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    Top tips for cover crop success

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Soils have taken a battering over the past two seasons and remedial action will be required in many situations. Cover crops can play a key part in repairing the damage, but must be managed appropriately to achieve the desired outcome, according...
  2. P

    Establishing Catch Crops

    I'm planning on drilling some catch crops after OSR and Winter Oats this year, but am wondering how to best get them established? I'm worried about volunteer OSR out competing the catch crop, so would it be best to wait for a chit of Rape volunteers, then either spray them off or take them out...
  3. Bojangles

    Fat Hens will they eat them or am I going to have to kill the clover

    Got a reseed that is just full of fat hens 🤦‍♂️ I took the chance as it was sprayed off and put a decent amount of clover in the mix. Now I’m staring at a bloody mess. Have put ewes on it and obviously they are loving the grass but it’s becoming obvious as they eat it down how bad the bloody...
  4. WillB

    Cover crop before Spring Beans

    We have dabbled with cover crops previously, albeit on a limited basis and with no fixed conclusions. As part of our SFI scheme we are looking to put cover crops in ahead of spring beans. We are on heavy soils but they are regularly (annually) mucked and so the two main aims are to keep hold of...
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    Cover crops deliver multiple benefits to vining pea production, PGRO trials show

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Vining peas can yield up to 1.5t/ha more if they are planted after a cover crop, work carried out by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation and the Green Pea Company (GPC) has shown. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Increased soil...
  6. average farmer

    Cover crop into standing wheat

    Thinking of sowing a small area as a trail into standing wheat for the shoot. Mustard will make up a big % of the mix but what else could be added to get a bit of diversity and provide a bit of cover and when would you aim at spreading it on ? Plan to cot the straw long but don’t want to cause...
  7. milkloss

    I can't believe what I just read! BBC

    In a good way........
  8. H

    Break crop for grass reseed.

    It's unproductive pp at the moment. One option would be to DD beans and use kerb, or grow a cover crop before drilling something in the spring to get 2 hits with glyphosate. There's going to be a load of seed waiting for an opportunity and probably creepy crawlies as well. I don't want to...
  9. JJT

    Seeder for mounting on discs

    Have a set of 4m folding discs that I want to fit a seeder on for sowing grass and cover crops. What options are there out there, stocks turbo jet, bullock tillage, any others worth looking at? Does any one have any recommendations, or ones to stay away from. Would prefer second hand if...
  10. 7

    Cover crop after spuds.

    Anyone do it ? Was thinking of sowing mustard as usual, but got to wondering about the potato herbicide. Reading the label ( Sencorex ) it seems it should be OK provided the ground is ploughed. 🤷‍♂️ Could sow rye........but defeats the object as a cereal break. Anything else ?
  11. andybk

    Catch crop for sheep after Barley , not stubble turnip

    Landlord looking to get seed ready for drilling after winter barley , will be available till April for sheep (for my replacement ewes and selling rams ) , whats best catch crop for sheep for repeated grazing , he isnt keen on stubble turnip as a lot of his is into enviro projects and public...
  12. M

    Enhanced over wintered stubble

    Afternoon, has anyone used this option in css for an alternative to OSR or winter barley? The payment is reasonable and takes away the volatility of the 2 crops mentioned. Any thoughts pros and cons? thanks
  13. Phil P

    Selling carbon credits

    @Clive can you tell us some more about it? How does it work?
  14. Northdowns Martin

    Lower disturbance subsoiler

    Need to ‘lift’ a few field post harvest, looking at my current options in the machinery paddock I have a Sumo Trio, Carrier and a Heva 5 leg subsoiler. My guess is Heva would be best, but worried about the amount of disturbance. Would changing the legs and point help reduce? I’m thinking...
  15. B

    Spring wheat weed control strategy

    Thinking of swapping winter wheat for spring wheat here just to make life a bit easier in the autumn. But having never grown it and not asked the agronomist yet as I’d like a bit of knowledge, what is everybody doing weed control wise particularly for blackgrass and ryegrass? Pre-em? Emergence...
  16. Jonny B88

    DD, FYM and mob grazing

    Hi all, complete DD novice here but looking a bit of advice. Plan to dd in a pretty diverse cover crop into to different situations with the view to mob grazing the crop during late autumn and into the winter. We have an old moore unidrill which i am going to use. 1st situation Cover crop dd...
  17. Derrick Hughes

    Grazable Cover Crop Seed

    Grazeable Winter Cover Crop Seed mix 50% Rye 30% Winter Hairy vetch 3% Ballansa Clover 5% Oilseed Radish 3% Forage Rape 3.00% Stubble turnip 2.00% Phacelia Please Phone or PM for a price 07415121700 mixes also made to your own specification
  18. C

    Maize cover crops suitable for grazing cattle?

    Hi TFF, Looking to grow cover crops on my maize stubble this year. Aiming to improve soil health, prevent nutrient leaching and... graze cattle? E.g. outwintering youngstock Feb/March. Could supplement with silage bales. Last two years I have used Italian Ryegrass and Westerwolds. But what...
  19. R

    Mustard cover crop advice

    Got a couple of fields which are lightish land and have just come out of growing lawn turf. I have sprayed them off and gone through with the Sumo to break the surface up to a depth of around 6 inch as was like concrete, and to prevent water pooling. I am planning on putting winter wheat in at...
  20. SIABOD50

    Oats followed by phacelia

    Got some spring sown oats, cover crop, for reasons best not discussed, i need to destroy oats and sow phacelia. What would best ,simplest approach to establishing phacelia be .