cover crops

  1. CopperBeech

    Lamb fattening options

    Been offered more keep and trying to work out what to put where (or what to buy). One block was drilled as turnips but is mostly just leaf, the other is fodder beet, a good crop but a bit weedy so they can’t be arsed to lift it. Would they fatten lambs ? I have grazed plenty of fodder beet with...
  2. CPM RSS

    Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme may lead to ‘postcode lottery’ over soil carbon

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Farmers face a ‘postcode lottery’ if plans to reward them financially for increasing soil carbon stocks are to be introduced, warns Rothamsted soil scientists. Presenting their data this week at the University of Cambridge, Rothamsted’s...
  3. Steevo

    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 7/12/21

    I ran one of these on 21st September 2021. Someone suggested running another given we have had some more recent announcements, so here it is. Same question as before: Based on your current understandings of the scheme today, will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme...
  4. S

    What is the best to do with uncut grass crop.

    I have been told I can take silage of a few fields that were not cut this year. I was going to get a flail topper in April / May and mulch the lot to feed the new crop. I have since been told that I would be better to cut and bale the crop in May for rough silage for the Highlands then bale what...
  5. Spudmaster

    Spreading chicken (layer) muck accurately at 12m - is it doable?

    We produce (and use) a lot of chicken sh*t. Historically we have spread and incorporated ahead of drilling (plough or sumo). With 95% of our cropping being autumn sown - we need a pretty major re-think in light of the EA’s seemingly non-negotiable stance… It is inevitable that our rotation will...
  6. ajd132

    Claydon or Triton

    Would like to open our drilling windows up with a mounted direct tine drill. Claydon and triton I know are different designs/concepts but they are the two I would choose between. any thoughts welcome
  7. Greythundercloudys

    New soil health payments.

    You guys going to get some payments for keeping soil healthy threw the winter.
  8. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  9. J

    Cambridge rolls to desiccate cover crops?

    What are peoples views and experiences on rolling cover crops to desicate them on a frost? We have a mix of Tillage radish, Lilla Phacellia and Ovidio Berseen Clover on some land going into spring crops. we drill using a Weaving Sabre tine and I am worried about having to much trash in the...
  10. snarling bee

    DD Drill and SLUGS

    I had a demo of an Avatar drill in October. We drilled WW straight into straw removed wheat stubble and then continued onto cultivated ground. Compared to a tine drill and Vaderstad in the same field there is a huge amount more slug damage, both on the stubble and cultivated ground. Nothing was...
  11. F

    Are There Really Less Lambs?

    Perhaps someone cleverer than me could put up a Poll on how many lambs there are left on farms. The prices indicate that numbers are indeed very short, however the slaughter statistics are significantly lower since August. We would have less lambs to slaughter between now and April, but would...
  12. ajd132

    Spring beans or spring oats

    Had 110ha destined for winter beans but seed delivery way behind when we think it’s optimal for decent zero till winter beans to be drilled. Shall I order some spring bean seed or shall I plant spring oats, I’ve got the nitrogen in the shed and farm saved seed. I am erring towards the oats...
  13. Matt77

    New drill grant

    Maybe a daft question, can’t see the answer on Defra website, can you use a part exchange in the deal without causing a problem with the grant.
  14. spikeislander

    Does such a drill exist ? Bear with me !

    First post in this hallowed section so please go easy. Long story short , currently farming and hopefully due to be charged with helping to farm an “area” which needs to be farmed in a “regen” style approach, this is totally new to me but I’m excited at the opportunity to try on some one else’s...
  15. Chips

    Is ploughing bad ?

    I know being from plough manufacturer they have a vested interest but an interesting read .