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    So, T2 has always been the big spend. Is this Revystar the complete dogs danglies? Because £45/ha gets me a lot of other chem.
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    New fungicide – Flag leaf gets new option

    Written by cpm Univoq has been launched by Corteva Agriscience, bringing a new mode of action to T2 fungicide programmes. CPM finds out how it works, how it performs and how to look after it. Inatreq is in a new chemical class. By Tom Allen-Stevens Cereal growers have a new fungicide for the...
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    Take a closer look at new Univoq™ fungicide

    It's been a busy week at Corteva Agriscience. The production of our new Univoq™ fungicide was completed on Friday and this morning the product arrived in the UK. Here are some photos from our production facility in Cernay and Univoq's arrival at RASE. Univoq is available for delivery now...
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    Performance data for new wheat fungicide released

    Written by Agriland Team The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has released UK fungicide performance data for a newly authorised wheat product in that market – Univoq. Based on a new mode of action, Univoq should help protect the long-term efficacy of key wheat fungicides...
  5. Laggard

    Planet Spring barley fungicide

    Have used 0.5l/ha Jaunt (Fluoxastrobin(75g/l) Prothioconazole(150g/l) Trifloxystrobin(75g/l)) the last couple of years with good results( have both been very dry springs with low levels of disease). With the loss of CTL what are people using this year?
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    Corteva Agriscience Inatreq Active Approved in UK

    Corteva Agriscience Inatreq⢠Active Approved in UK 31 March 2021: Corteva Agriscience announced today that the UK has approved the registration of a product with Inatreq™ active. Univoq™ fungicide with Inatreq active, now approved for sale and use in the UK, is a new fungicide that offers...
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    Inatreq active approved for UK growers

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Corteva Agriscience has announced UK approval of Univoq – a new cereal fungicide containing Inatreq active. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Univoq, which is now approved for sale and use in the UK, is a new fungicide that offers curative and protectant control on...
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    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader

    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader The need for innovation will be key for the continued success of UK agriculture, Corteva Agriscience’s Adrian Gough has said ahead of his retirement in March. Corteva Agriscience announced in...
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    Stand CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Stand: 412

    CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Stand: 412 Cereals 2020: Resilience and innovation at the heart of Corteva Agriscience Leading global crop protection and seed company, Corteva Agriscience, continues to place innovation at its core and is showcasing the brightest pipeline in the industry at Cereals 2020...
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    Video Inatreq™ Active trial - Hertfordshire

    Stuart Jackson, Technical Lead for Cereal Fungicides at Corteva Agriscience, discusses Inatreq™ Active and takes us on a virtual trial at Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.
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    Arena KWS Crop Plots Arena

    Crop plots are at the heart of Cereals! Located centrally within the event, the crop plots offer the chance to review new varieties and practices from a wide range of exhibitors. See not only the latest in breeding but also crop protection methods and soil management techniques. KWS UK has been...
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    First EU approval for Corteva’s Inatreq fungicide

    Written by Jamie Day Corteva Agriscience has received the first European product registration for a fungicide containing its Inatreq (fenpicoxamid) active ingredient, claimed to be the first new product with unique target site activity against Septoria for 15 years. The active first received EU...
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    No Inatreq for 2020

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The new fungicide Inatreq Active (fenpicoxamid) will not be available in the UK for commercial use in time for disease control programmes this spring. Charlotte Cunningham reports. A brand new molecule from Corteva, it belongs to the picolinamide group of...