cost control

  1. EcoStim Limited

    Reduce your Fertiliser Costs by 20%

    One of the key aspects of using the EcoStim range of Biostimulants is the ability to reduce the use of fertilisers (up to 40%), in next Fridays (12 Nov) EcoStim Webinar on EcoCereal one of the things we'll look at will be the Cost Benefit of using EcoCereal. To join us book your (free) ticket...
  2. AF News

    Farm businesses must focus on income shock proofing

    Risk management and protecting businesses from political uncertainty should be the focus for every farmer in 2018. The principle challenge for UK farming is how to drive certainty in an uncertain world. 2018 is the last full year that we will be in the EU and the single market. It is, I...