cover crop

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    Kverneland LO 85/300

    Kverneland LO 85/300 Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Tillage Ploughs Price: £9750 Condition: Excellent Description Please message with email address for more pictures. 6 Furrow (can run as 4 and 5 furrow as well) Auto reset High clearance suitable...
  2. W

    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I know there’s another general BG thread but this is just a particular question about chemicals. Basically what are your ‘chemical’ approaches to BG. We aren’t doing a proper job so looking for ideas please.
  3. E

    Spring linseed

    We are after a tonne or so for cover crop. We are based in Margate, Kent. Many thanks
  4. Bossfarmer

    All grass with straw for muck deals OR all cereals!

    The direction of travel with farm support in the uk seems clear it seems i was right about brexit, that said what is now the way forward on mixed farms? no support leaves a big cut in net profit, whether your still making anything or not depends on prices either way nobody wants to make less...
  5. Will Blackburn

    Maize 2021

    Could be disappointing, I have one light field in with stronger land waiting for dry weather. I could have drilled a month ago but soil temperatures were very low, I'm not seeing any evidence yet that we missed a trick as nothing is showing for earlier sowings. It looks very likely that some of...
  6. D

    transplanting veg plants into stubble by hand

    I'm in a bit of a situation in that I've 18,000 veg plants, growing like crazy & its too wet to plough, till & plant. What would happen if I planted them by hand now into last years cereal stubble?
  7. Direct Driller Magazine

    Putting Covers into Context

    Cover and catch cropping may work well for many managing lighter and erosion-prone soils but for those on heavier and more difficult ground they remain very far from the answer to any sort of maiden’s prayer The right covers managed in the right way can help structure even the most challenging...

    Leather jackets

    Is there anyway of controlling leather jackets other than cultivation We have a field of spring barley that has been destroyed by them. The only place there is a crop is where we did some drainage in winter and we power harrowed over the repaired drains and any dumper wheelings and the crop is...
  9. KennyO

    Westerwolds or Arable silage?

    Got a couple of headland left bare on some potato fields (ploughed). Would like to plant something that will give us some extra silage and to provide a more stable base when it comes to lifting time in September/ October. A few years ago I did a barley/ Ryegrass mix and it worked ok but...
  10. beardface

    Summer grazing cover/forage crop

    Anyone grazing sheep on annual summer cover crops? Thinking a mix with say rye, ryegrass, 2 or 3 annual clovers, phacelia, vetch and a brassica with regrowth could be a good mix. Stock it at over 5 ewes and lambs to acre rotational grazed. Could be a good alternative arable 'crop' with benefits...
  11. M

    DD an idiots guide please!

    Does such thing exists? I know all farms and soils are different but the 10 top critical points would be very helpful for many people. Where I’m struggling is that we’re a small mixed farm and getting straw off in a wet year always makes a mess (turning,baling,stacking and then loading) and...
  12. Andrew B

    Soil carbon is a highly flawed climate policy ?

    These two articles by By David Pannell ( from Australia) has certainly made me think The comments section is worth reading too as I believe these policies are going to...
  13. Sprayer 1

    Spring barley poor germination,

    Anyone else experienced poor germination this spring when dd with the simtech? Thinking it may of been because the soil was cold at drilling. Anyone else found this?
  14. D

    Black grass 2021

    Up until now we have not had a problem with black grass. But one field seems to have got away on us. It’s first wheat after osr and would expect it yield about 10t/ha. There is not enough grass to effect the yield but too much to pull by hand. The area is about 12ac which would be about 4% of...
  15. tr250

    Mid tier claim and capital works

    We have applied for a mid tier scheme and been accepted along with a capital works grant. I’ve put in wild bird seed, gs4 grass leys and sw6. So my question is with the sw6 or in other words winter cover crop I’ve put 40 ha on the application I understand this is a maximum but my rotation have...
  16. Defra Farming

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer Written by Janet Hughes In this month's Future Farming podcast, Janet Hughes talks to Gabe Brown. Gabe has been named one of the...
  17. CPM RSS

    Real Results Pioneers – Tools for a new way of farming

    Written by cpm Download PDF Spring barley has been part of the cropping mix for the past five years on a Shropshire farm. CPM visits to find out how on-farm trials are helping develop a successful approach to how it’s grown. It’s part of learning to do things differently. By Tom Allen-Stevens...
  18. steveR

    Best "crop" for building OM?

    The question has come out from a discussion I have had locally where STW need to "stockpile" water on the land, as they are taking so much out from local boreholes, that the water flow has dropped in a specific water course. The chap organising the scheme seems to be a bit focused on glorified...
  19. unlacedgecko

    Growing cattle on forage rape

    Thinking about this for a summer cover crop. Any one with any experience?
  20. M

    Looking For Work Cover Crop Establishment Shropshire

    With harvest soon approaching, do you want a cover crop growing to mop up an residual N, supress weeds, improve soil health and drainage. With establishment as little of £15/ ac, MJC Agri Services has a wide range of seed mixes which also complies with the new environmental agreements. MJC Agri...