1. Old Tip

    Feed silos

    Where do folk get feed silos from nowadays, emailed three firms and no reply, no prices on any adds either. Are there grants on them or something, May resort to another shipping container and be done with it
  2. Vader

    Summer grazing

    Much demand from the sheep farmers ?
  3. Agriland RSS

    Cereal acreage on the up in Northern Ireland

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Co. Down agronomist, Richard Owens, has confirmed a significant increase in the cereal acreage grown in Northern Ireland this year. He told Agriland: “In the case of the farmers that I am working with, the figure the region of 10%. Most of the...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Study: Heat stress causing milk yield loss in cows

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland A study conducted in the UK has determined that heat stress in dairy cows may be causing significant milk yield loss. As a result, the study determined this may be leading to significant financial loss on dairy farms in both housed and grazing systems...
  5. AHDB Podcast RSS

    341: Making the best silage for dry cows

    341: Making the best silage for dry cows Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Milking cows and dry cows have very different requirements from their diet. What might be high quality silage for one animal is another’s poison! As forage makes up the major part of a cow's...
  6. onthehoof

    Simmental red or yellow

    Just got new bull, choice of 3 but went for red one just because I liked him best over 2 yellows, breeder saying Irish won't have yellows, why is this is it just a 'looks' thing or are reds different in conformation or does it just go back to historic breeding, surely coat colour doesn't matter?
  7. topground

    SFI Pilot payments

    885 signed up for the SFI pilot apparently. Of that number how many are reading this thread and how many have actually received any payment? I have had lots of demands on my time for surveys and requests to take part zoom calls at inconvenient times plus reading the blizzard of bumf all...
  8. davidroberts30


    If say had 40 suckler cows and usually run a bull but bull no longer a option. Could house cows for few days,estrumate them and tail paint them and have AI on speed dial for 2 to 4 days later🤷‍♂️ How successful would that be?
  9. M

    Share farming/ contract farming sheep

    Anyone involved in a share farming agreement or contract farming agreement. With sheep is it possible to
  10. B

    What Fly Repellant Do You Use On Cattle?

    Flies about now, ive tried a few types over the years, but have stuck with spoton, find that it needs repeating a few times through the season, more so in rainy weather, or thats what increases the flie burdon? I would love to see some sort of trial with all types of fly control from types you...
  11. jerseycowsman

    Sole ulcers?

    Am I right in thinking sole ulcers are caused by injury to the foot? DD and foul are infectious and white line is grit. As most of you are aware we have recently moved and the winter accommodation is far superior to what we used to have, cubicles with mattresses and slats that are mostly covered...
  12. D

    Stealing food to solve the food crisis.

    On radio 4 this morning (I admit I was a bit sleepy) A government Minister said that with the food crisis, Police should not get involved if people were stealing food. I would think the exact opposite, should come down really hard on people looting veg/potatoes from fields. Equally those...
  13. L

    Situation Vacant Shropshire job vacancy - skilled tractor driver/sprayer operator

    Looking for a skilled tractor driver/sprayer operator to join us full-time at Manor Farm, WV16 6AG 3 bedroom cottage available General crop husbandry on 850 acre mixed farm at 3 sites around Bridgnorth, half arable/half grass. Main duties include cultivation, mowing, operation of Househam...
  14. Agriland RSS

    How to obtain the best nitrogen use efficiency

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland High chemical-fertiliser prices have placed a focus on obtaining the best nitrogen use efficiency on dairy farms. Although fertiliser prices are at unprecedented highs, the spreading of chemical fertiliser remains an important task on dairy farms...
  15. HarryB97

    Cutting winter barley now, nutritional value?

    I have about 5 acres of winter barley that is full of blackgrass that I want to mow rather than let it seed. The barley is out in ear but no grain fill has occurred yet. What sort of nutritional value could I hope for from it? Top quality silage like grass or more gut fill?
  16. JP1

    Lord Henry Plumb of Coleshill funeral today
  17. J


    I'm in the process of redoing budgets and cashflows taking into account the price rises. Ive been warned by my dad that after this year he doesn't want to be doing farm work on a day to day basis (deteriorating health from years of abuse when he milked). The suckler cows will be going in the...
  18. C

    Autumn calving cow milk yields

    I would be interested in hearing opinions on target milk yields of autumn calving cow calving September/October and going to grass last week of March early April depending on weather After turnout in the spring Would you go for a higher yield where the cow gets grass and cake or lower yield and...
  19. Col555

    GCSE biology

    I haven’t got the full story but apparently the in todays GCSE biology exam, one of the questions was based around something like explain why a plant based diet was better than meat based diet. Not sure if anyone has the full story or question and obviously there won’t be photos of the question...
  20. N

    Food prices,have I missed something

    Just seen on the news M&S thinks prices will fall shortly,someone explain how thats going to happen with current costs or has someone decided to import everything.Yet again its food they want cheap ,without food you won’t need gas and oil you will be dead.Who advises these folk.