1. Dukes Fit

    What is "heavy" land?

    Quite often read descriptions of ground being described as "heavy" but somebodies idea of heavy ground might be the lightest that another farms. I thought I'd post some pics of our heavy land that I been ploughing the last two days for comparison. The last picture is where the back tyre of the...
  2. spin cycle


    thinking of a field of kale....BUT big arable area....stories of resistant csfb.....next door fields are wheat but osr last year....i am able to spray what are my chances of a decent crop?
  3. Banana Bar

    OSR Next year

    Seriously considering dropping OSR next year. Flea beetle has massively hurt the crops ability to grow in the spring, pigeons are relentless this year, I’ve had someone full time chasing pigeons for a month and the price is falling through the floor. I can never remember not having the crop so...
  4. Banana Bar

    OSR companion crops

    What companion crops should I be planning to drill with OSR this autumn? Ideally as many components that I already have on farm, linseed, beans, peas?
  5. CPM RSS

    OSR agronomy – When farming meets science

    Written by cpm Download PDF Farmer-led groups, co-ordinated by scientists, are exploring innovative ways to boost OSR productivity and combat cabbage stem flea beetle. CPM reviews some results. You can’t underestimate how rewarding it is carrying out a trial and having a scientist on your farm...
  6. Flat 10

    Growing rape in the olden days

    Now I wouldn't know anything about growing OSR in the 1980's but the impression I get is plough and drill 1st week sep. 30 units N and then, jollop of N in the spring, swath it and bob's your uncle 30cwt an acre. I have several questions; was it really like this? No S due to Acid Rain? Were...
  7. Lowland1

    Environmental Schemes

    With the bad weather in the U.K I am wondering whether it is worth drilling this spring and as such was wondering what is the best scheme to put a small farm into.
  8. ajd132

    A return to OSR swathing

    We have a decent crop of rape this year, the first time we have grown it in 5 years. We always used to spray it off but often took ages and I hated the job. I always want to minimise our use of glyphosate. I don’t really know anything about swathing, what are the pros and cons of it? How do you...
  9. L

    Cheap cover crop

    Anyone have any thoughts or unseen issues on me drilling (somehow?) winter OSR off the heap in May to grow a cheap covercrop to plough in say mid august? Has to be cheap as its the only expense I plan this cropping year.
  10. JCfarmer

    Have any of the religious direct drillers been ploughing or tilling this time?

    Tell the truth so help you God.
  11. Adeptandy

    Spring OSR

    How soon is to soon to put it in DD ?
  12. Bossfarmer

    "Project fear" proven right....GOVERNMENT WASTES NO TIME IN SHUTTING DOWN UK FARMS!!!!

    As many predicted and were accused of "scaremongering" and "project fear" before the brexit vote, the government has announced farm subsidies in england are being phased out completely starting next year, they are being "replaced" with enviro payments but the nasty truth of the matter is these...
  13. F

    Nectar flower mix establishment

    Just been accepted into a mid tier scheme for 2020 to 2025. I've got to establish some nectar flower mixes on some land which was drilled with osr last autumn which, typically has survived the csfb onslaught better than the rest of the field. Looking at the dates in the agreement it says to...
  14. Flat 10

    What brand of 2nd hand plough and why?

    5 furrow. Budget of say £5k. To suit all soil types from black to white clay. Guess vari width at that money will be shagged? And not ideal when pulling a press which it will be 90% of the time. Please give suggestions with reasons. Locally lemken probably most popular, I’ve only ever used...
  15. Clive

    How’s your OSR looking now

    Certainly a difficult year but walked out late (September) drilled block today that has had me concerned all autumn and was pleasantly surprised no inputs at all so far apart from the farm saved seed and 50kgs DAP at drilling Going to be a battle keeping pigeons off all winter but frankly I...
  16. Ninjago

    The future of arable cropping

    This autumn has highlighted a major weakness in the way the majority of arable crops are established in the uk, min-till particularly on heavy soils. The need to create a chit of the major grass weeds by a light cultivation and leaving for 4-6 weeks has left us exposed if the weather changes as...
  17. Grass And Grain

    BSPB royalty for rotted seed.

    FSS with royalty paid to mobile seed dressing contractor. Anyone know if we can claim the royalty back? What are the rules? Some not planted. Some drilled and rotted off before it even emerged, so the plants haven't actually grown into anything that could produce a crop.
  18. Agriland RSS

    Wet weather sees big swings in national cropping intentions

    Written by Agriland Team Continued wet weather prolonging this autumn’s planting season means UK growers intend to plant 170,000 hectares less wheat compared to the year before. AHDB’s Early Bird Survey provides a snapshot of farmers’ intentions for winter and spring crops as of mid-November...
  19. Farm Business RSS

    Lessons from harvest 2019 – yield survey results

    Written by John Swire Strutt & Parker’s 2019 annual Harvest Yields Survey offers valuable insight into the performance of combinable crops this season and what this might mean for farm profitability. The survey covers 110,600 hectares, spread over 137 farms mainly located in the East of...
  20. Badshot

    Grazing osr

    Currently have a lot of sheep grazing my covers planted into osr stubbles first week of August. They're really doing very well. It's got me thinking about planting osr very early , as soon as wheat is cut. Getting it very strong and forward , then grazing it off to open the canopy up and remove...