as a greenland rv156 :scratchhead:
  4. W

    Used Krone Baler??

    Hi Any advice you have on the following would be appreciate, I’ve been reading over the forum, looking for advise on round balers. In the market for a used one. I’ve really enjoyed @DrDunc posts and you got me looking into the Krone, its all green balers around here, men will not hear of...
  5. F

    Krone comprima f155

    Looking for a krone comprima f155 xtream.. If anyone has anything
  6. M

    Comprima CF 155 XC Plus

    Did anyone have this Combi - baler during last season? What is the advantage vs the standard Comprima balers?
  7. rickane

    Whats the best round baler out there for straw? Belts, rollers etc

    \struggling with another wet harvest and straw increasingly hard to get for square bale, whats best round baler for straw?
  8. Deepseaman

    Krone vp1500 combi

    Looking at getting a combi to save some time , running a VP1500 at the moment. Looking at videos of combi packs , do you have to shut off the pto to transfer the bale to wrapper table? Any other advice / experience regarding these combi’s . Also recommended hp on hills , as I think they are...
  9. DrDunc

    Baler chain oiler

    Help please! I can't get the chain oiler on my Krone comprima to work There's no blockages, the filters are clean, and the brushes have been renewed When you take the grub screw out of the manifold block on the right hand side, how much oil should be pulsing out? On mine it's just visible...
  10. 18 wheeler

    Krone comprima v 150 xc

    Wondering how people are getting on with this baler, and how heavy a bale it makes in straw?
  11. james ds

    The effects of the virus on machinery dealers.

    All our dealers are closed except for parts to be sent out or left out for you to collect, New machines are being cancelled , the price of beef and lamb and pork have all dropped this week, the breweries are closed , no need for malting barley , I think a lot of dealers who were living on the...
  12. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  13. Matthew Britton

    New variable round baler

    So, I might be in the market for a new variable chamber round baler. Locally we have new Holland/case, Massey/Fendt, possibly mc Hale and Vicon/kubota. I will want a chopper version I think. The criteria are, tight heavy bales and reliability. Your experiences and opinions please! thank you Matthew
  14. N

    Round baler trade in price

    Getting quotes to trade in my low bale count 2015 krone comprima f155xc, been offered £12000 for it from local dealer and would have to put £17000 towards a new kuhn fb3130. doesnt sound the best deal to me, any thoughts appreciated. Dont really want to get in a best baler argument though!
  15. Farm Business RSS

    LAMMA to see world first Krone maize header comfort guard

    Written by John Swire Alongside kit including Krone’s Swadro TC 1370; Comprima V 150 XC Plus, Comprima CF 155 XC Plus will be the company’s XCollect 900-3 maize header with the world’s first integral front guard, designed to improve road safety and operator comfort. The integral front comfort...
  16. J

    Best fixed chamber round baler?

    Looking at a new fixed chamber round baler, what’s the best out there? Got quotes for McHale, Kuhn, vicon and new Holland.
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Krone launces range of compact high capacity round balers

    Written by John Swire Krone has launched its new range of compact and high capacity round balers – Comprima Plus. The four models include the solo Comprima F 155 XC Plus (with the well-proven semi variable chamber for 1.25–1.50m diameter bales) and Comprima V 150 XC Plus (variable chamber for...
  18. H

    McHale or Welger

    any advice .... benn offered a McHale f550 (2006 with 22000 bales ) and a Welger RP445 (2012 with 5000 bales ) which one ? ( money about the same )
  19. K

    Krone Comprima F155XC

    Hello all Does anyone have/use one of these balers? Will they make as dense/heavy a bale of silage/haylage as a Mchale ? Reliable beyond 20/30,000 bales ? Any feedback from users or past users appreciated
  20. czechmate

    Problem with Krone vario pack

    With Comfort control. I would be very great full for any tips as we seem to be struggling to get the dealer out. The problem started with the control saying "wrapping process" during mid bale when it wasn't wrapping. I found that turning the unit off then on again allowed normal work. Then today...