cover crop

  1. Banana Bar

    How late for linseed

    I’ve got 45 ha of linseed that I’m due to drill. Situation is heavy clay that was cultivated in the autumn with a Horsch Terrano and left, therefore it’s not quite level enough to drill into without moving it. The temp is very low and there is no rain forecast for the foreseeable future. I could...
  2. farmerfred86

    Frost intolerant covers

    Im considering a winter cover of frost intolerant species. Likely to be buckwheat, phacelia, linseed etc The idea is to provide cover into winter but leave the field clear for spring drilling without the need for destruction. I find it essential on heavy clays to get the land to dry out ready...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Organic fertilisers found to reduce risk of foodborne pathogens on arable crops

    Written by Rachel Martin Research carried out in the U.S. has found that manure does not promote pathogen survival – and may even promote bacterial communities that suppress pathogens. The study, which has been published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, follows other research...
  4. F

    Combination maize drill

    Does anyone use or know how maize drilling works with a precision drill attached to power harrow. 4 rows on a 3 metre harrow?
  5. D

    Zocon Grass Harrow vs Jarmet/Intertech for levelling poached ground

    Hi, Has anyone any experience of Zocon's chain harrows for levelling poached ground? They retail for approx 1,500 euro more than equivalent width Jarmet/Polish. Are they worth the extra money? What are peoples...
  6. D

    How late glyphosate before crop emergence?

    Anybody any experience of applying glyphosate post drilling and had a problem due to it catching the emerging crop? I have done a couple of acres of beet as a trial just before the seedlings break through the surface in a particularly weedy patch so I guess I’ll soon know but just wondered if...
  7. cricketandcrops

    Future cropping

    Not missing growing oilseed rape, looking at keeping things simple with wheat, barley and beans, which of below do people think is best: 1) spring beans, winter wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley 2) spring beans, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley, winter wheat 3)...
  8. nick...

    Seeding wet spots not drilled

    Got about 3 acres that were left as I’d have got stuck had I tried to drill them.on 3 separate fields I should add.will cultivate to level the mess when dry enough and intend to drill something into the bare soil.rape will follow a couple of bits.what do the TFF massive reccomend.needs to be...
  9. DairyGrazing

    Soil organic carbon/Soil organic matter.

    With everything thats going on in the wider industry I've decided to get the ball rolling on increasing our soil organic matter/carbon. Plan is to under sow the maize, cover crop the wheat stubbles over winter and move a lot of the FYM from youngstock to an arable farm 6 miles away. I really...
  10. W

    If there’s ever an advert ......

    For grazing livestock on arable fields. Pics don’t really do it justice but on the right it had stubble turnips planted in September and sheep went on in Dec - end of Feb. On the left was just a mustard cover crop.
  11. T

    Nightmare Beet Cultivations

    Got two fields due to come beet this year, nice black land but been under water all winter . Contractors have come in and reprofiled ditches , and under drained, finishing last week. Fields are now drying out fast, some areas are rock solid , some are rutted up to hell where drainage kit has...
  12. Phil P

    Slow start to the year

    Anyone else feel like crops are only moving slow this year? Done get me wrong stuff is growing but the soil temperature just doesn’t seem to be getting up and every day is overcast! Been comparing temperatures to last year and it’s definitely been a cooler start to the year. And the growing...
  13. tr250

    Thinking of having one last go at osr???

    Looking at market report this morning osr is £447 delivered am I silly in thinking about trying it? I’m thinking direct drill mid July very thick as soon as w barley is off leave until November and graze it down with sheep and come back in the spring and decided whether to plant spring crop or...
  14. l'ordinary bonville

    Autumn manure banned

    I,ve heard down the grapevine that the EA are banning autumn slurry and solid muck applications as AHDB have told them there is no crop justification for applications of N or manur containing N apart from on osr This effectively means all and any livestock manures or digestate cannot be...
  15. KUHN Farm Machinery (UK)


    KUHN TILLER DEVELOPED FOR COVER CROP INCORPORATION KUHN Farm Machinery has launched a shallow soil cultivator designed specifically for the mechanical breakdown and incorporation into soils of cover crops, other plant residues and organic manures. The EL Biomulch is a development within KUHN’s...
  16. moretimeforgolf

    Anyone growing hybrid rye?

    I’m growing rye for the first time this year. I’ve got hybrid variety Serafino. It follows wheat, straw baled, stubble raked, drilled last week of September with JD750a. The issue I have is that it is thin in the swath rows. I take it that it doesn’t like the toxins from the wheat chaff. Has...
  17. GoodEgg

    Can farms become sheep sick?

    -03-21 06:41 PM Can farms become Sheep Sick?
  18. D

    Direct drills

    Having finally got my head round DD were probably going to try a bit this next year. for now I will use a contractor but going forwards if the results are favourable I will take the job back in house. reading thru various things I see a lot of farms big and small are home building drills. Is...
  19. B

    What would cattle farmers pay for overwinter cover crop grazing?

    We currently rent out cover crop grazing for sheep over winter and charge in the region of 40p/head/week. What would be worthwhile charge for young stock at around 200-300kg. Have heard they would eat 2.5-4.2x as much as a sheep. All management by grazier. What would you be willing to pay?
  20. M

    Sustainable Farming Incentive - Pilot Information (including PAYMENT RATES) To me this looks far from straightforward and those who moaned about the complexities of the BPS application...