1. BASIS Teresa

    BASIS Diploma in Agronomy

    The breadth and scope of knowledge needed for crop protection sales and advice grows every year. New products, new techniques and the way that crop protection fits with other farm and crop management activities all add to the skills needed by those involved in sales and advice for Crop...
  2. BASIS Teresa

    Wildlife Aware and Pest Control Courses

    Controlling pests which could potentially endanger our health, food supply, the environment and wildlife, is an extremely important service in both urban and rural environments. However, it is crucial that this work is carried out in a responsible way by highly trained individuals to ensure...
  3. BASIS Teresa

    FACTS and Nutrient Management Planning

    FACTS covers all aspects of crop nutrition including fertiliser choice, regulation, soil science and organic manures. It ensures you can provide up to date advice to maximize crop production whilst minimizing the environmental impact. At the present time there is no legal requirement for...
  4. BASIS Teresa

    Becoming an agronomist

    There are no specific entry requirements for a career in agronomy sector, however good general agricultural knowledge and some industry experience is considered most important. A-level qualifications, or equivalent, in the sciences is also advantageous. Certain employers may prefer individuals...
  5. CRM AgriCommodities

    1 day grain price risk management course - funding available - Lincs/ Cambs

    **Learn to use all grain marketing tools** A few places remain on the following price risk management courses - 20% funded - contact if interested in these or any future courses - [email protected] June 29th - Cambridge July 4th - Fullbeck, Lincs Course outline: