1. Vader

    More beef bashing. How the hell is uk beef a big polluter..?
  2. GAM


    Are thistles like Docks, if you pull them and leave a little bit of root they will grow back?
  3. B

    Thistle s

    What is my soil lacking when lots of thisles growing
  4. C

    thistle and dock spray

    What would you say is the best and most cost efficient spray to control thistles and docks in grass land? Is there any thing that is clover safe?
  5. Joe

    Weed licker workings

    Trying an experiment on thistles that have come into a multi species award using a weed wiper, but have never used one before. It’s a carpet version, and just wondering how exactly it works to avoid dripping & still maybe get a kill on the thistles. How long do you leave nozzles spraying and...
  6. Henery

    Thislex hard to find

    My usual bandit suppliers Hutchinsons are out of thislex, anyone know where there is some ??
  7. A

    Too late to roll silage fields

    I have two silage fields I didn’t roll with the rest as a result of being sprayed with Thistlex. Typically the weather conditions since then have been good and the grass has shot off. Will it knacker/stunt my silage to roll it now?
  8. It was already broken.

    Weedwiper clogging up!

    I got a new weedwiper from Logic to tow with the quad this season. I used it with MCPA (pasture master) a few weeks ago no problem. Put some roundup through it to do rushes and some thistlex. Now I am back on MCPA the chem seems to 'curdle' in the tank and block up the filters and nozzles within...
  9. A

    Boomless ATV sprayer

    Does anyone use one of these? I see you can get them up to 25’ thought it might be handy for steep/wet/rough bits mostly using mcpa. Just wondered if they worked well or do they not carry enough liquid for that amount of coverage?
  10. P

    Do I need to get it sprayed

    My pal sprayed it two months ago and all went dead, I have been busy ever since, I want to sow ryegrass, do I need to get it sprayed again?
  11. andybk

    Thistlex , how soon is it rainfast ?

    Thistlex , how soon is it rainfast ? have a few nettle paddocks to do , bit expensive to throw around ,couldnt find it on my data sheet
  12. Farm Business RSS

    Dow Shield® 400 controlling weeds in game cover crops

    Written by John Swire Game cover crops for shooting and wildlife and wild bird seed mixtures need careful management, starting with reducing the weed population which will help their establishment. This can be challenging, as often there are mixtures of different crop types established in the...
  13. GAM


    I spot sprayed a few Docks three weeks ago, the majority looked absolutely cooked, wilting, yellow leaves, a bit of warmth and they are gradually coming alive!!
  14. shumungus

    Spraying Docks and associated weeds on grassland.

    Been quoted £110/£120 per 5l of Forefront. what mixes out there would do the same job for less money. What is that like as a price for Forefront?
  15. G

    How to kill Gorse (Whinns)

    Is there any thing to knapsack spray onto Whinns to kill them. I'm told cutting them and drilling the main root and them spraying works but what is the best spray to kill them. What method has anyone else tryed doing that works.
  16. Sandpit Farm

    Best time for spraying nettles?

    I have a steep paddock that is inundated with nettles. They are all just starting now. I’m starting to think I need to get someone to whizz across the flat bits with a quad sprayer and I can do the steep bits with a napsack. I’d rather not spray off all my herbs in the grass so would be great to...
  17. FarmerD89

    Neighbours beans migrated to our grass leys

    Strange situation this afternoon on our walks fairly clean old grass ley we sprayed the start of this year with PasTor noticed a singular bean plant had established itself, thought nothing more of it, then spent four hours pulling beans from over an 8 acre field ( multiples of beans in one spot)...
  18. Banana Bar

    Spraying brambles

    We’ve got miles of rabbit fencing that is starting to get covered in brambles. Is there anything I can spray the brambles with that will not harm the grass on the margins? BB
  19. Jerry

    Will Thistlex do nettles?

    Neec to hit some nettles and there are spear thistles in there as well. Will thistlex hit the nettles?
  20. Penmoel

    Today at work

    Just mentioned in Agricultural Matters it might be interesting if everyone just took a picture today of what you were doing, however mundane it maybe, would show the variety of work carried out, will start tomorrow.