1. T Hectares

    Bee Watch

    I was alarmed to receive this letter today, I wonder how many of you have also received it?? I found it alarming and containing non proven claims presented as fact and a clear sign of where anti direction will be focussed next I would like to send a reply, would any of you more learned members...
  2. CPM RSS

    Insiders View – The triple threat

    Written by cpm While OSR crops across the country struggle in the battle against CSFB, Dekalb has been focusing on breeding even more resilience into its varieties to give growers the best chance against the yield-robbing pest. CPM reviews DK Exstar. DK Exstar combines high yields and oil...
  3. CPM RSS

    Battling the beetle – The pieces of the OSR jigsaw

    Written by cpm Overcoming cabbage stem flea beetle comes down to identifying the right pieces of the chemical and cultural control jigsaw and putting them in place. CPM summarises some of the latest research. You can beat the beetle, and you can do so very economically too. By Rob Jones There...
  4. Banana Bar

    OSR next year

    It’s become almost an addiction here to drill rape for an early start to harvest. The way our OSR looks this year we would of been better off fallowing for an early start. 30% was lost in the autumn which is now linseed, 20% has been put into barley or beans in the spring, 10% is in failed...
  5. MX7

    OSR crops looking shorter than normal on the Cotswolds?

    As above, it may be my imagination, just wondered if anybody else has noticed that OSR shorter than usual,if so what’s the cause?
  6. Northeastfarmer

    Grass growth (lack of)

    Apart from the silage fields or fields not grazed by stock I’ve never known grass growth as slow as this spring
  7. W

    Pea and bean weevil

    Any tips on Pea and bean weavil control in spring beans? Product choice, rate, water volumes, time of spraying ?? Do any make any difference? Have got reasonable, rolled seedbeds and some fields are getting hit hard despite having been sprayed. Others have little damage. They are what they are...
  8. Phil P

    Costing Farm saved seed.

    As it’s to windy to go spraying or spreading I’m just doing a spot of benchmarking on my inputs and I’m wondering how others cost there fss? Are you using - A. cop + seed dressing + Royalties B. X farm prices + seed dressing + Royalties If you’re using option B are you taking the average...
  9. solo

    How do brassica veg growers deal with flea beetles?

    This year I have had a poor yield of purple sprouting in the garden and it seems that the cabbage stem flea beetle issues I have in the oilseed rape have also decimated my garden brassicas. This got me thinking about how commercial field scale brassicas like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli...
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    Battling the beetle – How to unseat your foe

    Written by cpm Download PDF There’s a range of tactics currently under investigation to determine the best way to keep cabbage stem flea beetle from taking up residence in your crop of oilseed rape. CPM gathers the latest thinking. We have to get the crop established, but it also needs to be...
  11. CPM RSS

    Theory to Field – Understanding CSFB guides action

    Written by cpm Download PDF With more and more OSR crops falling victim to the adults or larvae of this voracious pest, is there a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel? CPM catches up with the research to date. There’s no huge benefit in increasing the seed rate. By Lucy de la Pasture...
  12. F

    Hybrid OSR

    How is your hybrid rape going , did it establish quicker then conventional .
  13. Pierre

    Fungicide Trial on OSR

    I am looking for a site to hold a fungicide trial on OSR. The trial is very small with two 30m2 plots. The only prerequisite is that the crop has had no triazole fungicides sprayed on it. You will be paid for the trial and compensated for the crops lost in the trial area. Please let me know if...
  14. M

    Cabbage stem flea beetle survey

    Hi all I know oilseed rape is a bit of a dirty word at the moment, and cabbage stem flea beetle even more so, but we are doing a survey to see if we can get a good picture of what tactics are being used to "combat" CSFB during both establishment and for the larval stage, and to see just what...
  15. Devon James

    A summer cover with the aim to graze

    Have a small acreage which was pencilled in for spring barley but with for one reason or another would like to grow a crop with the aim to graze in August and early September and set up for a nice crop of wheat. One field has had a mix of beans and linseed and other bits and bobs. I have Mascani...
  16. S

    Flat rolling osr to help battle against CSFB

    Will flat rolling after drilling have any effect on csfb once the crop emerges. Just wondered if the change in environment would change their behaviour. My agronomist has recommended 2 passes with ring rolls to close it up more. Thanks.
  17. teslacoils

    Heavy land crop rotations without OSR

    With osr looking like it's on its way out, what are folk looking at for heavy land cropping? Or are you just stripping costs to the bone and going wheat/fallow with a cheap green manure? I'm very sad all the non cereal break crop are just so incredibly bobbins or unreliable to the extreme. I'm...
  18. Laggard

    N rates for RGT Planet spring barley

    Last year I applied 110kg N/ha to RGT Planet spring barley (following sugar beet) giving a yield of 7.7t/ha with grain nitrogen 1.57% - 1.68% (very dry year here in the east). This year I have RGT Planet spring barley following fallow, sugar beet, winter OSR, winter wheat and spring barley. How...
  19. Bossfarmer

    Remember when i was ridiculed for "Food Security" claims?

    Not sure if anyone remembers but one of my main reasons for backing support for farmers was food security, many on here laughed when i mentioned the fact we are an island with over 60m people and a disease outbreak could leave us relying on other countries for our food supply, the fact rationing...
  20. B


    Any benifits on backward osr ?