1. Banana Bar


    Looks as though the posties are going to come out as well. Good job I say. Should make everyone realise how totally irrelevant a daily postal service is. I would get rid of 50 % of the posties and go for every 2nd or 3rd day delivery. Why do we need a daily service? BB
  2. supercow

    Management aid

    It’s frazzled my head what management tool to use. Every salesman saying there product is the best. Literally iv decided on cow manager tags, then the smaxtech bolus turned my head, now deciding the allflex collars. Heeds been bashed just wanting the best system! Any advice. The collars iv...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Tributes paid to well-known Scottish dairy farmer

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Tributes are being paid to well-known dairy farmer Derek Roan (71), who died in hospital following an incident on his family farm. “It is with deepest sadness to announce the tragic death of Derek Roan at Barnbarroch Farm,” Roan’s Dairy said on...
  4. B


    Is it dry as a nuns with anyone else? Another couple weeks without a decent rain and east yorkshires going to start turning brown, and I don't just mean the crops!
  5. Princess Pooper

    Faecal egg counts

    Hi first year we have done this. First count yesterday, I collected a pooled sample and vet tech did the count for me. We have a written parasite control plan to refer to as well as vet advice, but I'm just interested in what 'cut off' people use for wormer. These are 9 month old heifers...
  6. Rossymons

    Vegan Cafe changes menu

    Kent café introduces animal products to plant based menu Well there you are, folks! What a time to be alive!
  7. Joshie

    Coccidiosis calves

    Morning, I've got a group of calves at the moment which have cocci. Treated on Sunday night with tolracol and metecam, they've practically gone off their cake completely, eat hay not to bad and straw, but they're steady still. Muck isn't to bad, and not seen much blood, just one speck I found...
  8. L

    Red tractor

    Is the thread aware as of next April (if the market in fertilisers has stabilised) Red tractor in conjunction with defra will have a rule stating Unprotected urea in solid forum will only be allowed between Jan 15th and March 31st The rest of the growing year protected urea or inhibited urea...
  9. C

    Feeding silage

    Mornin all, Haven't really had to feed much silage whilst grazing before, but it looks very much like we will have to. What are people's preferred methods? Bales through the wagon in lines on the paddocks? Just bales at the barrier when they come in? Clamp silage through spreader on paddock...
  10. hoyboy

    Cows or no cows

    I run 105 suckler cows and 1500 ewes. Not pushed to the limit of what the farm will carry by any means. I grow a bit of barley to fatten young stock and neeps for sheep. I do everything in house. I have an extensive range of machinery, all older, bought and paid for stuff. The business has no...
  11. kiwi pom

    How much do you spend on food?

    Perhaps this should be in off topic, Mods feel free to move it. With all the current talk of food prices and the inability of people to cook, I wondered, who does the food shopping in your household, where do you shop, how often, roughly how much a week would you spend and has it gone up...
  12. H

    Vicon twin rotor rake

    Anyone got one.....are they any good . Looking at a 644 model .
  13. D

    powerline compensation

    I keep having these letters from Sherwill Drake Forbes about getting them to negotiate better payment on the poles , transformer etc, Has anybody used them and has it been worthwhile.It seems its a no win , no fee deal like those claim solicitors. I feel cautious about it , seems straightford...
  14. Agriland RSS

    Beef Focus: ‘Growing multi-species swards requires a total mindset change’

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The Turley family, based in Downpatrick, Co. Down, are suckler and beef farmers embarking on a new venture with the use of multi-species swards. The Turleys are farming 160ha of fragmented land in Co. Down. It is a family run farm with Paul, his wife...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Maximising milk from grass in south Tyrone

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Father and son team, Philip and David Clarke, milk 84 crossbred cows, all spring calving, between Ballygawley and Augher in south Co. Tyrone. The current target for the farm can be summarised as follows: An output of 500kg of milk solids/cow, per...
  16. R

    Sorting gate ideas

    Hello I'm looking for sorting gate ideas for a herringbone parlour. Block calving so for the majority of the time, not much sorting so a clean, quick exit is essential. Exit will be straight ahead. Gate will need to sort and cow will then turn back on herself to handling area alongside...
  17. S

    Extendable forcing gate

    Morning, I want to make a new forcing gate for our square pen before our cattle race. Being square, the gate need sto extend as it reaches the corner and contract as it passes it. Any design ideas?
  18. J

    Heat stress

    How does everyone else cope in hot weather? The following isn't going to be very popular but I've done what I think is best for the cows I've shut the field gate and opened the cubicle and feed passage doors today so they don't have to walk very far, have better access to water and shade Is...
  19. spin cycle

    kansas cattle/beast from east

    firstly i've put this in Agricultural Matters cos i think it's a general issue.....but mods please move if i'm wrong:) secondly.....i think it's ok to be wrong during a debate provided all accept the outcome of the discussion arrives at a sorta productive outcome.....only ego and individual pride...
  20. Headless chicken

    Disastrous scanning what would you do?

    Scanned today. Seriously sh!t results meaning we have a pile of empty cows. What would other do? Some doing ok in milk not sure if enough to run around