cover crops

  1. J

    Cambridge rolls to desiccate cover crops?

    What are peoples views and experiences on rolling cover crops to desicate them on a frost? We have a mix of Tillage radish, Lilla Phacellia and Ovidio Berseen Clover on some land going into spring crops. we drill using a Weaving Sabre tine and I am worried about having to much trash in the...
  2. F

    Are There Really Less Lambs?

    Perhaps someone cleverer than me could put up a Poll on how many lambs there are left on farms. The prices indicate that numbers are indeed very short, however the slaughter statistics are significantly lower since August. We would have less lambs to slaughter between now and April, but would...
  3. Matt77

    New drill grant

    Maybe a daft question, can’t see the answer on Defra website, can you use a part exchange in the deal without causing a problem with the grant.
  4. spikeislander

    Does such a drill exist ? Bear with me !

    First post in this hallowed section so please go easy. Long story short , currently farming and hopefully due to be charged with helping to farm an “area” which needs to be farmed in a “regen” style approach, this is totally new to me but I’m excited at the opportunity to try on some one else’s...
  5. Chips

    Is ploughing bad ?

    I know being from plough manufacturer they have a vested interest but an interesting read .
  6. D

    Grant eligible direct drills

    Would anyone be able to compile a list of whats eligible under the latest grant scheme? manufacturers and model. cheers.
  7. B

    VD Carrier - CrossCutter Discs

    Can you put CrossCutter Discs on a second hand VD Carrier? Also any luck applying cover crops or OSR with seeder unit on one? New seeder unit looks a fair expense to add on to one.
  8. Jerry

    Drill and Price Comparisons

    Just been speaking to a few people over the last couple weeks about a 3m drill to work across a mixed farm, so cereal, cover crops, fodder crops, stewardship and a bit of grass. Now the grant numbers are out, if I am right, its £12,054 contribution toearsd the drill.. Net prices are as...
  9. Anymulewilldo

    Drilling Maize

    Long story short, been offered 160acre farm very close. All seems right. Only catch is they want me too work and drill the 6acre of maize cover crop for the shoot there. The bloke they had before was useless, half the crops never got drilled and if they did never got sprayed or fert. Result is...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Cover crops: phacelia and oil radish uncovered as soil saviours

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland Growing phacelia or oil radish cover crops in vegetable rotations helps to build and stabilise soils – with a new trial revealing it could safeguard future productivity. The trial – funded by Agri-Tech Cornwall with land provided by Duchy College –...
  11. DieselRob

    How to stop using insecticides?

    How did you do it? Is it an instant cold turkey approach and hope for the best? Those of you who tell us you haven’t used insecticide for years, when you took on new land, did you treat it any different? It’s a constant battle of wills with the agronomist here, he understands my strong desire...
  12. Colliedog

    Project 331, Vaderstad restoration and isobus conversion

    I must admit to enjoying looking at others workshop projects on the forum, This year I'm rebuilding my drill and thought it would probably be an interesting enough project to share. The drill in question is a Vaderstad 30s which is a mounted Rapid drill that has always been very rare but is also...
  13. Sir loin

    what is poultry manure worth?

    Got a chance of some poultry manure from a multi tier free range unit firstly what levels of N P and K will be in it and what will it be worth?:unsure:
  14. OhAye

    Economies of Scale....apparently.

    Due to some recent roadworks we've been left with a couple of 3 acre fields. I'm all for putting them in grass for the horsey market or sticking them in AB9 and forgetting about them. My old man however keeps quoting 'economies of scale ' at me, saying we need to crop them to spread our costs...
  15. S

    Late Weaning in Uk Recently read this article which I thought was interesting… does anyone do this in the UK? Outwintering cow and calf pairs, weaning at 10 months in March and calving in May/June. The late weaning would make the out-wintering and weaning...
  16. T

    BBC at it again re meat and climate

    Interviewing two farming brothers who have given up beef farming to save the planet.Also some professor from Lancaster University saying that beef and lamb has the highest carbon footprint of all food with pork and chicken a little lower. Where do they get their facts from ? Everyone,even...
  17. Defra Farming

    Testing innovative payment mechanisms

    Testing innovative payment mechanisms Written by Louise Maguire © Natural England/ Hannah Rigden One area we’re exploring in tests and trials is the role that innovative payment mechanisms might play in our future environmental land management schemes. These mechanisms haven’t been widely...
  18. beltextexel

    Grazing OSR

    Anyone grazed some very forward osr with sheep before?
  19. D

    Watercourse Depth

    We have noticed over the past decade that some of our watercourses have deepened considerably without any intervention from us. This can mean banks and hedges get undercut and collapse. We have installed small crude dams or weirs in places which has had some success in holding back silt...
  20. Michelle_Nuttall

    AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds - Strategic Cereal Farm Results Week – 15-19 November 2021

    Strategic Cereal Farm Results Week – November 2021 This year, AHDB’s Strategic Cereal Farm activities are remaining virtual, with lots to get involved in from webinars to podcasts, all bringing to life the on-farm research relevant to your farm business. Join a series of daily webinars from...