1. westwood

    Auto steer for John Deere 7810

    What would the best system to retro fit to a JD 7810. For cultivations and rolling and occasianly drilling. Thanks
  2. CPM RSS

    Weed management – Thinking differently about weeds

    Written by cpm Download PDF You don’t have to be Einstein to know that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Is it time to look at managing weeds in a different light? CPM reports. Use little hammers and not sledgehammers. By Lucy de la Pasture...
  3. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus: Tom Sewell (Dec 2020)

    As I sit down to write my latest article, I’m reminded that 8 years ago today I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. I was selected as part of the #Nuffield13 year group to study “The long-term benefits of no-till farming”. I remember walking onto the stage at the Nuffield conference to be...
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Effect of farm management on topsoil organic carbon and aggregate stability in water

    Effect of farm management on topsoil organic carbon and aggregate stability in water Written by Jenni Dungait Soil health and flood management: New research 1 led by Soil Health Expert Prof Jenni Dungait and scientists in the UK and the USA shows clear links between the last time a field...
  5. M

    What’s the point in straw merchants?

    Discuss that? We are occasional straw sellers depending on price. If we can achieve £70/t and over we will bale and sell. If it’s less we chop it. Normally we’d sell to a merchant for ease. However this year we’ve sold direct to end users mainly because they are coming direct to us. They’ve...
  6. BuskhillFarm

    Another tyre tread. Top Work

    I’m purchasing a 8340 coming on bald tyres so good chance to put wider ones on. Main jobs will be rolling and fert spreading. Very little road work. Will be doing low hours so want to last a good few years. Question is what would be the best tyre for the job. Thinking 600/65r38 and 480/65r28...
  7. Farmer Fin

    It’s official. Ploughing is good for soil OM!

    From today’s SRUC webinar. I’m not brave enough to post it in the DD section of the forum.
  8. H

    Situation Vacant Arable Operator Norfolk

    Skilled Arable Operator wanted to work on mixed Arable/Beef Farm. Duties to include spraying , drilling, combining and other arable cultivations. PA1 and PA2 required. Must have the ability to work on own initiative to a high standard. Good workshop skills needed. Three bedroom farm cottage...
  9. M

    How do you sustainably enirch your soil?

    Please redirect me if there is a better sub to post this in. Hi, I'm learning about sustainable farming practices and I could do some help in understanding the problems you've faced and how you get the soil into a healthy state. What approaches have you tried to get good drainage, especially...
  10. T

    Situation Vacant Harvest worker / tractor driver, Kent

    Tractor driver needed for cereal and onion harvest from July onwards Carting, mowing and cultivations will be part of the job. Long hours possible, good rate of pay for the right person. Based Canterbury Kent Temporary Accommodation may be possible
  11. M

    Cultivator / plough pan

    A neighbour blasts his cultivator through everything and there's now standing water, like an ice rink, perfectly flat on top of plenty of his fields. My old man is convinced said neighbour is experiencing what he used to call the 'plough pan' ie skimming the same level year on year and now...
  12. S

    Claydon/Bourgault for destroying cover crop?

    TIA for any help. As an organic farmer I’m playing catch-up with cover crops but think they would be a huge advantage if I can bring them into my system. But no glyphosate...... So I‘m looking into terminating cover crops mechanically, trying to avoid ploughing. See some people are rolling in...
  13. Clive

    TFF's ELMS Questions time ? Number 2

    Following one from last time DEFRA has once more invited the members of TFF to put their questions regarding the ELMS scheme forward and take them to an exclusive interview with David Kennedy ( Director General, food, farming, animal and plant health) head of the ELMS team in Westminster who...
  14. I

    50% 1st wheat 50% fallow/cover/stubble

    I’m planning on going 50% first wheat and 50% something else... non cash crop... I was thinking of just leaving stubble and perhaps subsoiling and preparing land early ( July) so it’s ready to drill at optimum time suggestions for an easy/cheap catch crop that would build fertility and...
  15. O

    massey ferguson dyna vt oppinions

    hello thinking of buying a 2017 massey ferguson 7716 dyna vt, main jobs include some buckraking and hedgecutting and roadwork! what's everyone's opinion on the dyna vt?
  16. J.Taylor Photography.

    Looking For Work Self employed experienced farm worker - Shropshire

    Hi, I'm 26, self employed and based on the outskirts of Telford. Provide pickup stocked with tools, Arc welder, strimmer's, lawn mowers, Wheelbarrows, brushes, shovels ect..... Looking for arable, stock, ground work, land maintenance work. Anything I can turn my hand too. Mig welding cert...
  17. CHAPs News

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm Five years ago, when people started talking about Digital Farming and Big Data, most were not sure what this was or how it related to field base crop production. Since then, writes Keith Norman, the speed of technical...
  18. J

    Cover crops versus cultivation

    Apparently there is an article in the DDer magazine issue 12, page 91. Trialled for 6 years so far. Cultivation comes out on top giving £125 ha return over cover crops anually even for spring crops when cover is growing for longer. Blackgrass control was no better than stale seedbeds and if...
  19. Bogweevil

    Beet growers have a neonic seed treatment for 2021

    Statement on the decision to issue – with strict conditions – emergency authorisation to use a product containing a neonicotinoid to treat sugar beet seed in 2021 Published 8 January 2021 Contents The process for assessment and decision-making The requirements for emergency authorisation The...
  20. martian

    New Year, new agronomist?

    Reading various posts on TFF, you get the impression that a lot of farmers are a bit frightened of their agronomists, or/and they don't like the advice they give, not least because many advisors seem to have convinced themselves that no-till won't work on your farm, or could it be that they...