1. Foregoneconclusion

    Puma clutch Pack failure

    Well that scuppers my plan to buy replacement to puma.. Mid silage clutch pack E is failing.. This one requires cab off n split.. nightmare. Is it cheaper to build back up or replace entire pack pre assembled? Is there such a thing as an oven ready pack? Oh and its now raining and drive...
  2. L

    case cvx 160 gear selection issues

    we have a cvx 160 with around 7000hrs . when i select forward and let the clutch out it starts changing from forward neutral reverse then back to forward by itself . tractor is obviously surging back and forth whilst it doing this. i was told it could be the stepper motor has anyone expierced...
  3. M

    Fendt 926 vario

    What would one need to look out for on these models? From 12k hours up
  4. Classichay

    Slurry tanker hydraulics pulsing ( pic hon)

    I’ve a slurry tanker in when the hydraulics are used for the arm or functions cause pulsing of the lines very severely, it’s got a free flow return to the tank. Any ideas?
  5. robin banks

    Anyone breaking case cvx

    Hi anyone know of case cvx being broke. I need roof and bonnet from 1135 to 1195 model range. Anywhere in Europe would do
  6. Fragonard

    JD 6130r vs Case Maxxum 135/NH 165

    Any opinions on comparing these tractors? JD6130r vs Case Maxxum135/NH T6.165? Mixed workload. Loader. 3m combination be its hardest workload. Any opinion much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. A

    New tractor decision

    Good morning everyone, Does anybody own/drive a Case Maxxum 150 CVX? Any reviews would be much appreciate! TIA
  8. Fragonard

    Sell Me a Vario 😀

    We never had vario/cvt transmission. So please tell me all the advantages? Are they hard to get used to? Looking at a used NH. Thanks.
  9. jhorr30

    Cnh trimble auto steer

    Have a case ih puma 230cvx steer ready from the factory which was fitted with second hand nh rtk auto steer equipment almost 2 years ago. Has never worked right since it was installed. It just won't drive straight. It can be up to 30cm off line at times but is mostly 3.5-15cm off line. It is...
  10. A

    New Tractor

    Looking to buy a new 150 hp ish (plus boost) tractor. Massey, Deutz, Case or New Holland? Thoughts and experiences please? TIA
  11. Rob_AD

    What 150hp+ appreciating classic

    Looking for an extra tractor, main job to drive a lagoon mixer, needs 150hp and won't do many hours in a year. Age and road capabilities not important. Main criteria is that it won't depreciate and may in fact gain value over time, perhaps after a little restoration work, what would you go...
  12. Fragonard

    4cyl vs 6cyl

    What's the thoughts on Case/NH 145 4cyl vs 150hp 6 cylinder. Case 145 vs Case 150 NH T6.175 vs NH T6.180 Mixed work load. Thanks.
  13. S

    What’s the equivalent Case

    What’s the equivalent Case to New Holland T5120EC
  14. Farm Classifieds

    Case Maxxum 125 CVX

    Case Maxxum 125 CVX Advert added by: Farol Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £69950 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  15. Tim G

    Bale trailers

    We are in need of updating our bale trailer. Whilst the one we have has been adequate for use on the farm, its not one I take on the road and we are now in a situation where I will be bringing more bales from away back to the farm. I am currently borrowing a friend's 25' Marshall bale trailer, I...
  16. PSQ

    YouTube live feed of the SpaceX 'SN9' Starship test launch today...

    ... of course it belongs in the Machinery section. If it blows up on landing like SN8 it can be moved to the 'wreckers' thread ;)
  17. Doe Show

    Case IH & Ernest Doe

    We are the largest UK distributor of Case IH products with a sales area in the South East of England extending from Norfolk to Sussex. Case IH traces its history back to 1842 and as part of CNH Industrial is now part of one of the worlds biggest agricultural machinery manufacturers. The...
  18. D

    New tractor, which model to choose

    Looking at a new massey 205hp. Next model up is 225hp and £3300 more. We don’t really need the extra power. In 5 years time with 2500 hrs on it will the higher horse power tractor be worth around 2k more.?.
  19. L

    Which make will do most hours JD or Valtra?

    Which one before the old beyond economical repair comes into it?
  20. W

    thinking of buying New holland T7 190 or 210

    I have a 15 plate new holland t7 185 range command not touched the tractor yet apart from servicing ,but needing a bigger tractor , wondering how do people get on with power command and auto command ? I went for the range because I thought It was less to go wrong are my asking for trouble If I...