1. redsloe

    Buying machinery from abroad.

    On Monday, bit bored, I was googling combines for sale, my yearly habit, just before harvest, and I saw what I thought was a cheap combine. By Wednesday, whilst topping weed, I shot off an email via FW requesting further details. I was assured a quick reply! Friday comes by and a another quick...
  2. BAC

    Suckers on a small acreage

    Only looking at ideas currently, this is purely going to be a hobby. Obviously want to make some profit on it but if we break even then we would be happy. how many cattle could you farm on 12 acres? Can make 7 paddocks split over them. Would plan to make our own silage if it was a good season...
  3. B

    Wanted tb restricted calves

    Looking for up to 70 tb restricted calves 2-6 weeks of age to go into isolation unit. Ideally blue's but any continental breed considered. Any area but South-West preferred.
  4. B

    Wanted tb restricted calves

    Looking for up to 70 tb restricted calves ideally 3-6 weeks old to go into isolation unit. Any continental breed considered but blue's if possible,
  5. Farm Classifieds

    Continental 445/70 R24

    Continental 445/70 R24 Advert added by: JB Tyres Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Tyres Price: £325 Condition: New Description Continental 445/70 R24 x 1 How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  6. bluegreen

    Krampe Trailers

    One of the local farms has a pair of gleaming new red 750 Big Body trailers sat in their yard awaiting harvest. Which dealer network supplies these trailers in east Anglia does anyone know?