cover crop

  1. A

    Late drilling of OSR, ( anybody other than us doing it this year ?)

    After a good kicking in the 2019 year (crop harvest), by CSFB, the advice was to drill earlier or later than the previous common timing of end of August begining of September to cope with the migration of the CSFB. Is anyone planning to sow this year's crop later in September?. Judging by what...
  2. T

    Cheap Winter Bean Establishment

    Looking to grow winter beans for first time this year, completely fed up with beet . Just wondered what the cheapest way of establishing them is while still getting a decent yield, not got a direct drill but open to ideas. Some going on lovely light black land , others going on heavy sticky c**p...
  3. B

    Cover crop following WW going into SB

    New one for me so looking for recommendations. Field is half clay loam, (fairly heavy) and runs to sand loam. Will be late drilled as still not cut wheat, direct drilled into chopped straw. Got OSR & Oats in rotation, so not keen on mustard or oats. Was thinking Radish, Buckwheat, Phacelia...
  4. Y

    Radish and clover mix

    Iv recently drilled a radish clover mix, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it outwintering ewes or running store Lambs on it. my question is, is it any good compared to turnips etc. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. cowboysupper

    Late sown fodder/cover crop

    The excellent growing conditions in our part of the world (NW Northern Ireland) have meant we've a block( 43 acres) of spring wholecrop oats harvested today (2 weeks earlier than normal). Its light land, but below sea so when the water table comes up there's normally no chance of getting a...
  6. N

    DD into Oat Stubble/blackgrass

    So spring oats being cut at moment have an awful lot of blackgrass in. How would anyone go about establishing WW with a 750A. straw is being baled. guess just wait until Nov???
  7. W

    Early Christmas for arable producers?

    So some very impressive yields and prices being bandied about on the Combinable price tracker thread. Is it premature to say it would appear 21/22 is set to be a brilliant year for UK cereal growers - asking for a friend...
  8. D


    It's only half seven and already today there have been two posts highlighting the importance of sheep in countryside management. There's a continuing stream of threads talking about the need to reintroduce sheep into rotations. Is Government going to have to fund a huge marketing campaign for...
  9. M

    Front and back flail topper combo

    Looking to flail 6m stewardship margins, winter cover crops and some grass paddock work. The annual workload isn’t massive at around 300-400ac per year so want something affordable. We’re currently doing it with a 3m rear mounted topper but it won’t flail the flattened cover crop in the tractor...
  10. spin cycle

    tff proper farmin group

    please add your ideas :) i'm in for ploughin....straw burning....indoor lambin....pigs indoors
  11. martian

    Straw rake on mole plough?

    Has anyone tried to fix some kind of arrangement to the front of a mole plough beam to deflect chopped straw away, to stop it balling up under the beam and lifting the mole? Ours is dragged round by an old crawler, so no front linkage to fix an acrobat wheel to (which I guess would be an option).
  12. dragonfly

    Establishing AB15 legume mix

    I have 90 hectares of AB15 legume mix to establish immediately after harvest. I have my seed delivered and waiting in the barn. Considering the late(ish) harvest and the fact that I am following spring barley, what establishment method should I use?
  13. Kernowkid

    Min till forage rape/stubble turnips

    Looking to put some rape/stubble turnips in on spring barley stubble. Usually plough and drill conventionally for sheep. But looking to keep the soil structure firmer and try and out winter some suckler cows. What’s everyone doing to drill theirs? To tight to get DD in so was thinking a one pass...
  14. Clive

    DEFRA SFI Question time with Janet Hughes - 11th August, submit your questions please

    DEFRA has once more invited the members of TFF to put their questions regarding the ELMS scheme forward and take them to an exclusive interview withJanet Hughes, who is the Programme Director for the Future Farming and Countryside Programme (FFCP). The Q&A will take place on the 11th August and...
  15. Sid

    New rules on manures

    Thread in cropping and dairy but here as a heads up for everyone
  16. Sid

    New rules on manures
  17. Phil P

    Best way of Mixing/blending seed.

    I’ve got some cover crop seed I want to mix and blend together and wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for getting a good even mix easily? Don’t really fancy doing in the telehandler bucket with a shovel 🤦🏻‍♂️ One of those concrete mixers for the telehandler would be ideal but I’ve not...
  18. W

    Stubble Turnips/ sheep wintering

    Evening all Im a young farmer from welsh border/cheshire , and been In the store lamb job around 5 years now and looking for more land to expand , provide all my own eletric fencing and been doing various agreement in the past renting fallow fields or paying for good cover crops , wondering If...
  19. Hutchinsons News

    Event showcases environmental options to âbridge the BPS gapâ

    Event showcases environmental options to âbridge the BPS gapâ The switch from direct support to environmentally-focussed payments presents massive challenges over coming years, but leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons is helping growers plan the best way forward to benefit from the opportunities...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    Opico 8 Air seeder

    Opico 8 Air seeder Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £1900 Condition: Excellent Description Opico 8 air seeder, used for OSR and cover crop establishment. Calibration tray, control box, distribution plates and land wheel drive. No pipework...