1. S

    Need help with my project

    Hi. i'm looking here for someone who can help me answering questions about the farm field and crops. Im doing my last project in college and its about Farming and called monitoring system for farm field using smart phone and web application. I would love to get detailed answer from you about...
  2. The Business Barn

    New insurance policy launched to protect farmers against poor crop yields

    Launched at Cereals this morning... Farmers can now protect themselves against poor crop yields with a groundbreaking insurance policy that will compensate them for production shortfalls. Crop Shortfall Insurance, from rural insurance specialists Lycetts and Farmers & Mercantile Insurance...
  3. Farm Diversity Magazine

    Farm Diversity magazine launches to support rural business

    A new magazine aimed at farmers and landowners with diversification plans is being launched later this month. Farm Diversity offers news and views from the industry on a range of agricultural topics, and also features the products and services which can help rural businesses make diversity a...
  4. LukeB

    Drones used for more than just mapping?

    Hey all, I'm a student at the University of Florida and I've been trying to research how drones are used in agriculture for a class project. I know that some farms use drones just to map out the land and get HQ photos, but usually this is done manually. I'm wondering whether you all think that...
  5. Fair Play News

    Volunteers behind erucic acid contamination

    AgriTrade News reports a NIAB project, funded by the AHDB (PR602), has concluded that higher than expected levels of erucic acid (EA) in oilseed rape seed originated from oilseed rape volunteers. Erucic acid contamination has led to some growers incurring penalties on consignments, or seeing...
  6. Alex Macdonald-Smith

    Looking for feedback on new drone scouting app idea...

    Hi, I work for an agritech startup called DroneAG. We're developing an easy-to-use app that will let you autonomously scout your crops with just your phone and a drone. We think this could make the lives of farmers and agronomists much easier, getting the job done in 10% of the time. We're then...
  7. B

    Birds are destroying my crops

    Hi, I am a farmer in Victoria, Australia and since this year birds started eating at my grapes. Can someone help with telling me the best way to get rid of birds from my vineyard? Thanks a lot for your help.
  8. J

    Crop protection pest control north yorkshire.

    Looking for some pest control north yorkshire free off charge lots of experience and a good shot. Give me a call on 07513558831
  9. Alina ExportGrain


    Dear colleagues, I introduce ExportGrain Group of Companies. We do export of agricultural crops from Russia and Kazakhstan to Central Asia and Europe. We can supply the following commodities: - Flax (golden and brown) (Linum usitatissimum) - Rapes (Brassica napus) -...
  10. N

    Rabe megadrill 3000

    Just wondering people's opinions on these drills. Are wearing parts extremely expensive? Are they reliable? What are they capable of drilling...IE (grass, osr, barley, mazie? Have people had good results from these drills ? I have seen one of these for sale locally and debating if it'll be a...
  11. N

    Rabe megadrill 3000

    Just wondering people's opinions on these drills. Are wearing parts extremely exspexpen? Are they reliable? What are they capable of drilling...IE (grass, osr, barley, mazie? Have people had good results from these drills ? I have seen one of these for sale locally and debating if it'll be a...
  12. C

    Pigeon/ corvid control-spring drillings

    Hi, I am a fully insured and registered shot. I shoot pigeons/corvids and looking for new permissions to shoot. I am Based in Hampshire but willing to travel to Sussex/ Wiltshire etc. Can provide references if needed and work 3 days on 4 off so am very flexible and reliable. I work as a...
  13. D

    Your Thoughts On CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

    Hello, I feel increasing competition among CSA and have been wanting to start one myself on my farm but am concerned about the competition. I am trying to make my farm stand out a lot more by emphasizing crops grown sustainably from a net-zero zero-waste farm although I am wondering if this...
  14. mwramsden

    Testing Ideas for enhancing yields

    Do you have an idea you'd like to test for improving crop performance? Would you like to know the impact of different management options on your farm? ADAS are currently running a YEN Yield Testing Project, funded by the EIP-Agri (through DEFRA) until 2020. The project supports YEN entrants in...
  15. Verity92

    Spring Barley drill date

    Morning all ! When’s everyone planning to get their spring barley in the ground ? What are people’s thoughts on either getting it drilled in good soil conditions early-mid March but while its still cold, or if the rumoured long distance weather forecast is to be believed and we do get a wet...
  16. R

    Farm Assured cereals, do they make more money?

    Hello I'm currently doing an assignment evaluating whether or not becoming farm assured would be practical, Just curious if anyone knows if assured cereals make more money per Ton than non assured? Heard from some people that theres a £5-10 'bonus' for assured cereals. Can anyone confirm or...
  17. AdvisorBenny

    Agronomy Services - Yorkshire/North East - Arable Advisor

    Are you looking to change your agronomy services or wanting a second opinion? Then we can help. Arable Advisor is an Independent Agricultural Consultancy Group operating from Pickering, North Yorkshire. The business is made up from three independent agronomists; Ben Boothman - BMBoothman...
  18. Destiny

    Looking for Farm Experience!

    Hello, I am currently looking for any type of work experience on a farm. Whether it is working with the animals, crops, cleaning, harvesting, labour, anything!! I am a 19 year old female, but just because I am a girl, it does not mean I can't lift! I will give my best at anything I do. I live...
  19. R

    Requirements for Good Fertilizer

    Hello all, I am an engineering major at the University of Illinois in the United States. I am in my senior year and have a project that involves fertilizing many different types of plant-life and crops. So my question is this: in your experience, what do you look for in a fertilizer? I...
  20. L

    What chemical elements from sewage attack crops?

    Hello, I am currently conducting a study about the negative impacts of sewage water that contaminates the irrigation system of crops, particularly bananas. This is for a study I have to do for uni. I plan on going on-site and asking experts in the region, but as part of my preliminary research...

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